Jews Don’t Feel Pain

Three of the Jewish political prisoners have recently made the headlines. Jonathan Pollard – who is serving a life sentence in the U.S.A. for spying for Israel and has already sat in jail for almost ten years. Ron Arad -captured by the Iranians and their Palestinian organization allies nine years ago. David Ben Shimol, who was released after twelve years in Israeli prison for avenging the spilled blood of Jews, and he represents the twenty Jewish political prisoners languishing today in Israeli jails for their acts of vengeance.

And lo and behold, despite the Israeli government’s attempts to give off the impression that the prisoners held by the goyim such as Ron Arad and Jonathan Pollard are at the top of their agenda (while the political prisoners in Israel are “racist” and “criminal”), once again their treachery is exposed. Within a week, the Minister of Interior refused to grant Pollard Israeli citizenship, and the Israeli government was able to “squeeze out” of the Iranian stolen plane crisis without really taking advantage of the opportunity to do something for Ron Arad.

Why do we keep getting that feeling that this government will not do anything for a Jew if they think it will damage their ties with America or their world image as a “normal” country. BUT ISRAEL HAS NO RIGHT TO EXIST IF IT DOES NOT FULFILL IT’S ROLE OF BEING A GUARDIAN FOR ALL OF WORLD JEWRY – AND CERTAINLY FOR THOSE WHO ACTED IN HER BEHALF. But the leaders of this country have proved long ago that neither Jews nor Judaism interest them -only the Knesset seat.

Outrageous! Notice how the Arabs feel the urgency for their prisoners! But our political prisoners are treated like some burden that we must carry onour backs. Let it be known that the struggle against this evil regime will not succeed if we ignore the principles of mutual guaranteeism of one Jew for another – that is, we cannot separate the struggle against this government from the struggle to release the Jewish political prisoners.

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