Kahane, Moshiach, Isolation & Trump

The murder of Rav Meir Kahane and of Binyamin Kahane and his wife Talya, role of Moshiach Ben Yosef, UN resolutions against Trump – Fitting it all together, in the perspective of the Jewish Idea.

Kahanes Assassinations – Moshiach –  U.N. resolutions against Trump and Israel

by Yekutiel
The time has come to follow in Jacob, Joseph and Binyamin’s footsteps – ISRAEL TO STAND ALONE
Benjamin standing alone?

In this week’s parsha, VaYegash there is a fascinating dialogue or actually more of a monologue, with Yehuda beseeching Joseph to allow him to leave Binyamin at home with his father Jacob and not to risk bringing him down to Egypt. Yehudah pleads with Joseph, “…his (Binyamin’s) brother (Joseph) died and he was left alone to his father and mother, (only remaining child). It is a difficult to understand the choice of words, (“Vayevateer hu Levado “)“left alone to his father and mother”. Why does the Torah not simply say he is like an only child? Moreover, what is the point – so what if he is the only child left to Jacob from Rachel? Furthermore, Benjamin was surrounded by many loving siblings and stepbrothers from his father, and the words – “left alone” hardly reflects, the true picture. Left alone? That sounds so lonely. And judging by the fight his brothers are leading on his behalf, there can be no choice of words that are further from the truth.

I think that in order to understand the hidden meaning behind the seemingly strange choice of words: “left alone to his father and mother” we need to review another place in the chumash where a similar phrase and choice of words is used. In parshat VaYishlach, the Torah describes Jacob’s status the moment before his battle with the angel of Esav, “and Jacob was left alone”. There, too, it is difficult to understand the description of Jacob being left alone. Could it be that Jacob, who divided the camps into two huge camps, was walking around alone, with no guards, escorts, disciples or children?

Isolation-standing alone and salavation

A popular song about the Jacob-Esav ultimate-fight episode could shed more light and help explain the phrase and its hidden meaning. “G-d is lofty alone, on that day, and Jacob was left alone “. The song combines two verses, one – a prophesy from Isaiah that refers to the final Day of Redemption when G-d will judge the nations alone and save the Jewish people, and the other  verse: from VaYishlach, referring to Jacob’s fight with Esav’s angel. The song and the identical words connect G-d’s behavior to the behavior of Jacob. Yaakov, the man who symbolizes whole truth, shows that he can stand alone and defeat Esav. Yaakov is referred to as “Tam” complete or whole. This is an attribute that we do not see in reference to Abraham and in Yitzhak. Yaakov enlists in the ultimate and eternal battle against evil. Issac and Abraham, each, in their own way attempted to reconcile with the existence of evil in this world. Yaakov the ultimate and complete man of truth could not tolerate any compromise on truth or with evil in this world. Abraham  – father’s Yitzhak and Yishmael. Yitzhak –  fathers Yaakov and Esav. Yakov represents the whole and unadulterated filtered truth, and from Yaakov is born the children of Israel and the chosen nation of Israel.

Thus, when the Torah states that Yaakov was left alone, in means much more than the physical loneliness that may or may not have existed, but rather a state of mind, and a willingness to stand alone, with complete faith in G-d; to represent G-d’s truth and to struggle against the rest of the world, if need be. It is this test of faith that Yaakov passed when he fought the angel of Esav, emerging victorious and graduating him to the new name of Yisrael. It is in the merit of faith and standing alone, without allies, that brings the Jew his salvation and delivery. When we rely on man, super-powers and allies and defy the Torah, then we are left to our own designs and to the mercy of the gentiles. However, when we are prepared to stand alone, with faith in G-d, we are protected by G-d and at His mercy.
Standing alone, with your truth, with no others around who share your truth, may sound lonely but in reality this catapults man to be embraced by G-d. Faith brings redemption, Isolation brings salvation.

This was the special gene that Jacob possessed and that he and Rachel passed on to Joseph and Benyamin. The other brothers ostracized and betrayed Joseph, who was a lone-wolf.

The role of Moshiach Ben Yosef – VS the role of Yehuda and Moshiach Ben David

Now, we can better understand the dialogue/monologue between Yehuda and Joseph in this week’s parsha. Yehuda was not merely stating an irrelevant fact that Binyamin was left alone to his biological mother and father, now that Joseph was perceived to be gone. Yehuda was saying that if something happens to Benjamin, this will cause sure death to Jacob as well, and then who will be left to transfer that genetic spiritual trait of obsession to truth and willingness to stand alone and take on the world? And as Isaiah prophesizes, the final day-of-judgment and redemption will come when G-d stands alone without allies. G-d can only stand alone when there are Jews of faith who stand alone, without fear and with no allies to rely on or to be dependent upon. It is only through such a scenario that it can be revealed to all, that G-d is the only one! It is only then when the redemption and miracles will be attributed to G-d alone and not to allies and super-powers.
Essentially, Yehuda is explaining that risking Binyamin means risking the final redemption of the Jewish people and risking the day when G-d can be recognized as the lone savior of the Jewish people. This is equivalent to killing Moshiach ben Yosef, the Messiah who is supposed to stand tall and provoke the nations. Some say that Moshiach Ben Yosef is killed and then, Moshiach Ben Dovid from the tribe of Yehuda completes the final stages of redemption. Here, in this fascinating discourse we see Yehuda pleading with Joseph not to kill Moshiach ben Yosef. As Rav Meir Kahane HY”D brings down in Ohr HaRayon, in the name of the Gr”a and others who explain that someone fulfills the potential role of Moshiach Ben Yosef in every generation, but does not have to die. That is exactly what Yehuda is trying to arrange with Yosef, as he pleads not to risk Binyamin and Yaakov. It is said that every generation has a potential Moshiach Ben Yosef, who is betrayed and not recognized by his brothers, or who is revealed and who hastens the redemption. Moshiach Ben Yosef is said to feel the pain of the desecration to G-d’s name personified through Jewish weakness and suffering of the Jews in Exile. His battle is a “lonely battle” of truth as he stands alone against the detractors of truth who rule in this world until the final day of judgement. Then comes the role of Yehuda and Moshiach Ben Yehuda and the spiritual redemption.

The death of Moshiach Ben Yosef could be avoided

If enough Jews join the battle having faith in G-d, then the death of Moshiach Ben Yosef can be avoided. Redemption through needless pain and suffering can be averted. It is when Joseph no longer stands alone, in the sense that his brothers join him with a true love of Israel, and with complete faith that Binyamin and Moshiach Ben Yosef can be saved. In the end, it is necessary for the Jewish people to show uncompromising faith in G-d, without fear of the gentiles, for the redemption to be completed. The final show-down can be triggered by a lone Moshiach Ben Yosef who is betrayed by his brothers and killed or by a significant movement of Jews, who embrace the way of Jacob, Jospeh and Binyamin with faith and with the courage of their convictions, who defeat the modern-day angels of Esav, and sanctify G-d’s name.

The nation of Israel shows it’s faith by acts of faith in defiance of international opinion, dictates and resolutions. It is acts of faith such as expulsion of our enemies, annexing territories and preparing to build the Beit HaMikdash that show our faith in Hashem, and that show that we believe that He is stronger than the nations. Such brazen acts of faith hasten the redemption, as our sages teach us that it is faith that brought about the redemption from Egypt and that will bring the final redemption. This is the message of Moshiach Ben Yosef in every generation. Rejection of this message and this path of action by the brothers of the potential Moshiachs in every generation, results in prolonging the exile with all of its needless suffering. The ultimate question: will Jacob and Binyamin stand alone and will the nation of Israel take the lead and embrace the path of faith to risk standing alone against the entire world or will they continue to cower before the nations with delusions and illusions that they can buy the love of the gentiles through appeasing the nations?

Addition after U.N. resolution against Trump Jewish Jerusalem recognition:

Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city – questions we should ask:

Most affiliated Jews and Zionists are still too busy falling over themselves with joy over Trumps recognition concerning Jewish Jerusalem that they lack the ability to assess the situation from a Jewish perspective. We neglect to ask the relevant questions. Does America stepping up its alliance and support for Israel, bring the redemption of Israel closer? When Jews feel that they can rely upon America to save us, does that strengthen our faith and dependency on the G-d of Israel? If in the end, we will need to show that we are prepared to stand alone, how does this impact that? Is Trump still preparing a “peace-deal” that would try and force Israel to surrender the Har HaBayit and to make additional painful land concessions? After his recent recognition of Jerusalem, will it be easier for him to sell his deal to the Israeli public?

When Israel can no longer attribute victories to America or any other ally is when the redemption will come

Rabbi Charlap held that Moshiach will come after Israel sends away its allies such as America. This was similar to the opinion of Rabbi Kahane who quoted the Gaon of Vilna on this. Thus it is important to remember that despite the recent euphoria, Israel will be saved with or without Trump and the nine states that supported America’s recognition of Jerusalem in the United Nations. In fact, Moshiach will come specifically when Israel will not be able to attribute victory to anyone other than G-d. G-d will determine how this plays itself out and whether this leads to more or less isolation of Israel. Israel’s fate and the pace of the unveiling of that fate will be determined by its own actions or lack of actions to the extent that those actions betray its faith or lack of faith in G-d. Trump can make America great again indeed if he truly stands behind Israel. Israel will become great again when it is prepared to stand alone!

Jews Don’t Feel Pain

Three of the Jewish political prisoners have recently made the headlines. Jonathan Pollard – who is serving a life sentence in the U.S.A. for spying for Israel and has already sat in jail for almost ten years. Ron Arad -captured by the Iranians and their Palestinian organization allies nine years ago. David Ben Shimol, who was released after twelve years in Israeli prison for avenging the spilled blood of Jews, and he represents the twenty Jewish political prisoners languishing today in Israeli jails for their acts of vengeance.

And lo and behold, despite the Israeli government’s attempts to give off the impression that the prisoners held by the goyim such as Ron Arad and Jonathan Pollard are at the top of their agenda (while the political prisoners in Israel are “racist” and “criminal”), once again their treachery is exposed. Within a week, the Minister of Interior refused to grant Pollard Israeli citizenship, and the Israeli government was able to “squeeze out” of the Iranian stolen plane crisis without really taking advantage of the opportunity to do something for Ron Arad.

Why do we keep getting that feeling that this government will not do anything for a Jew if they think it will damage their ties with America or their world image as a “normal” country. BUT ISRAEL HAS NO RIGHT TO EXIST IF IT DOES NOT FULFILL IT’S ROLE OF BEING A GUARDIAN FOR ALL OF WORLD JEWRY – AND CERTAINLY FOR THOSE WHO ACTED IN HER BEHALF. But the leaders of this country have proved long ago that neither Jews nor Judaism interest them -only the Knesset seat.

Outrageous! Notice how the Arabs feel the urgency for their prisoners! But our political prisoners are treated like some burden that we must carry onour backs. Let it be known that the struggle against this evil regime will not succeed if we ignore the principles of mutual guaranteeism of one Jew for another – that is, we cannot separate the struggle against this government from the struggle to release the Jewish political prisoners.

What Will the Goyim Say?

“…in essence, he (Meshiach Ben Yosef) goes out and intentionally wrecks the relations with the gentiles! Why? Because he knows that only when we will be alone, isolated – only then will we stop trusting the goyim, the Americans. And only then, when we will be alone and isolated – then the Messiah will come. As long as there is not full trust in God, he won’t come. He won’t come. (This full trust) can only come about when the Jews give up all hope that the redemption can come from the goyim – Even if this recognition comes against our will. Tsheuva. To trust in God.

…We must wreck the relations, wreck the relations. And this is precisely the opposite of what people want to hear. There is no one in the street, and there is no rabbi that will say it.. but again, that is how we bring the redemption – through faith. It’s not easy, and it’s not a small thing. It is scary! Faith is scary. To say – Let us adopt a policy of isolation, let us adopt a policy of wrecking the relations. “Are you insane”, people will say. But they do not understand that if this is not done, we will suffer the pains of redemption, suffering that we cannot even fathom; bitterness that we have not yet tasted. This is our task today. To go out to the people with a message that the people do not want to hear, are not willing to hear. And they will degrade us, and worse, it is “incitement”, “sedition”, and who knows what else…

Question: This means that our message has changed a bit, and we have to say things more sharply than we did five years ago? (ed: that is, instead of the message being not to trust in America, the message is now to go out and wreck the relations with America)

Rabbi Kahane: I think you are right. Because there is no time. Who knows how much time is left. We have to say it – and then, 90% of our supporters will leave us. Oh well, so be it. But we have to say it. To say: Do Tsheuva! But not just the tsheuva that everyone else talks about. Of course Shabbat, and of course Kashrut, learning Torah, modesty – everything. But – to wreck the relations! That is the real tsheuva! To cling to God, and to separate ourselves from them. One cannot cling to God without separating himself from them. It doesn’t go together. That’s it. It’s not easy. Isolation was always difficult. It is something that always caused worry. But it has to be. We are a “nation that dwells alone” (Am livadad yishkon – BaMidbar, 23:9). People read the verse. How nice. What a nice song it makes. But it isn’t a song, and it isn’t some nice saying. It is Jewish law. The laws of isolation.

Question: But where do we see such an approach – that you have to be isolated, to wreck the relations. What for?

Rabbi Kahane: Throughout the entire Tanach, every king who chased after some goy – Shlomo, Asa, Yehoshafat, Hezkiahu – each and every one – we see a common thread with each one – that he who went after the goyim, was punished.

Question: That means we won’t buy weapons from them?

Rabbi Kahane: Of course we will buy from them, but not begging like we do today, rather like “business”. Otherwise, we are their slaves. It’s like Yosef. Why was he punished? Because he naturally went to the wine steward and asked: Do me a favor. He asked. And that is what we do today. If the goy gives quietly, take from him. But it is forbidden to ask from him charity – because we can exist without him. To ask him is a Hillul Hashem.

And all the while, we must take steps which will bring us to isolation. The minute we annex the territories, know that it will be a tragedy from a practical point of view. The minute we throw out the Arabs, who knows what will be! The minute we go to the Temple Mount – all these steps will surely wreck the relations. Now, when I come and say we must wreck the relations, I am not saying that Arens (ed: the Foreign Minister) should go to Washington tomorrow and give some fiery speech – No! But rather, do the mitzvot, do what we are obligated to do – and this will (ed: naturally) bring us to isolation.

Question: By seeking isolation, does this not cause us to commit the sin of “it is forbidden to trust in miracles” (Ayn Somchim Al Nase).

Rabbi Kahane: God forbid. “Trusting in miracles” is a situation where you sit and pray, and do nothing else. David went out against Goliath with the best weapon available to him, and by so doing, was not transgressing the rule “one should not trust in miracles”. And we too, need to go out with the best weapons available to us, and the fact is that we have sophisticated weapons – missiles, chemical and automatic, which, even though we bought it from the gentiles… but as I said, it must be like “business”. And hand in hand, we must wreck the relations, and not make accountings as to whether they will cut off aid or not, because we will get by with what we have, and with trust in God, like David…

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