Rabbi Kahane at a House Party (1988)

Rabbi Kahane with Barry Farber (1984)

Rabbi Kahane at an interview with Barry Farber

Rabbi Kahane vs. Lenny Brener

Rabbi Kahane debating Lenny Brenner

Rabbi Kahane on Larry King vs. MJ Rosenberg

Rabbi Kahane was invited to speak on Larry King to debate against Federation functionary M.J. Rosenberg. Mr Rosenberg, in fear of the authenticity of Jewish idea, knowing that he has no ground to stand on against the Torah, doesn’t show up. Rabbi Kahane verbally ruins, while speaking about the regular issues of Arab babies and Jewish betrayal of Torah.

Rabbi Kahane vs. Dennis Prager

Rabbi Kahane debating Dennis Prager

Rabbi Kahane on 60 minutes vs. Ezer Weitzman

Rabbi Kahane debates Weitzmann on the Arab issue on 60 minutes.

Rabbi Kahane debating former PM Olmert

Rabbi Kahane debating PM Olmert on Nightline about expulsion of Arabs vs. Likud position

Rabbi Kahane on Banning from Knesset

Rabbi Kahane gives a speech about his expulsion from Knesset, criticizing the cowardice and narrow-mindedness of the those that banned him.

Rabbi Kahane against Jackson

Rabbi Kahane giving an interview regarding Reverend Jesse Jackson’s run for presidency

Rabbi Kahane vs. Rev. Wyatt T. Walker

Rabbi Kahane debating Rev. Wyatt T. Walker on Rev. Jacksons run for president, and anti-semtism

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