Ariel Sharon

Everyone remembers how it was Sharon, who as Defense Minister,led the dismantlement of Yamit. NOT EVERYONE REMEMBERS that it was Sharon as Defense Minister, who suddenly gave the Arabs extraordinary leniencies in the territories.

When Ariel Sharon met with Arafat’s aid Abu Mazen, many were shocked and disappointed that yet another “giant” in the fight for Eretz Yisrael had bitten the dust. But on such a matter we have no complaints against Sharon, but rather on all those who criticize him. Such people never wanted to know the true philosophy of Sharon, who was never a man for Eretz Yisrael in the same sense that we are. Already for some time, Sharon has been involved in the new Israeli national sport of “sketching maps”, and everyone knows that his proposal for the final status arrangement is far from being one of “Not One Inch”!

Should this come as a surprise? The answer is no. Every time Sharon was given a prime position in the government (such as Defense Minister), he suddenly “toned himself down”, as if he wanted to combat his image as an extremist. Everyone remembers how it was Sharon, who as Defense Minister, led the dismantlement of Yamit. NOT EVERYONE REMEMBERS that it was Sharon as Defense Minister, who suddenly gave the Arabs extraordinary leniencies in the territories.

When Sharon was part of the Israeli negotiating team in the autonomy talks back in 1980, Shmuel Tamir, who was then part of the same team, said the following to one of the settlement leaders: “I know that you think I am part-traitor, but I am telling you that I am preventing catastrophe daily inregard with what Sharon wants to do with the Palestinian authorities.”

Without a doubt, Sharon is a military hero, who has brought great salvation to Israel. But like most military men, he has no obligation to any ideology whatsoever.

Conversion Law

First, a little background. The Law of Return gives Israeli citizenship to a Jew (racism!). Twenty years ago, they tried to define in law what is the definition of “Jew”, and they determined: “He who is born from a Jewish mother, or converted”. The only problem is, they forgot to define what ismeant by “converted”. Since then, the religious parties, and rightly so, fought to have the definition changed to “converted according to Jewish law”. After all, the loophole that exists threatens a tragedy to the Jewish People, where, especially overseas, gentiles pass reform or conservative conversions and can then marry in Israel. And so for many years, the religious parties fought for the “Who is a Jew” legislation in the Knesset, but they failed to pass it, partly because they did not deem it important enough to cause a crisis in the coalition or to bring down the government because of it. (In this most recent government, it is Kahalani and his “Third Way” party that votes against it, preventing it from passing.)

Lately, they stopped even trying to pass the law “Who is a Jew”, and started pushing for what is called the “Conversion Law”, which only applies to conversions in ISRAEL, barring reform and conservative conversions. But it does not determine that such false conversions ABROAD are invalid. And so, the major point has been missed, since it is the conversions abroad which constitute the major problem. Worse than this, by settling for the”Conversion Law”, and abandoning the struggle for “Who is a Jew”, in itself scores a victory for reform Jewry. It gives them encouragement, because it means that in a practical sense, the State of Israel recognizes their false conversions in the U.S.. Obviously, none of this is enough for the leftists or the reform and conservative self-haters. They don’t even accept this limited and wimpy “Conversion Law”, as they unleash their “heavy artillery”in the media and judiciary to freeze it!

Such a “compromise” by the religious parties legitimizes the reform and conservative movements, and tells the young Jew it’s not so bad. If they had held strong and stubborn, it could have gotten a message through to the young Jew that if the rabbis are SO against it, maybe it’s something one shouldn’t do. Now they have given it the approval, that such conversions inthe US are “kosher”.

Too bad the religious Jews are not able to understand that the struggle here is for the ENTIRE BALLGAME, and they should never give up on the “Who is a Jew?” law, which is so basic. By doing so, they lend a hand to the huge assimilation and elimination of Judaism in the US. This is the result when instead of going for all the marbles, they try to at least “save something”. It is this attitude that has been destroying Israel on every level. While the leftists go for it all, (for by blurring over what “Jew” is, they accomplish their task of assimilation), the religious are always trying to”save what is left”, and in the end this strategy always backfires…

Chayim Herzog

We would never have considered relating to the death of Chayim Herzog, if not for some religious Jews who exceeded all bounds in their eulogies of him. We would not consider discussing Herzog if we did not hear the eulogies from religious Jews and even rabbis, who spoke of him as one who was a “Gadol” of the generation, and the newspaper “HaZofe” carried anadvertisement about “R (as in rabbi) Chayim Herzog” (No kidding!) And so, at such a point it is forbidden to remain silent.

Many will say to us: Let the thing be. Lay off. Why even get involved in it?After all, he is already dead! But we think that it is forbidden to succumb to this world of falsehood. And as the falsehood intensifies, the more it must be fought, and the way to fight falsehood is by exposing it. Chayim Herzog is not “Rabbi Chayim Herzog”, nor is he a “Torah scholar”, as many chose to coin him in their eulogies, but rather learned and distorted the sources, which the gemorah tell us is the most severe of all sins. What a horrible Hillul Hashem when a Rav in Israel stands on his grave and says things about him which should be reserved for those faithful to G-d and HisTorah. Why is it a Hillul Hashem? Because the Torah becomes a frivolous joke in the eyes of the public, who hear such things about a man who was so far from this, not only practically, but also ideologically.

We are speaking about someone who put the war against “Kahanism” on the very top of his agenda, and vehemently opposed the religious Zionist movement. In typical groveling fashion, the “Zofe” (a newspaper of the religious Zionists) eulogizes him. Who asked you? Why not just shut-up. As we said, if they would shut-up, we would shut-up. But being that they felt obligated to praise someone who was not worthy of such praise (and this is an understatement), we are obligated to respond. The truth is not bashful, nor is it cowardly.

Zachi HaNegbi and the Bankruptcy of Secular Zionism

If there was not a Zachi HaNegbi, we would have had to invent him. What better example is there to illustrate the bankruptcy of secular nationalism. Who can better teach us how even the most fervent of them has no real true stance, because only faith in G-d is the ingredient which enables the Jewish leader to with stand the difficult pressures which one may be faced with. One who does not possess the objective and absolute values of Judaism cannot with stand the pressure. Some may require mild pressure to fold, while others may require more, but in the end, there is nothing real to hold him. And so he proceeds to convince himself that it isn’t so terrible, and it’s better to concede a little than to lose a lot, and all the other “cheshbonot” which there is no end to.

It is important to note how Zachi HaNegbi himself explains how he underwent his change: “As a result of my learning law, I began to understand that without democracy, there is no life on the “monument” (in his younger days, HaNegbi barricaded himself on the top of a monument in Yamit in an effort to prevent the “legal” government decision to evacuate Yamit). It is democracy which enables the people to fight for what it believes in, without having a hair on it’s head being harmed.” Afterwards, he proceeds to pour praise on the judge Aharon Barak.

On the other hand, someone who embraces absolute values according to the”halacha”, knows that the “halacha” is “stubborn” and can’t be toyed around with. What we have here is two entirely different and contradictory points of view which will eventually come to a head, as exemplified by the halachic ruling forbidding soldiers to fulfill orders negating the Jewish halacha. What is frightening, however, is how far some Jews, who started out with good intentions, can actually go.

By the way, last month Hanegbi as Justice Minister demanded that the rabbis cancel their “psak Halacha” which forbids soldiers to carry out orders which negate the Jewish law. Our faithful readers know how much we have stressed over the past few years the cultural war taking place in Israel between the Jews and Hellensits. And now, the Justice Minister’s call to the rabbis sounds like a returning nightmare which we thought had gone away and wouldn’t come back. After all, such behavior we had grown accustomed to in recent years from past Justice Ministers such as David Libai, or from the likes of former ministers Yosi and Shuli from the Meretz party who openly fought against Torah and Jewish halacha. And now, we are getting the same treatment from one of “our own” Justice Ministers, who, by the way, recently replaced someone who was spit out by the system because he was religious! Yes, one of “our own” is now demanding that the rabbis – the same rabbi swhom he boldly stood by in the struggle for “Eretz Yisrael”, take back their halachic ruling!

Well, let Zachi HaNegbi know: Just like your predecessors in all generations did not succeed in forcing Jews to cancel halachic rulings which are G-d’sword, so too will you fail to cancel even one halacha! You, who once barricaded yourself on the Yamit monument to prevent the withdrawal from the Sinai, and who now has become a supporter of the Hebron withdrawal and an eager servant to the ambitions of Netanyahu and your own quest for power; You, who with such utter ease went from being a bitter enemy of the left to a defender of the leftist-oriented legal system which today you warmly embrace – Know: Relief and deliverance will arise to the Jews from elsewhere, and you, despite your past “record”, will be tossed into the trash can of history in but a short while…

Bar On Affair

At first glance, this affair is totally baffling. Most puzzling of all is the question: What is so special about this particular episode, that it has rocked the entire country and almost brought down the government? Is it not par for the course for politicians to make shady deals and “agreements” amongst themselves. Surely, the examples are many, as has been pointed out in the last few months by those who oppose the investigation. The obvious answer is that the left locked onto the episode in order to bring the government down. But this answer, while it has some truth to it, does not answer the question why they latched onto this PARTICULAR episode, and not another. For sure they could have found a more interesting episode than this one to make a scandal out of. Despite all the media hype and buildup, the affair remains rather boring and lackluster. The answer to this question is critical, and that is why we choose to address this matter, which at first glance is simply one corrupt mafia versus another less corrupt mafia.

The answer is: The Hellenists understand that they cannot rely on getting a majority of the Israeli vote in the elections in order to take control of the country. Therefore, over the past few years, they have fortified their position in the judiciary – the Supreme Court, the Attorney General, etc. With this power, they are able to overturn any decision which they don’t like, by claiming it is “illegal”, or undemocratic, which is a synonym for their hellenist aspirations. Siding with them and at their immediate disposal is the leftist mass media, which gives them complete backing. And so, these two power bases in cahoots, have control of the country. The attempt to make Bar On Attorney General was in essence an attempt by Netanyahu to show who is “boss”. And indeed, Netanyahu is far from being a formidable opponent to battle the Hellenists. On the contrary, he and his friends, the most prominent being Zachy HaNegbi, tried to penetrate the judiciary and find favor in their eyes. But he was rejected, so he thought he can use the position of Attorney General to diminish the totalitarian control of the left. And then the explosion occurred. The entire left mobilized, and so did the court system, including the President, Aharon Barak, for a full scale war.

And so it must he understood: The goal is not to bring down the government. They don’t need it. Only the die-hard politicians were hoping for that. But the major rulers of the country wanted only to bring home a message. Know your place! Know who rules here, and don’t ever dare try to touch our sacred justice system again! This is the “parush” of this entire episode. Netanyahu understands this well. Netanyahu, more than ever, is a crippled politician. He knows he has no real authority, and he won’t ever try again to flex his muscles against them.

Though it is tempting to side with Netanyahu after the hypocritical attacks that are launched against him, one must not join demonstrations of support for him, as many settlement leaders are doing. It must not be forgotten that “Zu Nivayla, and Zu Traifa”. If Netanyahu would learn the lesson of this episode, and courageously engage in a showdown against this clique of the media and judiciary as any wise leader would do, there may be a reason to support him. But as we stated earlier, he learned the opposite lesson. He has concluded that in order to keep a decent image, he has no choice other than to go with them – to go with Aharon Barak, with Edna Arbel and Rubenstein, and even with the media, which is stronger than he is. And so, not only does he continue the same policy of concessions (giving away Hebron etc.) which he engaged in before the episode, but he goes further, as seen in his support for the evacuation of the house in Yizhar. For there are only two choices. Either an all out war against the media and judiciary, or absolute subservience to them. There is no other way. And he chooses the second way, because he is a coward!

Botched Assassination Attempt in Jordan

The attempt to liquidate Khaled Mishal (Y”mach Sh’mo) in Jordan epitomizes the entire Netanyahu administration. Every once in a while, Netanyahu decides to do something grand. But each time, Netanyahu gets cold feet and botches things up.

This time as well, after making the important decision to knock off the Sultan snake who was taking cover in the calm and tranquillity of Hussein’s domain, Netanyahu proceeded to trip over his own feet as only he knows how.

The problem is not the blunder that occurred during the mission itself, as the media tries to force down our throats. Because the simple fact which the media works so hard to make us forget, is that the operation itself was a success, executed exactly according to plan! True, those performing themission were caught. But that is always liable to occur. Certainly it is not THE problem.

The real problem is that after the plan succeeded, and they poisoned the Sultan snake (as Netanyahu coined him), Netanyahu rushed to send medicine to revive the dying snake, all because of the insolent threats of Hussein, who provides the Hamas with comfortable lodging and snug accommodations in his country. Not only that, but he releases Yassin, Y’mach shmo, and tens of terrorists along with him!

This is not a one time thing. It absolutely characterizes Netanyahu’s “fear of goy” policy. Over and over again, he starts out on the right track, but when the going gets tough and the condemnations from outside and (especially) inside begin, he feels his world collapsing, and hurries to wipe out any achievement, or to pay off the Arabs for his action. Such was the case at the Kotel tunnel, where the payoff was Hebron. So it was in Har Homa, where the payoff was the first phase withdrawl. So it was in Raas El Amud, where the payoff was obscene promises which led to a renewing of the talks.

Conclusion: Even if Netanyahu wants to do the right thing, he hasn’t the courage to stand up for what he believes in, but rather puts his tail between his legs and backs out.

He’s All Mouth

Following the mass condemnation of Israel in the UN, Netanyahu said that the UN is back to being a “SHMU-N”, as David Ben-Gurion used to call them. But Ben-Gurion at least held his ground at certain times, and so when he said”UN – ShmU – N”, at least he backed it up occasionally. But Netanyahu’s words are meaningless, for even as he speaks, he plans to do everything in his power to placate the UN-ShmU-N!

It is not the catchy media phrases which are important, but rather the actions which come forth out of such words. If we continue to tremble and grovel before the UN, exercising all the diplomatic means within the UN including the readiness to make concessions in order that the UN smile at us, then Netanyahu can say a million times UN-Shmu-N – his words are hot air with no substance, just like most of the other words he speaks. While there are certain people who feel one way in their hearts, but speak a different way with their mouths, Netanyahu is in a category by himself: ALL HE IS IS A MOUTH.

The Traitor is Betrayed

The wild chaos racking this coalition is something we have not yet seen. One can only stand in amazement and say: Have people gone mad?

Even the attacks by the media are attaining brand new heights by the day. They do not stop for even a solitary moment from pounding Netanyahu – with”objectivity” of course.

Strangely enough, it is easy for one’s heart to go out to Netanyahu. During days like this, one may easily tend to stand by the side of the man who betrayed his ideology and his voters, and that is only because the left and the media abuse him in unprecedented fashion.

But logic asks: Why should one stand by his side? Because of sentiment? How can we stand by the side of someone who so crudely gave our land away to ourenemies, clinging to policy (“he was forced into”) which guarantee tragedy for our people, G-d forbid.

Apparently, we are witnesses to a measure for measure punishment by the Almighty. Netanyahu and HaNegbi thought they can buy the hearts of the left and the media by total betrayal and adoption of the leftist platform – but they found themselves, much to their amazement, under relentless attack by them, with everyday a new “expose”. This has caused a situation where they find themselves betrayed in all directions by those inside the coalition itself. The traitor is betrayed. And they can’t blame anyone other than themselves.

If only the confusion would prepare our hearts to understand that there is no other alternative except for the Jewish way, as was presented explicitly and unapoligetically by Rav Kahane, H’YD. Only this can save the Jewish nation from the black clouds which appear on the horizon, which only a blindman cannot see.

Har Homa

Binyamin Netanyhau said that he doesn’t want to build now on Har Homa, because “concerning Jerusalem, one should do, and not talk!”… Did you get that? Neither did we. The only question remaining is: Did half the nation voted for a valium pill, a clown, or just a plain liar?

But we can calm down. They tell us that for Jerusalem, there is a”consensus”. What a bad joke! What does that mean, a “consensus”? That there is a consensus to shout slogans like, “Jerusalem is ours forever and ever…?” After all, let’s say everyone is really for that. So what? How far are they willing to go for it? Are they still ready to cling to Jerusalem, even if it means there will be battles similar, or much worse than those that erupted when the Kotel tunnel was opened? Is Jerusalem important enough for them to jeopordize the “peace process”?

Netanyahu has already given the answer. NO. There is no one in this “nationalist right-wing” coalition who is even willing to make Jerualem thered line, if the price is war with Arafat, Yimachshmo. And so, it is guaranteed that Jerusalem, too, like a fruit from a tree, will fall into Arafat’s hands. Because the ARABS are willing to fight for it!!! And when only one side is willing to fight for something, that side wins.

We have had enough of the politicians. They have no faith. They have no plan. They have no ideology. And in the end, as Shimeon Peres says: They have no alternative!

Is there really no alternative? Only he who lacks faith fears the Jewish and normal alternative which is so obvious. And so, without fear, we will continue to warn the people about these “nationalist” losers and defeatists, and we will offer the Jewish alternative. FAITH IN G-D WITHOUT FEAR OF THE GENTILE – THIS IS THE GAME PLAN FOR THE SURIVIAL OF THE JEWISH STATE!!

Pragmatic Fish Eaters

Many are familiar with the ancient parable about the slave who cooked for his master a stinking fish. The master gave his slave three options: Either eat the stinking fish, receive 100 lashes, or pay with his money for the fish. The slave opted for the punishment to eat the stinking fish, but after eating more than half the fish with great effort, he could not take it anymore, and announced to his master that he can’t continue, and would like to receive the lashes. The master began thrashing the slave, and after several lashes, again the slave could not stand the pain, and chose the third punishment – to pay. And so, in the end, he ate the fish, received lashes and paid a high price to atone for his sin….

One can easily remember this parable when watching Prime Minister Netanyahu in action. While one may pity the poor Prime Minister, one can not forgive his wretched and dangerous deeds. Behold, at the beginning of last week, the Prime Minister apparently had made a positive decision concerning the settlements. What was the decision? It wasn’t what he had originally intended, which was to add a new neighborhood to Bet-El, because America and the Shin Bet vetoed the move. And so instead, he decided to give the settlements preferential housing incentives. To all the settlements? No. According to reports, only 20% of the settlements were to fall in such preferential categories. Did this decision have any practical ramifications? Probably not, since the government itself publicly informed the United States that the decision was only a “declarative” one.

But none of this helped in the slightest. For a full week the entire world, from the U.S. to the U.N., to the Arab world, to the Israeli left, to part of the Likud party rose up and sharply attacked and condemned the Netanyahu government in a fashion we have not yet seen, as if the Israeli government at the very least had began an all-out war against the Arab world at large, expelled the Arabs from Israel, and as a late-night snack, annexed all the territories. Ah, the eaters of stinking fish – suffering the lashes and having to pay for it in the end, anyway.

In the middle of last week, an announcement was made from the office of the Prime Minister that could have made one think that we have a government which could bring the Messiah. Here is the exact “Maariv” headline story quote a week and a half ago: “Israel: American Criticism Will Not Dictate To Us Our Way Of Life”. Awesome. Tremendous. Just what we had been waiting for! But only a few hours passed, and Israel was already back on it’s knees, pleading to the U.S. they “didn’t mean it”, and there was a “misunderstanding”, and “things were taken out of their context”. Did this groveling impress the U.S.? Hardly. This was the reaction of the American foreign department to the Israeli children who had the audacity to almost raise their heads up: “This is not a polite way to relate to the words of the President. President Clinton is friendly to Israel, and when it expresses it’s opinion, we hope that friendly governments will treat it respectably.”

As of this moment, the Israeli government has backed down completely. If a week ago it had appeared that someone in the government had some idea about building houses in the Land of Israel, nothing of the sort will be raised today. It’s like we said: Eat stinking fish, receive the lashes and in the end, pay full price.

If the Israeli government had a modicum of pride, it would casually remind Mr. Clinton about his blatant interference in the Israeli elections in support of the losing candidate, and that he should “chill out” a bit. In the meantime, a normal Jewish government would establish new settlements as something taken for granted. For in the Land of Israel, Jews settle the land. The world gets excited? Condemns? The U.N. security council will stay up all night to draft up an Israel-bashing decision? Great. That’s precisely what happened last week, and unfortunately, it was all about nothing. If they are going to condemn us anyway, shouldn’t we at least get something out of it, like start some new settlements? If the security council is going to stay up all night to discuss Israel, wouldn’t it be preferable to give them a good reason to do so – for instance, to expel a few hostile Arab villages near Ramallah from the borders of Israel?

What is there to be afraid of? Did not King David say in Tehilim (2): “Why are the nations in an uproar, and people utter a vain thing? The kings of the earth raise themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against His annointed, saying, Let us break their bonds asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord has them in derision”.

Goyim? America? The U.N? It is dandruff you brush off, for the Master of the World stands with us, and it is He who changes the hearts of kings and determines the destinies of the nations.

This is what Netanyahu does not understand. Anyone whose world outlook is not based on faith in G-d can never understand this. And so, Netanyahu looks as he does only six months after taking office. He is deteriorating every step of the way, and taking the State of Israel down with him. And he has no other option – because if he is afraid of what America will say, then he will constantly be rubbing them the wrong way no matter how much he tries to placate them, and by doing so, he will bring our country to greater tragedythan the Labor party would have brought us to.

Our sages taught us that the redemption is dependent on faith. And when we finally seize onto this weapon of faith, we will realize that no one and nothing is relevant, other than our firm decision to go in the way of G-d, even if the way of G-d means provoking the gentiles.

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