On Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations

The murder of Yizchak Rabin has left so many Jews confused. I am not talking about the self-righteous Israeli media, who, ad nauseam, toil to create a nationwide atmosphere that doesn’t exist.

Anyone who lives amongst his people knows that such a thing was brewing in the guts of so many people, as more and more Jews without any link to one another saw it as perhaps the last and only chance to do “something”. No one is happy about it, but when a people are driven to desperation by seeing this evil regime remove the ground from beneath them, establishing fact after fact without a willingness to heed any logic and remain totally oblivious to public opinion – all this pointed to the fact that such a thing was more and more likely to occur.

I do not think that now is time to discuss how one should relate to such an event. I also won’t play into the hands of the evil and corrupt Israeli authorities whose leader has left this world, and who, like wild animals, hunt down prey with an uninhibited lust for vengeance which knows no bounds. In this discussion I will only raise a few points for all those confused Jews who do not know how to deal with this new situation.

Yizchak Rabin was a man who brought the Jewish People to the verge of national tragedy which we have not yet seen in our history. Yizchak Rabin and his policies brought death to many, many Jewish homes, and the slogan “Rabin the murderer” is a correct one, no matter how much the left protests and screams. For sure, love of Jews is a lofty concept, and the hope that Rabin would do “Tshuva” is fine. But when a leader holds an entire country hostage, is it the time to throw around slogans, or is it the time to act more forcefully?

What caused Yigal Amir, a third year law student, Yeshiva scholar and outstanding Golani soldier to give all that up and take upon himself such a mission? What caused him to stand with such incredible cool-headedness across from the Prime Minister of Israel and shoot him? Was it some momentary hysteria? And what caused so many people, and I dare say thousands, to bring up the idea in so many discussions? Does not such a widespread gut feeling tell us something? Did Yigal Amir take upon himself the definition, “The zealots strike him”?

And finally, according to the non-Jewish calendar, (which perhaps has no signifance for us anyway), Yizchak Rabin was killed exactly five years after my father. How ironic. Do you remember the reaction of the left when my father was murdered? These self-righteous hypocrites danced on his blood. The Israeli Government officially ignored it. It was pleased to see the troublemaker go.

My father’s murder was also two years after the same Likud-Labor government, out of fear that he would cop seats from them, banned my father from running for Knesset. Such an act disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Jews, negating from them their basic democratic right to vote. It closed the door in the face of the most excitable and enthusiastic sector of the population, and it left them little choice. Did it not enter their bolshevik minds that one out of all these people MIGHT do something out of desperation when no other alternative was left to?

In one of his books, my father writes about the first murder attempt against him. The year was 1976, and the Shin Bet warned him to stop his actions, andif not, they would “take care of him”. My father did not stop, and on the17th of Tamuz, 1976, there was an attempt to assassinate him. Only a miracle saved him. Who was Prime Minister then? You got it. Yizchak Rabin.

Many say that such is an appropriate ending for a traitor. Is this true? Is this the way? I leave the question open and as food for thought after putting before you some of my own thoughts. There is much more that must be said, and with G-d’s help we will continue at another time. Firmly and carefully. We will not play into the hands of the authorities who are looking for easy prey.

Purim: Jewish Isolation: Recipe for National Security

There always existed Jews who delude themselves into thinking that if only we could bring down the walls between us and the Gentiles, we could live together in peace, and anti-Semitism would disappear. What these self-hating, guilt-ridden Jews do, in essence, is blame the anti-Semitism on the Jews themselves, who distinguish themselves from the Gentile and are not willing to assimilate. But the fact is that the very opposite is true. History has proven that precisely when the Jew tried to get close to the Gentile, a wave of vicious and “unexpected” anti-Semitism would explode, bringing with it pogroms and holocausts. In Germany, Jews had stopped referring to themselves as Jews and called themselves Germans of the Mosaic persuasion. More Jews died defending the Father Land in WW1 than in all the wars of Israel. German Jews were the epitome of assimilated Jews prior to the Holocaust.

The Torah and our sages teach us about this strange law of nature, and we see a perfect example in the Megilat Esther, and the story of Purim. The story in the book of Esther centers around two major events; the sin of the Jewish participation at Achashverosh’s party, and the intentional provoking of Haman by Mordechai who would deliberately wait at the gates which Haman had to pass, and then would refuse to bow down to him.

Is there a connection between these two events? What could the participation in Shushan’s banquet and Mordechai’s provocation have in common? Many have difficulty understanding Mordechai’s deliberate instigation of Haman. Why did he have to hang out at that very spot, looking for trouble? How could have Mordechai behaved in such an “irresponsible” manner towards this known Jew-hater? For them, it is obvious that it was Mordechai who caused the evil edict which called for the extermination of the Jews! The sages teach us otherwise, explaining that the Megilah opens with the story of Achashverosh’s banquet to indicate that the real cause of the evil decree against the Jews was divine punishment for the pathetic participation of the Jewish community at Achashverosh’s party.

Why did they take part in the feast in the first place? They thought that banning such an event which was to be attended by all the nations of the Empire, would make the Jews stand out and would incur the wrath of the nations. They thought that Jewish participation in the feast would help bring down the barriers, relieve tension and help put a halt to anti-Semitism. Mordechai and those faithful to Torah knew that assimilation and liaison to the Gentile not only does not ease anti-Semitism, but strangely enough intensifies it. They knew that there is a clear Torah prohibition against partaking in such a meal. This commandment is intended to prevent assimilation and the muddling of Jewish identity and uniqueness.

We can now understand Mordechai’s “extremism”. Mordechai understood that the direction the Jews of his generation were going in would surely lead to Divine Punishment. Thus, he took the zealous route. He purposely provoked Haman with the knowledge that this would infuriate him and provoke a reaction which would shock all of assimilated Persian Jewry. Mordechai knew his actions could not bring harm to the Jews, in the long run. He knew his act of faith could only lead to the awakening of Jews to their grave mistake of assimilating (which is indeed what happened when the whole nation of Israel joined Mordechai’s call for three days of fast and prayer). This was the only way to cancel the evil decree.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay The Same

Today’s peace process is nothing more than a modern banquet of Achashverosh, except this time it has been initiated by the Jews. The goal is to create a “New Middle East” which means the erasing of the Jewish character of the state in an attempt to merge, and turn Israel into a nation like all others. This plot to wipe out anything distinctly Jewish will not succeed in buying the love of the Gentiles, nor will it bring us peace. The Interfaith programs of the ADL and AJC, and the New Middle East of Shimon Peres will only exacerbate the very hatred and tensions they seek to diffuse. The Jewish way is the way of “Mordechai HaYehudi” – separation, and not assimilation.

Today, after the fatal bombing in Jerusalem we are once again reminded what the outcome of our “peace” with our neighbors will produce. The only answer is a real separation between Jews and the hostile Arabs who live in our midst. Peres speaks of building a fence around the Green Line, yet ignores the Arab threat within the Green Line. The Likud and the other “right wing” parties still speak of coexistence between Jews and Arabs. The Jewish way is our way and the way of “Mordechai HaYehudi” – separation now!

Skull-Cap Donning Hellenists

Legend has it that the late Professor Yeshiyahu Leibowitz was not particularly fond of the holiday of Purim. In order to evade this barbaric festival, it was his custom to travel to Jerusalem on the 14th of Adar, and on the 15th he would return to Ramat Gan. In an interview last year, his son denied this famous folklore, but admitted that it found its source in the fact that his father abhorred one of the verses in the Megilat Esther, and would skip over it during the reading. (We will bring the verse shortly)

Anyone who knows us, knows full well that when a hellenist (with or without a yamulke) rises up and goes against something in Torah, we will immediately become quite fond of that particular something. For Torah is complete perfection, and if it is not complete, it is not Torah. One who denies even one verse or word of Torah is denying all of the Torah. The Torah is not a supermarket where one picks and chooses.

The professor would have preferred that the Megilat Esther deal only in the “positive aspects”. The idea of Jews killing their enemies was repulsive to him. But did anyone ever pay attention to the fact that almost all Jewish holidays involve to a large extent confrontations with Gentiles, our separation from them and our exacting of vengeance upon them? Take a look: Hanukah – Greeks; Purim – Persians; Passover – Egyptians. Even regarding the Holiday of Shavuot, the rabbis tell us that from Mount Sinai, the hatred of the gentile originated (and thus the Hebrew word for hate and “Sinai” are of the same root). Food for thought, no?

Last but not least, here is the “banned” verse. (Despite the fact that this verse constitutes a violation of the following laws: revolution, incitement, racism, assisting terror, use of free speech for prohibited goals, we will take the risk and present it for all the Shin Bet to see): “And the king said to Esther the queen, the Jews have slain and destroyed five hundred men in Shushan the capital, and also the ten sons of Haman; what have they done in the rest of the kings provinces? now what is thy petition? and it shall be granted thee: and what more dost thou request? and it shall be done. Then Esther said, If it please the king, let it be granted to the Jews who are in Shushan to do tomorrow also according to this day’s decree, and let Haman’s ten sons be hanged upon the gallows.” The result of Esther’s request was 75,000 dead gentiles. I ask you, is that nice?

Kedoshim: Hellenism vs. Havdalah – Universalism vs. Particularism

This article is dedicated to Rabbi Ido Elba, a true Tzadik and Torah scholar whose personal sacrifice for truth without compromise has landed him a two year jail sentence for “incitement to racism”.

An Indictment of Holy Proportions
Rav Elba delved into the depths of the Talmud and the Halachic Codifiers, and composed a scholarly Torah essay about the Halachic perspective on the killing of Gentiles and enemies during a time of war. Just a look at the title had the Shin Bet and the District Attorney drooling. They had been “looking” to get their hands on Elba ever since the round up of the alleged “underground” from Kiryat Arba, which proved to be a baseless hoax. When they saw the article, they knew they caught a “big fish”. This was not because they understood the contents of the essay. Even if they bothered to read it, they are a bit weak in the subject of Judaism, though they may boast great proficiency in the field of British and Turkish law.

And thus was hatched a rather amazing indictment against Rav Elba. An indictment which quoted directly and in great detail, sources which Rav Elba quoted. Rabbis from all sides of the political spectrum agreed that Elba quoted authentic views that exist within the framework of Talmudic discussion.

The Real Struggle
This is all very far from being a joke. We are talking here about another serious step taken by the Israeli regime to make Judaism illegal, and to turn the state of Israel into a universalist unJewish state. One of the great scholars of our generation who is a former Chief Rabbi of the state of Israel said, the way the Judicial system refer to Rav Elba reminds him of the way Heretics used to speak about the Talmud. And now for a little history. The law which Rav Elba allegedly violated termed “The Law Against Racism”, was drawn up and created to help silence my father, Rabbi Meir Kahane (may G-d avenge his blood). However, as my father warned us then, the law was not only against Rabbi Kahane as an individual, but against the entire Torah as well. And indeed, for the first time, a righteous Jew and Torah scholar has been convicted on this very charge for the words of Torah he has written. The worst possible nightmare is being actualized before our very eyes.

When Rav Elba was charged with “racism”, he was being accused of adhering to the concept of “Havdalah” – seperation between Jew and Gentile. This concept of particularism and belief that Jews are members of a “chosen people”, is one of the most basic and fundamental principals of Judaism. There is nothing that bothers modern day Hellinists more than this Jewish concept of “Havdalah”. The real goal of the Helinist is to assimilate into the Gentile world. They are universalists who want to erase the Jewish character of the state of Israel. They refuse to understand why the Jewish nation must be separate and special, and thus act to eliminate any Jewish uniqueness – and attack anyone who clings to the tenet of “Havdalah”. This was the crux of the war they waged against Rabbi Kahane, and it stands at the root of their obscession with Rav Elba.

We Must Decide Where We Stand
Our Parsha of the week states, “You shall be holy”, commanding us: Be seperated from their abominations, from the evil and from the falsehood of the Gentile. Every Saturday night, Jews around the world conclude the Sabath with the ritual Havdalah prayer and recite: He who separate light and darkness and between the seventh day and the rest of the week also seperates between the Jewish people and the rest of the world and between good and evil. What wil be next? Perhaps they should arrest Jews for observing the Sabath, performing a brith, reciting Havdalah or any of the countless Mitzvot which manifest the concept of Havdalah.

The sages comment in Leviticus, on the end of our Parsha (see Rashi): “If you set yourself apart from them, then you are mine; but if not, then you will belong to Nebuchadnezzar and his friends.” We must decide where we are holding! Here or there. There is no coexistence between good and evil.We are either with Hashem or with Nebuchadnezzar. We are either with Rabbi Kahane and Rabbi Elba or with Yossi Sarid and Achmad Tibi. Many “moderdox” Jews and Rabbis continue to live a big lie. They lack the courage and the honesty to chose. They speak of being Universalist and particularist at the same time. We are living through a momentous era of confusion. Now is the time for every Jew to take a stand and to be honest with himself and his constituents. Where is the outcry of the Rabbis on behalf of Rabbi Elbah? Do they not understand that the next decree may be against them and their confused universalist Judaism? Where are all of the universalists who fight for “free speech”? We must decide where we stand and act upon our convictions with integrity.

Vayigash: Do Not Stand by Your Brothers Blood

From the first two words in our parasha, “Vayigash Yehuda”, meaning “and Yehuda approached” the sages teach us that the encounter between Yehuda and Yosef was a hostile one.

Yosef had seized Binyamin and said, “Leave him here as my slave, and you may return in peace to your father’s house !” Yehuda responded, however, “Do you think that there will be peace in our father’s house if we return without Binyamin?” (Breishit Raba, 93:7). Yehuda at this point was prepared to even give up his own life for Binyamin. The midrashim expound on the fierce confrontation that ensued, where the brothers were even prepared to destroy Egypt if Yosef refused to release Binyamin.

We learn from the brothers action that there is no limit to the lengths to which a Jew must go when necessary to aid a fellow Jew. He must be prepared to give his efforts; he must be prepared to give his moneys and if need be he must be prepared to give more. Ahavat Yisrael means feeling the pain of the Jew who is suffering. It means that if Jonathan Pollard is sitting in jail, we cannot sleep nights. It means caring for the Jewish prisoners of Zion in Zion.

Seven months ago, three young men from the settlement of Bat Ayin were arrested on suspicion that they were planning to bomb an Arab school. In a previous parsha sheet, we brought the letter of Etti Dvir, the wife of one of the prisoners, who was tortured while under investigation by the Israeli authorities. For six months now, the Bay Ayin “underground” has been sitting in Ayalon Prison. They have been deprived of basic rights that any other prisoner enjoys, such as restrictions on who may visit them. On the weekly visits allowed to all prisoners, they can only be visited by a first relative (wife, mother, father, sister or brother). No friends, no uncles, no grandparents. In addition, during these visits, they are forbidden to touch their children the entire visit is through a glass window! They are also deprived from a monthly visit from a rabbi, which every other prisoner is entitled to. They cannot receive mail, and their every move is under surveillance: five cameras film them inside their cells, depriving them of any privacy whatsoever.

It is obscene that such methods are used against Jews who are not the enemies of the State of Israel. Nothing could more graphically underline the gentilization of the Jewish State, than to see the callousness by the Shin Bet people to fellow Jews, which is derived from their total lack of Jewishness of soul.

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