The Difference Between Fraud and Falsehood

The Likud, which was once termed the “nationalist movement”, is crumbling. It was expected. The process may take a little more time, but is something that is inevitable.

At this point, let us preface our words by saying that what we are discussing here is NOT politics. We don’t deal with “politics”. We deal with issues that relate to the very existence of the Jewish Nation. The disintegration and demise of the ruling party in Israel is not only a significant happening but something which effects the future of the Jewish people throughout the world. This is why it is imperative that we begin make an in depth analysis of the reason for the collapse and infighting within the Likud party.

There is a difference between FRAUD and FALSEHOOD. Labor is falsehood. Likud is fraud. Falsehood lasts longer than fraud does, though, it, too, eventually falls, since it has no real legs to stand on.

The Labor Party never saw value in the concept of a greater Israel, and from the very beginning, Labor was rooted in the separation of the Jew from his tradition. For this reason, it is FALSEHOOD. Because any attempt to create a Jewish state which lacks Jewish character obviously stands in sharp contrast to Torah truth.

In contrast, the Likud was rooted in the concept of “two sides to the Jordan, this side is ours and so is the other side” and it warmly embraced the tradition. Herut’s leaders once believed that any territorial compromise in Eretz Israel is the highest form of national treason. Today, it is all a FRAUD. They are no longer even ashamed of their outright hypocrisy.

Fraud collapses quicker than falsehood does. Falsehood has foundations that at least appear to be solid, and it can carry on for some time, until it finally crumbles with a thunderous roar (like Russia). The Likud, on the other hand, from the very outset was a “shlomozol”. Even when in power, it never knew where it was going. It never succeeded in actually taking power and ruling, and succumbed to the elite powers. And now it goes bankrupt, led by it’s insipid (pardon us) leader. It’s descent is swift, it’s noise rather feeble.

My friends, the answer is: TRUTH. Without changes, without manipulations. We have gone through it all already. Truth’s turn has arrived!

On Whom To Vote For: Choose Life

Question: For quite a while you have been preaching that there is no significant difference between Labor and Likud, as proven by their past records while in power, as well as their campaign promises this time around. But what you fail to tell us is – who SHOULD one vote for?

Answer: Our major goal is to bring forth the genuine Jewish truth, the Jewish idea – to the people. Not just part of the message, and not just a”realistic” part of the message, so to speak. Nor do we just convey ideas that the people will always grasp immediately upon hearing them. We are not politicians who have to try to show a pretty face before the public. And so we repeat that the elections for Prime Minister is a race between siamese twins. It is crucial to us that the people understand the painful truth that the Jewish truth was banned from participating in these elections, deeming these elections obscene from the very start. And part of the painful truthis that those who engineered the banning of Rabbi Kahane was not the left, but rather that “great hope” – the Likud!

As requested by many, we will bring the words of Rabbi Kahane, HY”D, exactly as he said them immediately after he was banned in 1988. The Rav said tha the is not a “guru”, and he doesn’t give orders to “Chaseedim” (followers)how to vote. In any case, he RECOMMENDED putting an empty white slip into the ballot box, and for those who want to vote for someone, he suggested, ANYTHING BUT LIKUD!

And let us add something else for those who want to vote for the Knesset. There is a party, a bit obscure, called “Israel’s Right”, which is a religious party with some good Jews in it. The very fact that the “Meretz”party tried to ban it for being “racist” is a reason to identify with it. Its chances for success is not what interests us.

In any case, we must not despair. The salvation will not sprout from theKnesset ANYWAY, and we must start internalizing this fact. The alternative will come outside that den of clowns, and it will overrun it. The salvation will come from those who do not peacefully accept the fact that the truth was banned, and life just goes on.

THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE. And it won’t come from the Knesset, or anywhere near it…

These Are Not Elections!

Never were elections in the State of Israel more insignificant than the elections that are about to be held on May 29. Indeed, as per usual and true to political form, the two major parties tell voters that these elections are a matter of paramount importance, a matter of life and death. How they lie!! The fact is, there will be no elections this time around. Oh, there will be voting booths and ballots and all other formalities of an election. For sure. But there will not be elections. For the entire concept of the word “elections” means that people “elect” or choose between two ideas or two points of view. In the upcoming elections, this choice does not exist. What it boils down to is two people selling us the same merchandise

Pay attention. While this one talks about “securing peace”, the other speaks of a “peace with security”. While one boldly declares that he will crush the terror, proclaiming: “Shalom with Netanyahu”, the other one, who masterminded the “Shalom” in the first place, declares now: “Israel is strong with Peres”. In short, one babbles about “peace and security” while the other blabbers about “security and peace”, and it gets kind of difficult to know who is who.

The reality is quite simple. While both sides have shouted empty slogans and promises how they will bring the peace and security, they have succeeded in bringing us one thing only: Terror, terror, and more terror.

Let us remember. Four years ago when the Likud was in power and Arab terror was in full swing , Labor promised in their election campaign that they will “take Gaza out of Tel Aviv” – that is, they will uproot the terror. The Israeli electorate bought it and the rest of the story we already know. And today? The same thing, only the sides topsy-turvied! Each one copies the other’s propaganda material from the election year before! If last time side A said they “will take out Gaza from Tel Aviv”, this time side B says “we will crush the terror”. If last time around side A said “corrupt and wretched”, this time side B says, “corrupt and a failure”..

O, they really think we are morons?! Maybe they’re right?!

When it comes down to it, neither Labor nor Likud is willing to adopt the only solution to Arab terror: The uprooting of the Arab enemy amongst us, as the Torah states, “and you shall drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you”. Both parties use the same tired slogans and promise the same garbage. What are the results? Terror and spilled Jewish blood! The Torah already promised this when it said: “but if you will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you – than those whom you allow to remain shall be as thorns in your eyes and thickets in your sides and they will distress you in the land wherein you dwell!” Can there be anything more explicit than that?!

It is vitally important to stress this today, when so many people, out of stupidity or out of a desperate need to hang onto illusions, put their heart and soul into returning Likud to power. It isn’t that they forgot – they simply do not want to remember who it was who paved the primrose path to Oslo via Madrid, and who brought upon us the tragedy called autonomy, and whose lack of action turned Israel into a State of Terror.

On the 29th of May, elections will be held between these Siamese twins, at a time when the only one offering a solution will not be allowed to participate in the elections to let the people choose. Because the corrupt “democrats” from above are afraid of you. They are afraid to let you decide for yourselves what is good for you. Because they know that if that way wasable to run in the elections, it would win a huge victory.

The only way is the way of Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY”D, which was “banned” by theKnesset and Supreme Court. But it did not disappear. It lives on. And in the end it will win, because it has to win. It will not disappear because it cannot disappear. Kahane or Arafat. That is the real choice standing before every voter in Israel.

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