Blood Suckers

Don’t blame the journalists. What do you want from them? Don’t youunderstand that the very essence of their profession forces them to dealwith unpleasant matters? Don’t get down on them. Don’t you see that theyhave to look for juicy gossip and blood curdling stories. After all, whowould buy their product if they didn’t? They must fabricate facts andenhance their stories. If not, how could they make a living? Don’t blame thecameramen, who desecrate the holy with their flashbulbs and turn any seriousmatter into a sensationalist spectacle. If it wasn’t for them, how would beable to view all those abominable pictures and humiliating poses? Don’tblame them. Don’t you see, they have to put food on the table…

It was nothing out of the ordinary when a whole gang stood over dying peoplein that tunnel in France, and engaged in their “work”. First aid? Not forthem! “Journalism is holy work”. There was nothing strange about it. It’snormal. They are not ashamed of it either. When the Arabs wanted to lynch aJew in the center of Ramallah, many photographers gathered around and diligentlyfilmed it. The work paid off. It’s not every day one can supply his employerwith close-up footage of a man begging for his life while his skull is smashedand one eye is out of it’s socket. This is what is called in the profession,a “good picture.” But don’t blame them. It’s their job. Garbage men are notashamed of the work they do.

In France they want to put the photographers on trial. But in the State ofIsrael, you would never have such a thing. “Freedom of the media” standsabove all! The judiciary will not limit the freedom of the media. After all,the two are in cahoots – one hand washes the other.

So don’t get too upset with them. They’re just doing their job – spilling our blood.

His Majesty Arrived

And most importantly – after unprecedented world condemnation and attacks in the U.N., they love us again. After all, the gentiles always love the Jews when they are in the form of corpses. And the Jews, as well, always loved the image of being beat up and made to feel sorry for, for it serves their purpose of being loved by the gentile, at least temporarily. All of this, of course, coming into direct conflict with what my father always said, “I would rather have a strong Israel that is hated by the whole world than an Aushwitz that is loved by it”.

King Hussein’s condolence visit certainly had this country excited. Indeed, it was an unusual move by his majesty. And what fools we are, for only aweek before he had defamed and degraded the Prime Minister of Israel. And a few days afterwards, when one of his soldiers murders seven Jewish girls, we grovel at his feet for the great favor he has shown us in granting us a visit.

One who listened to the Israeli media and politicians could even sense an aura of satisfaction in the air after the slaughter. After all, a lot of political benefits came out of it. First of all, the slaughter took the sting off Arafat’s international conference in Gaza. Secondly, it put Hussein in an embarrassing situation where he was forced to forget about his nasty and humiliating letter to Netanyahu, and then make an unprecedented visit to Jerusalem. And most importantly – after unprecedented world condemnation and attacks in the U.N., they love us again. After all, the gentiles always love the Jews when they are in the form of corpses. And the Jews, as well, always loved the image of being beat up and made to feel sorry for, for it serves their purpose of being loved by the gentile, at least temporarily. All of this, of course, coming into direct conflict with what my father always said, “I would rather have a strong Israel that is hated by the whole world than an Aushwitz that is loved by it”.

They said that it was a crazy Jordanian soldier who did it. And it is so easy to sell the Israeli public such goods, especially when the mass media works overtime to do some massive brainwashing. Over and over again, the media reported that immediately after the soldier began shooting, his friends ran over to restrain him. Hmm. When we were forced to hear the testimony of witnesses at the scene, they said the exact opposite – that not only didn’t the soldiers do anything in preventing their friend from emptying two magazines on the girls, but they also pushed one of the teachers who wanted to do something. For forty minutes, the Jordanians prevented our forces from entering the area and offer first aid, and they did not allow the wounded to board the bus to arrive quickly at the hospital. Rather, they snatched them and took them to Jordan, under the pretense that wanted to take care of them. Suddenly they turned into merciful nurses. In a normal situation and country, these are the facts which would have caught the major headlines in the newspapers. Instead, they were pushed deep into the corner, reported about in dry, sterile fashion, so that the public would not get too angry.

But if one listens to the man on the street, one might take solace that not everyone has been swept away in this flood of lies. There is a hard nucleus of normal people out there, immuned to the massive doses of brainwashing. And when the house of falsehood that these wicked leaders have built starts to collapse, there will be those who will establish the state that we hoped for. Without cow-towing to the goy, but rather a proud Jewish policy built upon faith in the G-d of Israel.

On Timings and Kotel Tunnel

The attacks by the left for the opening of the “tunnel of the Kotel” are known to all. More interesting, though, is what the so-called right had to say about it. The minister Moshe Katzav for example, a man of myopic proportions, publicly stated that it was a mistake. But what is more interesting was the reaction of those who are considered to be more ideologically motivated. Following the riots, we were not surprised to see a general support for the act. But that’s only generally speaking, because everyone spoke about the bad “timing” of the act. Thus wrote the “hawk” Yoske Shapira: “And in any case, one must say the truth in the open, that any sensitive subject needs the proper timing – and all the more so when dealing with a state which is in need of every drop of good will it can get (from the goy). They don’t understand a thing. He who speaks of “timing” in this generation does not grasp the essence of the struggle taking place. The whole struggle in this generation is one of sanctifying G-d’s Name, and the main thing G-d demands of us is to participate in the sanctification of His Name, and notto desecrate It. Sanctification of His Name can only be IN THE OPEN, infront of the television cameras, like in the exodus of Egypt which was “inthe self-same day” and not in the fog of the night like Pharo wanted. ForMoshe knew to tell him: “Like thieves we are going to leave at night? Wewill only leave in the light of day before the eyes of all of Egypt!” That’sright. Not like thieves in the night! You don’t open the tunnel in the nighthoping that the Arabs won’t pay attention. You don’t look for the propertiming “from an international point of view”. On the contrary. You invitethe world media and you open up the tunnel before their eyes, and informthem that it is our country and our Jerusalem, and it’s too bad. Yes, Yoske Shapira, Kiddush Hashem! Much of the tragedy that is befalling us has been caused by the “national camp” since the days of Begin, and it is because of this perverted conceptof “the right timing.” And between me and you – has there ever been in the last hundred years one “appropriate” time? But we are here. Sanctify G-d’s Name. Kiddush Hashem. This is the secret of our generation. This is the key to a true Jewish state.

The Jewish Answer

Once again Arab murderes have killed a mother and child in the land of Israel. Once again, it is one of the prominent settlement leaders who has been directly hurt. At the risk of sounding cruel, it seems as if the Almighty is trying to send a message directly at them!

Once again the confused Yesha leaders held another media-covered grandoise meeting in which they demanded: “To give the Zionist answer”. Once again, the same nonsense. The “Zionist answer”. It is as if they learn nothing! What is the “Zionist answer” according to them? Expanding settlements…(they don’t dare speak of new settlements anymore!) They are simply stuck in the same mindset of ten years ago! As if another five houses or five hundred houses in Bet-El is the problem or the solution. Why does the “Zionist answer” always begin and end with the concept of settlements? After all, the Torah itself gives the Jewish answer when it commands us: “And you shall take possession of the land, and dwell therein”. And Rashi says: “You shall take possession of it from its inhabitants, and then ‘you shall dwell therein’, then you will be able to remain in it; but if not, you will not be able to remain in it.” That is to say, that if you do not expel the goyim, the settlements will be useless! Here is the Sforno: “When you burn out the inhabitants of the land, Then you will merit to inherit it to your children…” The Torah itself explicitly warns: “But if you will not drive out the inhabitants of the land…they shall harass you in the land…” Ohr HaChayim: “Not only will they hold on to parts of Israel which you have not yet conquered, but even those parts you have conquered, they will harass you…by saying ‘get out here!'” What Ruach Hakodesh! Why must they be stuck in their same tired perceptions, failing to give the most logical and Zionist answer which is the expulsion of those who have been murdering us in our country for the last 100 years!? The time has arrived to free ourselves from the faulty Zionism of “Mapai”. Zionism is indeed settling the land, but it also includes the expulsion of the foreign inhabitants. The NRP slogan of “Zionism with Nishama” (soul) must be replaced by “Zionism with Nikama” (vengeance).

Bo: He’ll Pay for That Grin

Whenever an act such as last week’s shooting in the Hebron market takes place, we see the question of collective punishment return to the national agenda, and of course it is promptly denounced by secular and religious Jews alike. In Parshat Bo, the subject of collective punishment also tops the agenda, as we see all the Egyptians, without distinction, being smitten by the plagues.

As a comment on one of the verses in our parsha, our Sages shed light on the reason why the entire population, and not just the “bad guys” were smitten in Egypt. On the verse: “And the Lord smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Paro that sat on the throne to the firstborn of the prisoner that was in the dungeon”, the Sages immediately ask: “The prisoner, what was his sin?” After all, they themselves were captive in Egypt. And the Sages answer: “Because they were happy with all the decrees which Paro decreed on Israel.”
(Tanchuma, Bo)

The sages are teaching us here the Jewish idea concerning a nation which as a whole enslaves or harms the Jewish People: Not only are the specific individuals who actively take part in the terrorizing of Jews punished, but the entire nation, from big to little are also punished, for they are happy about what their countrymen are doing.

From the Idea to the Halacha

This concept is codified into Jewish halacha (see Rambam, HilchotRozeach U-Shmirat Nefesh 4:11, and Kesef Mishnah, there; Shulchan Aruch,Yore Deah, 158:1. and Shach, there, and more), which determines that in time of war, one kills anyone who is part of the enemy nation. The aforementioned midrash explains the reasoning behind the halacha: When a nation fights us, there are no “innocent”. There are some who fight in the front, and some in the back, and they are all partners. In what way? The very fact that their hearts rejoice when Jews are killed or maimed (and let us not even discuss those who give cover) is enough for them to be halachically considered as soldiers fighting in the front lines.

What are the Arabs Happy About?

At first glance, it may appear harsh to punish someone just for beinghappy when Jews are bombed. But someone who understands the realities of today can appreciate the depth and justice of our Sages words. Here are two examples to illustrate our point:

The dancing and celebrations of the Arabs on the roofs of their houses while the Scud missiles of Sadaam Hussein were landing, as they prayed for the “destruction of Tel Aviv”.
After every suicide bombing, spontaneous and mass rejoicing eruptedamongst the Arab population, and the mass mourning that took place amongst the “Palestinian” people when the “engineer”, Yiche Iyash, (may his memory be blotted out) was exterminated. Certainly this tells us where the hearts and hopes of the Arabs lie. Even the Palestinian Authority could not overcome themsevles, as they shot 21 bullets while their great hero was being eulogized.
And so, do not the words of our Sages ring a bell, especially if wealter the style just a bit: “Because they were happy with all the bombs that Arabs planted against Israel?..”

Jewish Ethics: Truth and Normalacy

And so, when a terrorist attack against Jews is viewed as a patrioticact of the first order, there is no room for pity – not even on theso-called innocent ones. Such mercy will certainly lead to cruelty against the merciful, as the Sages warned us. It becomes quite evident that Jewish concepts are not only G-d’s absolute truth and thus should never be questioned, but they are also so brilliantly suited to man’s nature. And so it is no wonder then that these values were set down by the Creator of man Himself – and how it differs from the hypocritical man-made values of those dictated by Christian or western culture.

Who Killed Ronen and Lior

    Who killed Ronen Karamani and Lior Tubul? Indeed if I ended this article with those words, how many would know what I am talking about? And that may be the beginning of the answer of the question…Who killed Ronen and Lior, the two teen-agers murdered with a brutality and cruelty endemic to Arabs and Moslems? Who killed two young Jews – not in the “occupied territories“, but within the capitol of Israel? Who seized two young Jews in the heart of Israel, bound their hands behind their backs, gagged them and then stabbed them tens of times, so that their faces were unrecognizable?

    Who murdered Ronen and Lior and caused yet another Hilul Hashem to pollute the land as more and more Jews were stricken by fear of walking in the land and traveling to it, and the curse of the exile took further hold in the Promised Land?

    But the question is: who else killed them? Who helped the Arabs to murder them? Who is the accomplice without whom the Arabs could never have succeeded in shedding Jewish blood in the heart of Israel?

    The cold, clear, blunt painful truth is that Ronen Karamani and Lior Tubul and hundreds of Jews who have been murdered by Arabs aided by demented Jews who, besotted with Gentilized concepts, immoral morality and perverted Hellenized ethics – protected the murderers and condemned the innocent to their hands. To expel an Arab is moral. To allow him to stay as a potential murderer of a Jew is to be an accomplice to that murder of a fellow Jew. The bitter reality is that Arabs could not murder Jews except for the perverted support of perverted moralists who are members of the Chosen People.

    Every Arab who ever murdered a Jew, was – until one moment before his action – considered to be an “innocent Arab“. Not one of them is innocent. All labor under the presumption that they want to see Israel, and its Jews dead. The difference is that some act upon it and others have not – as yet. Who killed Ronen? If you are one of the Jews who attack Meir Kahane for calling for the expulsion of Arabs, you did.

    The Ramban, in a classic commentary that I have brought down many times in the past, commented on the verse “And you shall consume all the nations that the L-rd your G-d shall give unto you – have no pity on them.

    Have no pity on them. And these are the words of the Ramban: – Have no pity on them, for because of the mercy of fools, all justice is lost.

    “The mercy of fools“, what a magnificent statement of description. And how truly, terribly apt. How many are the fools who cloak themselves in the mantle of morality, in the imperial purple of royal ethics. But they are neither morality nor the ethics of the Almighty. They are the ethics and morality of “fools” and there is nothing more immoral or unethical than that. In the end, the mercy of fools becomes the mercy of accomplices to murder of the innocent, to murder of Jews.

    All of the Arabs of Israel are not worth the life of one Jew. And any Jew – be he philosopher or king or peasant – who does not understand that, understands nothing, nothing, nothing at all about Judaism.

An Israeli Tragedy

She was 18 years old when she died. She was 18 years old when she was murdered. She was 18 years old when she was murdered and her body burned to ashes. She was 18 years old when she was burned by the Arabs she had left her home to live with. But it was not only the Arabs who had murdered her.

She was 18 years old and her name was Ziva Goldovsky and she had been a member of the Mapam youth, the youth of the leftist, Marxist, Hellenist, anti-religious anti-nationalistic movement that symbolizes all the confusion and gentilization that drags the State of Israel into the depths of a tragedy that has already taken the life of an 18 year old, bewildered, confused, and troubled Jewish girl.

She was 18 years old and a member of the leftist youth group from which she went on to be destroyed as a Jew and eventually murdered, again, as a Jew. She was 18 years old, and like all secular Israeli youth, she was empty of Judaism, empty of specific Jewishness, empty of Jewish values and identity, empty of any reason to live in a land of military duty and wars and heavy burdens, and without the slightest reason to bear them. She was 18 and her mind and soul were captured by a secular Left in which she perished, spiritually and mentally as a Jew, before being murdered physically as a Jew.

She was 18 and empty and bewildered and they filled her empty and bewildered mind witht the empty and mad slogans of Jewish-Arab brotherhood and Jewish-Arab love and Jewish-Arab coexistence, and she, unlike the ugly Hellenists who were her youth leaders, took all of it seriously, and literally.

If humanism and equality and universalism were the greatest of all values, then why babble about such reactionary concepts as “Jewish” and “Jewishness?” If brotherhood and love were truly values to be grasped to our bosom, why allow the barriers of religion and nationalism and culture to stand between Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians? She was 18 and believed all the nonsense she had been taught by a tired and disintegrating Mapam structure whose past is a remarkably consistent record of error and

She ws 18 and a victim of a Mapam that had- like some eyeless one in Moscow- followed Joseph Stalin unquestioningly, even after he murdered, in cold blood, Jews- socialists and Communists, even when he had crushed the Zionist movement and outlawed and murdered its own Hashomer HaTzair comrades.
Nothing Stalin could do could move the pitiful secular idol worshippers at the armpit of Communism to rip themselves from their slavish prostration. “The Soviet Union is our second homeland,” was the pitiful cry of those who paved the way for the murder of Ziva Goldovsky. “I will welcome the Red Army to Tel Aviv,” cried their leader, Meir Ya’ari, in 1949. “The sun of the nations has set,” read the headline in the party newspaper, Al Ha’Mishmar, reporting the death of Stalin, who left the world on the verge of mass deportation and genocide of Soviet Jewry.

This was the youth group to which and 18 year old confused and disturbed girl gravitated.

She was 18 and they began to pave the way for her death. Her empty, vapid, troubled mind was filled with hate of the Jewish “extremists” and Jewish “fascists” and “Kahanism” and “religious clericalism.” She was 18 and taught to feel guilty over the “persecution of the poor Palestinians” and the brutal “occupation of their land.” She was programmed to protest the “hard hand” of the Israeli army and the “beating and urder of innocent Palestinians.”

She was 18, and in her emptiness and disturbed soul took it seriously, this member of the Mapam youth,whose kibbutzim refuse to take Arabs as members…

She was 18 and she heard about coexistence and love and living together, and so she decided to coexist with Arabs and love Arabs and live with Arabs. And so, she left her home and sought out poor, ersecuted Arabs to love. And how quickly and readily she found them.

She was 18 and anxious to give of her love and herself to her brothers- the oppressed Palestinians. They took her love and they took her and when they finished with her love and with her, they brutally murdered her and burned her body to a crisp. She was 18 and the Arabs completed the murder of a Jewish girl that began when she fell into the hands of the leftists of Mapam.

She was 18 when she was murdered by Jewish-Arab cooperation and she- as an individual- symbolizes what the Arabs would do to the 40 year old Jewish state if we would allow the sick and blind Left to drag us down with their Hellenism and gentilized concepts.

Let every Jewish parent remember the tragedy of this 18 year old Jewish child and look to their own. Those who love their children- know what the Arabs would do to them! See what the Arabs did to Ziva Goldovsky and know that this is what awaits our own. And look what the Jewish Left did to an 18 year old child, and make an oath never to let it happen to our own. Mapam Youth, Hashomer HaTzair, Ratz Youth, Habonim, Dror. These are the youth groups of the Left that destroy the Jewish soul on their way to
murdering the Jewish body.

Remember the names and let Jewish parents keep their children from them. Let the tortured soul of an 18 year old girl be a warning to all of us not to allow the Left to destroy the precious Jewish spirit of our children. And let the burned and roasted body of an 18 year old Jewish girl be reminder to us, always, of what the Arabs would do to our children and to all of us and how the Left [SHALOM ACHSHAV] brings that terrible day closer. The Arabs murder us, but these are the ones who pave the way.

Is the Temple Mount in Our Hands?

   It was the unforgettable, majestic, glorious day in June, 1967, as Jewish soldiers crashed through the walls of Jerusalem’s old city. Redeeming, reclaiming, liberating the ancient streets and alleyways; racing towards the Wall, scaling it and then – the electrifying words of the Commander, Motta Gur: “The Temple is in our hands! The Temple Mount is in our hands!”

    There was not a Jewish heart that did not pound with a sense of Divine, historic moment. There was not a Jewish spine, so straight and proud after two millenia of being supine, that did not shiver in a sense of awe. There was not a Jew, though the most extreme of scoffers, who, at that moment, did not see G-d!

    “The Temple Mount is in our hands!” Jerusalem of Gold, of holiness, of David; Zion, out of which the L-rd roared and uttered his voice. The Temple Mount, from which the trumpet the Holy One, Blessed Be He, blasted. “When our fee within thy gates, O Jerusalem” – we wept with tears of disbelief. For the Temple Mount was in our hands. . . “As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the L-rd is round about people” – and we knew it to be true. For the Temple Mount in our hands. “Ye that stand in the courts of the House of G-d, praise the L-rd!” And we believed. For the Temple Mount in our hands!

    Let me quote from a letter that appeared in the March 1979, issue of Maariv, Israel’s largest newspaper. It was written by a rabbinical student at Yeshivat Merkaz Harav and is obligatory reading for all those who, for Zion’s sake, will not be silent: “It was the Shabbat, when many Jews come to visit the Old City of Jerusalem. . . . Suddenly, after leaving one of the gates near the Temple Mount, the rioting began. Tens of Arabs, throwing stones and carrying knives and broken bottles, came at us. A storekeeper leaped upon me and I joined the others fleeing, as my hand bled profusely, eyeglasses left behind.

    “How could it happen in the State of Israel today? Arab police are responsible for the safety of the East Jerusalem region. ‘Autonomy’ already exists when Arab police see Arabs throwing stones and nothing is done to arrest them. One who was arrested was a yeshiva student who kept calm and tried to help others. Before my very eyes, the police leaped upon him like wild beasts. This can serve to show us what we can expect in the future under `autonomy’… ”

    Jerusalem. Where in 1967, electric shocks of ecstasy, a national thrill of incredulity, swept the Jewish people throughout the world, as Israeli Jewish troops smashed into the Old City, sweeping terrified Arabs before them as chaff in the wind. Jerusalem, City of David, Jerusalem of the Temple Mount and Western Wall and Holy of Holies and Zion, was, once again, in Jewish hands – all of it, Jewish. By the tens of thousands Jews streamed through the alleyways of the Old City where just a few days before the Arabs had ruled and no Jew dared step. Now, the Arab – awed, shattered – groveled before the Jew whom he saw as being blessed by G-d and His miracles. Fear gripped the Arab in Jerusalem just as pride and confidence and certainty was the Jewish cloak in the wake of the awesome war of Six Days.

    Jerusalem. Where, by 1986, less than 20 years later, Jews fear to go to the Wall by way of the Demascus Gate as Jews are stabbed and shot in the same marketplace and streets where a short time earlier they walked as Jewish giants on the earth. As night falls, only a handful of foolhardy Jews risk walking through what the Israelis allow to be called, still, the Moslem Quarter. No Harlem ever held greater fears for the Jew than parts of his own capital city. Nothing more underlines the obscenity of Jewish fears in their own capital than the picture report that appeared in the Jerusalem weekly, Kal Ha’Ir (August 4, 1984).

    Three pictures; all taken in the Old City of Jerusalem. The first shows a hassidic Jew, surrounded by Arab youngsters, two of whom have snatched his hat from his head. The photo shows a policeman standing calmly by with obviously no intentions of intervening. He is, like the vast majority of police in the Old City, an Arab.

    The second picture shows the Jew, watching helplessly as the Arabs taunt him. The Arab policeman has, by now, disappeared.

    The third shows a large rock being thrown by an Arab youth at the Jew. It hit him in the head. Another day of Jewish pride in Jerusalem, Zion. The tragedy of Jewish glory turned into humiliation and fear by a Jewish policy that defies any normal logic and understanding.

    Jerusalem, where the Jewish students on Mount Zion sign a petition of desperation, detailing not only sexual and criminal assaults on them by Arabs, but the cynical indifference and lack of any law enforcement by the local police – Arabs.

    “We, the undersigned to this petition, are demanding security , for our lives and property. For the past ten years there have been ‘, thousands of incidents such as those outlined in this petition: Stabbings, rapes, attempted rapes, molestings, obscenities through indecent exposure, burglaries, vandalism. . . .” And the police do nothing. And Jerusalem becomes Arab autonomy. The tragedy of a Jewish policy that defies any normal logic and understanding.

    A, Jewish policy? Say, rather a policy of Jews that was conceived in un-Jewishness and born in gentilized fear and timidity, a policy whose apex of humiliation is the desecration of Judaism’s holiest site – The Temple Mount. The very moment of glorious Jewish victory in 1967 was the beginning of a flight to shame.

    It began immediately after the greatest Jewish victory and miracle in 2500 years. The terrified and cowering Arabs of East Jerusalem were approached by the Defense Minister Moshe Dayan. Not enough that the Israeli government of 1967 committed the worst of mistakes by not driving out the Arabs who hated Israel and had tried to wipe her out. Not enough that in their fear of “world opinion,” of what the Vatican and Islam might say, orders were given by the Israeli army to the liberators of the Old City not to use artillery to shell Arab positions lest they damage a single holy Moslem and Christian place (and how many Jewish soldiers died because of that policy!). The fearful and timid leaders of Israel immediately approached the heads of the Moslem community to assure them that the Temple Mount – the holiest of holiest of Jewish places – would remain in their hands. Jews were forbidden to enter there to pray, on their holiest site, a site stolen from them by invading Moslems who desecrated Judaism by building two mosques there. (And can one imagine the reaction of Moslems if Jews, conquering Mecca, built, on the holiest site of Islam – a synagogue?)

    When in 1967, on the Fast of Tisha B’Av, the national day of mourning for the Jews, the anniversary of the destruction of both Temples, Army Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren and 50 Jews went to pray on the Temple Mount. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan ordered the commander of the Central Command to prevent any further action that might incite the Moslems: “Honored Rabbi,” said the general, “if you will go up to the Mount again, I will be compelled to remove you by force.” The following day the Ministerial Committee in charge of the holy places met and unanimously forbade Jewish prayer that had been set for the following Shabbat. That was the beginning of a humiliating Jewish policy that stunned no one more than the Moslems who could not believe the manifestation of Jewish madness they had just seen.

    From that day, the government of Israel, in a remarkable exhibition of masochism, has paved the way for a total change in Moslem attitude. From a frightened, cowering population, they turned into a confident, arrogant, dangerous one. From people who feared the Jewish conqueror, they became throwers of stones, knife stabbers, and grenade and bomb throwers. Most of all, the Temple Mount became once again theirs, this time returned to them by two-legged lemmings of the Mosaic persuasion – and they grow ever more passionately convinced that time is on their side.

    The government, police, courts have all had a hand in the shameful, tragic Jewish descent into humiliation. Already on April 15,1969, responding to an order nisi against Police Minister Shlomo Hillel (who later went on to become Knesset Speaker), the State Attorney explained that Jews should not be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount because “premature prayer” (sic) there would raise grave security and international political problems. The years that followed saw police again and again forceably remove Jews attempting to pray on their holy site. Moslems watched in growing amazement, and growing arrogance and boldness, as the Jew who wished to enter as a tourist with camera and jeans was freely allowed access but the same son of Abraham entering with prayer shawl and prayer book was banned!

    (In the years when American synagogues sold tickets for pews at High Holiday services, a rueful joke told of the Jew rushing up to the door without a ticket and telling the guard that he only wished to tell something to someone inside. Said the guard: “Fine, but if I catch you praying, I’ll throw you out.” The joke is alive and well today on the Temple Mount.)

    Then, in 1976, a lower Jerusalem court, through Judge Ruth Or, ruled that Jews have a right to pray on the Temple Mount, but Police Chief Hillel blithely announced that he would continue to bar Jews. (This contempt for law is apparently endemic with Hillel as, nearly ten years later, in his capacity as Speaker of the Knesset, he announced that he would refuse to table certain bills by Knesset Member Meir Kahane, despite a High Court order to do so.)

    The government hastily appealed the lower court order and on July 1, 1976, the Jerusalem District Court overruled Judge Or in a fascinating display of ghettoism. The court ruled that Jews who ‘ attempted to pray “demonstratively” (sic) on the Temple Mount were guilty of behavior “likely to cause a breach of the peace.” Jews had an unquestionable right to pray on the Temple Mount, but public order, ruled the court, overrules that right of prayer.

    The decision was mindboggling, the product of thinking most Jews assumed had disappeared with the Warsaw Ghetto revolt. To state that Jews had a right to pray on their holiest site and then to declare that this should be prevented because of fear of Arab rioting, was a paean to the shtetl of Minsk, Pinsk or Casablanca. But not even this was enough for the Israeli government, which wished to remove the decision that Jews have a theoretical “right” to pray on the Temple Mount and an appeal was taken to the Supreme Court. Meantime, Interior Minister Dr. Joseph Burg (himself a leader of the National Religious Party) declared that “the law will be kept.” (Translation: Jews will not be allowed to pray on their holiest site.)

    The astonished Arabs saw that the Jews, far from meting out to them the punishment they deserved and that they had given to the Jews when they ruled the Old City, were allowing them to retain all the power and authority that they would use later to demand total autonomy and independence. The Temple Mount served as the most glaring example of the fact that, despite Jewish protestations to the contrary, the land taken in 1967 was not liberated but “conquered.” The Jews had come not as returnees to their own borders, but as an occupation army. One who loses his property and then unexpectedly finds it does not allow it to remain in the possession of another. He leaps upon it joyfully and cries out: “It is mine!”

    The Arabs correctly understood Jewish “concessions” to be the product, not of goodness and grace, but of timidity and fear. And so, from a cowering Arab, the Jews produced a sneering, openly hating, stick bearing, stone throwing, grenade tossing thing – a time bomb waiting to explode.

    The newspapers described some of the events. In 1979, as a number of yeshiva students came up to the gate of the Temple Mount to pray (in front of and not on the Mount itself), they were showered with rocks. Soldiers hid behind cars because they had orders not to shoot, lest The New York Times and Time magazine feature them on their front pages. The head of the Central Command, General Moshe Levi, watched the mob. Levi, a member of the leftist Hashomer Hatzair kibbutz, was later to become Chief of Staff and won undying something-or-other with his statement during a speech in Tel Aviv (May 25, 1986): “To say that the Arabs are the enemy is simplistic and dangerous. For me the Arabs are not the enemy.” When the Jew excels, he outdoes all others-especially in madness.

    I return to the newspaper account of the Arab riot in 1979:
“‘Only in this state could such a picture emerge,”’ a police officer said angrily, yesterday, at the sight of the commander of the Central Command, Moshe Levi, and the head of the police central region, who entered the Temple Mount to meet face-to-face with angry Arab youths.
“The general walked over and asked them why they were holding sticks in their hands[!]. But during the entire conversation not one of them backed down and not one dropped his stick. ‘This is the real autonomy,’ muttered the same officer.”

    Meanwhile, in 1980, the Knesset passed a new Jerusalem Law which declared in paragraph (3):

    “The holy places shall be protected from any desecration or attack on anything likely to damage the rights of all members of religions to access to the hply places or their feelings concerning them.”

    This paragraph which clearly – to all but those who would refuse to see – outlined the absolute right of Jews to access to their holy places, now seemed to guarantee that the High Supreme Court of Israel would order the government to allow Jews, on their holiest site, the same right of prayer that they allowed Moslems who had stolen the site. But no, the ghetto-shtetl syndrome remained part of the Israeli genetic code, proving once again that it is far easier to remove the Jew from the Exile than the Exile from within the Jew. On October 30, 1981, the High Court of Israel ruled on the issue. The following is the UPI wire service report:

    “Jerusalem (UPI)–The Supreme Court today upheld the right of Israeli police to keep Jewish worshippers from praying on the Temple Mount because it creates a threat to public order, Israel radio said.”

    A threat to public order. The Arabs might riot. Ah, if Meir Kahane were Prime Minister and the Arabs knew that the police had orders and full backing to use as much force as they desired to keep “public order” -is there one normal person who believes that there would be an Arab threat to public order?

    Since then, the Arabs have systematically destroyed every vestige of Jewish presence on the Temple Mount, destroying valuable archeological evidence. A memorial to the Arabs killed at Sabra and Shatila is even placed on the Jewish holy site. The Temple Mount is on our hands!…

    The lemmingism of the Israeli government is incredible! Who can count the ways? In February, 1985, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Sa’ad a-din Alamei, told the French news Agency:
“Any Moslem who will give up one inch of Palestinian land will lose without benefit of appeal, every attachment to Islam.”

    The Mufti, by declaring a ban on any Moslem who sold land or houses to Jews, was clearly guilty of sedition against the Jewish state. On February 26, 1985, I wrote to the Chief of Police asking that criminal proceedings be opened against the Mufti and personally filed a criminal charge with the police commander of Jerusalem’s Old City. In my complaint I noted that if a Jew were to hand out flyers called on Jews not to buy from the Arabs of the Old City because they were enemies of Israel and pro-PLO, he would be arrested for sedition (indeed, a few months later, that is precisely what happened). On March 13, 1985, the office of the Chief of Police sent me the following reply:

    “Your complaint has been investigated and it is clear that the material of the investigation does not indicate a criminal offense. Because of this, the police will not investigate the complaint.”

    The successor to the other Mufti who in the twenties and thirties led pogroms against the Jews of the Holy Land and who in 1942 met with Hitler to discuss the “final solution” for the Jews there, should have been given a Nobel Prize for extraordinary ability to keep from bursting into hysterical laughter. And, indeed, the Moslem religious leader has good reason to believe that Jews are mentally limited.

    When the PLO conference was held in Amman, Jordan, in November 1984, one of the telegrams sent to Arafat was from the Jerusalem Mufti. It read: “From Al-Aksa mosque (on the Temple Mount) we emphasize our support of your Council and renew our oath of loyalty to the man of struggle Yasir Arafat. . . . Continue forward on your path, we are with you.”

    When the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel in January, 1986, called for a synagogue in the southeast part of the Temple Mount, Mufti Alamei declared: “Over the bodies of a million Moslems.”

    The Israeli reaction? Timid and fearful silence, lest the Arabs, Moslems and world react. And so, a mentally unbalanced Jew, Alan Goodman, shoots and kills two Arabs on the Temple Mount declaring that he wishes to liberate the spot and “become king of the Jews.” Some thirteen years earlier, a Christian, Dennis Michael Rohan, set fire to the Al Aksa mosque. The Israeli court declared the Christian not criminally liable by reason of insanity. Yet Goodman, clearly unbalanced, received a life sentence plus two terms of 20 years. Once upon a time, in the Exile, the Jews would decide every major step by the proposition: What will the gentiles say? Then they created Israel, where Jews would be sovereign and free. . . . Laugh not, but rather weep for generations.

    Jerusalem. Where the Palestinian autonomy and eventual state is being built. Jerusalem, which mirrors so much of the other desecration that fills the land. The Temple Mount is not in our hands. East Jerusalem is not in our hands. Judea and Samaria and Gaza and the Golan are not in our hands. The Biblical Eretz Yisrael which we liberated through G-d’s decree in 1967, is not in our hands.

    “On Mount Zion which is desolate, there the foxes walk. . . (Lamentations 5).

    The Temple Mount is in their hands, the foxes, the cunning Arab foxes. And the words of Motta Gur ring hollowly – and it is we who are to blame. We, who took a miracle and disdained it. We, who took holiness and profaned it. We, who were given a Zion, a Jerusalem, a Temple Mount – and gave it over to the jackal-foxes.

    What we see today is a mini-renewal of Arab rioting, murder and pogrom of the twenties and thirties. Then, the Arab mobs surged into the streets shouting, “Addowlah ma’anah” (“The government is with us!”). They meant the British Mandatory occupation government. Today, the Arabs know that the Jewish “occupation” government, because of its fear of world opinion, has given strict orders to soldiers not to shoot. In that sense it has opened the door to Arab boldness and contempt and attacks on Jews. In that sense the Jewish government of occupation is also “with” them. The Arabs have smashed the dam of fear and it will spill over. If Jews are attacked on their way to the Wall, and if a Jew is seriously hurt, or, G-d forbid, murdered, and if the residents of the Jewish Quarter are in increasing danger-know that it is the Jews who are to blame.

    He who controls the Temple Mount will control Jerusalem. And he who controls Jerusalem will control the Holy Land. And the desecration of the Land and of G-d is inconceivable. One shakes his head in utter incomprehensibility when reading the words uttered by Menachem Begin in 1977:
“If I become the Prime Minister, I will open the Temple Mount to Jews. I will not fear the reactions of the Christians and Moslems. ”

    Begin became the Prime Minister. The Temple Mount is still in Arab hands.

The Stranger In Thy Midst

    “And it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the L-rd, thy G-d, to observe to do all His commandments and His statutes which I command thee this day, that all the curses shall come upon thee and overtake thee … The stranger in thy midst shall mount up above thee higher and higher and thou shalt come down lower and lower … he shall be the head and thou shalt be the tail” (Deuteronomy 28)

    The future is now. With a vengeance. And the Divinely inevitable, the historically immutable, unfolds as some unstoppable Jewish tragedy. The winter is here and the sound of “Itbach-al-Yahud” is again heard in the Land. “Slaughter the Jew!” Thousands of young Arabs, educated to the limitations placed on Israeli soldiers, confront them with stones and curses and taunts and pledges of slaughter. Women face the soldiers and dare them to put them down. The winter of discontent, the promise of a spring of escalating violence and a summer of raging fury.

    The Arab uprising in Eretz Israel compels even that most stiff-necked of people, sublimely obstinate in their unwillingness to see what is so stark and obvious and THERE, to open their eyes and shudder. The stranger in the midst of Israel, the stranger who was so insanely ALLOWED to remain in the midst of Israel, has (once again) mounted up and risen and becomes the head even as the Jew falls, comes down lower and lower, and becomes the tail. It says everything, the reactions of the tiny people who run the State of Israel. As suicide bombers terrorize our streets and kill our people; as days of violent clashes between Arabs and Israeli soldiers drag on; as stones and fire bombs are mixed with curses and taunts of Israeli soldiers by Arab youth and women who are so clearly not frightened, our leaders can do no more than request, AGAIN, that the PLO “do more” to “curb” terror

    The beginning of Jewish wisdom, in this case, is to finally, in the name of G-d, admit to the truth even though that involves the painful admission of basic error, of a fundamental bankruptcy of ideology, of a lifetime of mistake. What has taken place in Eretz Israel and what will continue to take place but in more terrible ways, are not “disturbances” or “riots.” There is WAR today in Eretz Israel, there is an uprising of the Arab stranger against the Jew in the Holy Land. The blind Jews of both Israel and the Exile, in their utterly mad refusal to want to admit the truth – due to their liberal, gentilized illusions and delusions – allowed the cancer to fester and grow both bigger and bolder, until today it shakes the very core of a State of Israel that stands confused and perplexed, with none but gentilized dwarfs to guide it

    We see the infamous “intifada,” as the strangers in our midst exploded in hate and attacked Jews, their cars, their institutions, the police, soldiers. It was a war in the full sense of the word, and it continues. Indeed, the danger to Israel represented by this stranger in our midst, the Arab, is so clearly obvious and so obviously inevitable that one would weep for the pathetic leaders of Israel and the Exile if one did not understand that THEY are the problem. And the Arab rebellion, the war of the stranger in our midst, is in full swing and, in fact, was always inevitable for the awesomely simple reason that he is the stranger in a land that he considers to be his. IN ITS ENTIRETY. That is the problem and there is no solution save for removing the strangers from our midst. Those who oppose this normal, sane, logical response guarantee the wholesale slaughter of both Jews and Arabs, and the transformation of the State of Israel into a daily and nightly hell, a Rwanda in the Middle East, a repetition of all the places in the world where people had neither the courage nor the wisdom to understand that most fundamental law of political physics: Two nations, each claiming ownership, can never occupy the same space at the same time.

    Remove the Arab stranger from the Land and let him live with his brothers and sisters in any of their 22 states. Anything short of that will see the horrors of today excalate a hundred-fold tomorrow. And, once and for all, let us not fear the world. Those who stood by during the Holocaust and when Israel faced destruction in 1948 and 1967 have nothing to tell us. Faith in the G-d of Israel and a powerful Jewish army are the ONLY guarantors of Jewish survival. Let us not fear the world. Far better a strong Jewish State that survives and is despised by the world than a continuance of the horrors that have really only just begun.

Rabbi Kahane speaking at a Shul

Rabbi Kahane addressing a Jewish audience about Jewish assimilation, leftist fits of rage, and Arab terrorism

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