Ban the Media

In the western world, the mass media possesses awesome power andinfluence. It is they who determine the national agenda, and at times, even the international agenda. War can even break out due to a subject which the media decided was important enough to put on the top of it’sagenda.

Now what happens in a situation like Israel’s, when the media, with all it’s influence, is so bias in issues so critical, to the extent that it is termed by a huge percentage of the people as the “hostile media”? What happens when the media incites against anything Jewish or nationalist; breaks the morale of the nation; instills foreign and dangerous values into Israeli society? Certainly, this is a most dangerous situation!

And behold, in such a situation, a nationalist person working in the public sphere is at the mercy of this very media. He is dependent on it, in need of it’s exposure. In such a situation, he must “update” and “adjust” his views, adopting large chunks of the media’s mind set, for the media already decided that he who does not do so is on the “outside”, or “banned”. And thus we witness the watered down stances of the nationalist campleaders, who constantly feel on the defensive.

Our teacher, Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY”D, was quite unique in this sense, never allowing the media to dictate to him the tone, and even fought back against them. As expected, they banned him and did not cover his activities.

In order to deal with this problem, there has been an attempt over the last decade to establish alternate media channels. But to a certain extent, this is running away from the problem. Because IT IS NOT ENOUGH. It is true, that “Do good” (“Ase Tov”) is important, but without the second part of the verse, “Remove Evil” (“Sur Me Rah”), it just won’t work. Those faithful to Torah and Am Yisroel must, in a consolidated effort, cut off this dependency on the media! If not, the media will continue to determine the agenda, and everyone will continue dancing to the tune of their fiddle.

The command of the hour is an all out fight against the media! He who does not want to see the victory of the secular ideological left, and the elimination of the religious “status-quo”, has got to understand this. A blacking out of the hostile media by the “settlers” and “nationalist” camp will get a message through to the people that we don’t accept their dictums.

For sure, there is a problem in all this. Who will be willing to engage in face to face war against the media, when he is at their mercy on a daily basis?

But if all the good people would get together and initiate a blackout against the media, then this, and only this, would bring honor to the alternative channels. Only in such a way will they succeed in determining the national agenda, and not just play second fiddle (at best).

This is a difficult challenge, but it is for the good of Am Yisrael. Thisis REAL LOVE OF JEWS! Let us be strong and courageous.

The Right of the Public to Know

The media’s general lack of coverage of the trial of “Zu Artzeinu” which had been going on for the last two years and concluded with the conviction of Shmuell Sackett and Moshe Feiglin to public service, is astonishing. After all, “Zu Artzeinu” received wide coverage for blocking the roads, etc., something the media could not possibly ignore. And now, when they are brought to trial for these very actions, how could they be totally ignored?

For the sake of comparison, let us assume that the trial was for the leaders of “There is a Limit” (Yesh Gvul) for their actions against the war in Lebanon. Without a doubt, the media would not miss a hearing, and it would receive massive coverage (and of course they would not stop attacking the lack of freedom of expression which the very essence of the trial expresses, but that is another story). Certainly the sentencing would dominate the headlines, and the accused would be lauded as heroes (at least similar to the fashion that Feiglin and Sackett were portrayed in Arutz 7)

In my opinion, we can no longer suffice with answers that it is a “hostile media” (which is true in its own right), but rather we should also realize the answer lies in the fact that it is a “detached media”. The media is madeup of a specific type of person, who lives a certain lifestyle and is partof a certain culture. They simply do not live or feel the trial of “Zu Artzeinu”, precisely in the way they do not understand the “language” of the settlers or religious Jews as a whole. The activities of the Egyptian ambassador Muhmad Basyoni, for example, appear as a regular item in their daily gossip column, because those are the circles that they hang out in.

In other words, two different nations have sprouted, with the media people, judiciary types, and the rest of the “elite” at the helm of one group, while on the other side is that part of the Jewish People who still feel connected in their gut to Judaism – the religious, the traditional, and the nationalist Jews. The media folk live in the political, jet-set, Bohemian world, and report the news accordingly. But the “other side of the nation” they simply are not familiar with, and their news coverage reflects it.

Blood Suckers

Don’t blame the journalists. What do you want from them? Don’t youunderstand that the very essence of their profession forces them to dealwith unpleasant matters? Don’t get down on them. Don’t you see that theyhave to look for juicy gossip and blood curdling stories. After all, whowould buy their product if they didn’t? They must fabricate facts andenhance their stories. If not, how could they make a living? Don’t blame thecameramen, who desecrate the holy with their flashbulbs and turn any seriousmatter into a sensationalist spectacle. If it wasn’t for them, how would beable to view all those abominable pictures and humiliating poses? Don’tblame them. Don’t you see, they have to put food on the table…

It was nothing out of the ordinary when a whole gang stood over dying peoplein that tunnel in France, and engaged in their “work”. First aid? Not forthem! “Journalism is holy work”. There was nothing strange about it. It’snormal. They are not ashamed of it either. When the Arabs wanted to lynch aJew in the center of Ramallah, many photographers gathered around and diligentlyfilmed it. The work paid off. It’s not every day one can supply his employerwith close-up footage of a man begging for his life while his skull is smashedand one eye is out of it’s socket. This is what is called in the profession,a “good picture.” But don’t blame them. It’s their job. Garbage men are notashamed of the work they do.

In France they want to put the photographers on trial. But in the State ofIsrael, you would never have such a thing. “Freedom of the media” standsabove all! The judiciary will not limit the freedom of the media. After all,the two are in cahoots – one hand washes the other.

So don’t get too upset with them. They’re just doing their job – spilling our blood.

Media and Micronesia

While 170 countries voted to condemn Israel for their building on Har Homa, two stood against them: the United States and … Micronesia. The Israeli media got strange kicks out of all this, treating this country Mikronesia with utter mockery. After all, one is able to understand the United States. They must be “evenhanded”, retaining their status as a “fair mediator” in order to maintain their influence over Israel. But what about this Micronesia, who no one ever even heard of. Why does it dare vote for us? Are they ultra-nationalists, fascists, fundamentalists, cannibals and imperialist types? Perhaps Israel, out of it’s special sensitivity for human rights, should impose economic embargos on Micronesia for supporting such a fascist state?..

These words indeed are expressed in a sarcastic tone. But it is really true that the media in Israel is not capable of understanding how there could exist a country in the world that supports Israel! It is clear to them that if THEY had stood in the place of Micronesia, they would have joined the world condemnations against Israel. And this is the entire tragedy in a nutshell.

Let us at this juncture again mention Tatiana Susskina, a young Russian immigrant who is accused by the authorities as an “enemy of the state”, and has been sentenced to jail without bail and without a trial. Tatiana came to Israel as a proud Jew, but found out that here, Mohammed is considered holier than the G-d of Israel. She found out that he who throws a lone stone at an Arab car is more dangerous than those who throw thousands of molatov cocktails on the Jews of Hebron. She found out that the Mufti who incites to kill Jews daily (and is even invited to the chief Rabbinate so we could beg for forgiveness), is given freedom of expression, while Jews are forbidden to express their opinion on Mohammed.

In a place where there are no people with courage, we will be those who will not sit quietly against this terrible injustice!!

Freedom of Speech

We called the new religious radio station, “Kol Chai”, which was set up to soothe the religious Jews demands for equal time in mass media, and told them that we want to advertise on their station for the “Haggadah of the Jewish Idea”. Upon hearing the name of the Haggadah, and that it has Binyamin Kahane’s commentary, they said that they must check with the”Rishut HaShniya” if they can advertise it. That is to say, this new radiostation, which is supposed to be independent, is actually subservient to the same Israeli broadcasting network. They called us back and said that they want to see a small sample of the Haggadah. We had to decide what to fax them. Hmm. The first page should be safe enough – it has “Kiddush”, etc.But there was a problem. In the Kiddush, when it says “And You chose us fromall the nations”, there was a bit of a “racist” comment which we brought from Rav Kook. No good. Let’s try the next page. Much better. Real parve.”Ha Lachma…” Nothing too inflammatory. So we faxed them…

His Majesty Arrived

And most importantly – after unprecedented world condemnation and attacks in the U.N., they love us again. After all, the gentiles always love the Jews when they are in the form of corpses. And the Jews, as well, always loved the image of being beat up and made to feel sorry for, for it serves their purpose of being loved by the gentile, at least temporarily. All of this, of course, coming into direct conflict with what my father always said, “I would rather have a strong Israel that is hated by the whole world than an Aushwitz that is loved by it”.

King Hussein’s condolence visit certainly had this country excited. Indeed, it was an unusual move by his majesty. And what fools we are, for only aweek before he had defamed and degraded the Prime Minister of Israel. And a few days afterwards, when one of his soldiers murders seven Jewish girls, we grovel at his feet for the great favor he has shown us in granting us a visit.

One who listened to the Israeli media and politicians could even sense an aura of satisfaction in the air after the slaughter. After all, a lot of political benefits came out of it. First of all, the slaughter took the sting off Arafat’s international conference in Gaza. Secondly, it put Hussein in an embarrassing situation where he was forced to forget about his nasty and humiliating letter to Netanyahu, and then make an unprecedented visit to Jerusalem. And most importantly – after unprecedented world condemnation and attacks in the U.N., they love us again. After all, the gentiles always love the Jews when they are in the form of corpses. And the Jews, as well, always loved the image of being beat up and made to feel sorry for, for it serves their purpose of being loved by the gentile, at least temporarily. All of this, of course, coming into direct conflict with what my father always said, “I would rather have a strong Israel that is hated by the whole world than an Aushwitz that is loved by it”.

They said that it was a crazy Jordanian soldier who did it. And it is so easy to sell the Israeli public such goods, especially when the mass media works overtime to do some massive brainwashing. Over and over again, the media reported that immediately after the soldier began shooting, his friends ran over to restrain him. Hmm. When we were forced to hear the testimony of witnesses at the scene, they said the exact opposite – that not only didn’t the soldiers do anything in preventing their friend from emptying two magazines on the girls, but they also pushed one of the teachers who wanted to do something. For forty minutes, the Jordanians prevented our forces from entering the area and offer first aid, and they did not allow the wounded to board the bus to arrive quickly at the hospital. Rather, they snatched them and took them to Jordan, under the pretense that wanted to take care of them. Suddenly they turned into merciful nurses. In a normal situation and country, these are the facts which would have caught the major headlines in the newspapers. Instead, they were pushed deep into the corner, reported about in dry, sterile fashion, so that the public would not get too angry.

But if one listens to the man on the street, one might take solace that not everyone has been swept away in this flood of lies. There is a hard nucleus of normal people out there, immuned to the massive doses of brainwashing. And when the house of falsehood that these wicked leaders have built starts to collapse, there will be those who will establish the state that we hoped for. Without cow-towing to the goy, but rather a proud Jewish policy built upon faith in the G-d of Israel.

Bar On Affair

At first glance, this affair is totally baffling. Most puzzling of all is the question: What is so special about this particular episode, that it has rocked the entire country and almost brought down the government? Is it not par for the course for politicians to make shady deals and “agreements” amongst themselves. Surely, the examples are many, as has been pointed out in the last few months by those who oppose the investigation. The obvious answer is that the left locked onto the episode in order to bring the government down. But this answer, while it has some truth to it, does not answer the question why they latched onto this PARTICULAR episode, and not another. For sure they could have found a more interesting episode than this one to make a scandal out of. Despite all the media hype and buildup, the affair remains rather boring and lackluster. The answer to this question is critical, and that is why we choose to address this matter, which at first glance is simply one corrupt mafia versus another less corrupt mafia.

The answer is: The Hellenists understand that they cannot rely on getting a majority of the Israeli vote in the elections in order to take control of the country. Therefore, over the past few years, they have fortified their position in the judiciary – the Supreme Court, the Attorney General, etc. With this power, they are able to overturn any decision which they don’t like, by claiming it is “illegal”, or undemocratic, which is a synonym for their hellenist aspirations. Siding with them and at their immediate disposal is the leftist mass media, which gives them complete backing. And so, these two power bases in cahoots, have control of the country. The attempt to make Bar On Attorney General was in essence an attempt by Netanyahu to show who is “boss”. And indeed, Netanyahu is far from being a formidable opponent to battle the Hellenists. On the contrary, he and his friends, the most prominent being Zachy HaNegbi, tried to penetrate the judiciary and find favor in their eyes. But he was rejected, so he thought he can use the position of Attorney General to diminish the totalitarian control of the left. And then the explosion occurred. The entire left mobilized, and so did the court system, including the President, Aharon Barak, for a full scale war.

And so it must he understood: The goal is not to bring down the government. They don’t need it. Only the die-hard politicians were hoping for that. But the major rulers of the country wanted only to bring home a message. Know your place! Know who rules here, and don’t ever dare try to touch our sacred justice system again! This is the “parush” of this entire episode. Netanyahu understands this well. Netanyahu, more than ever, is a crippled politician. He knows he has no real authority, and he won’t ever try again to flex his muscles against them.

Though it is tempting to side with Netanyahu after the hypocritical attacks that are launched against him, one must not join demonstrations of support for him, as many settlement leaders are doing. It must not be forgotten that “Zu Nivayla, and Zu Traifa”. If Netanyahu would learn the lesson of this episode, and courageously engage in a showdown against this clique of the media and judiciary as any wise leader would do, there may be a reason to support him. But as we stated earlier, he learned the opposite lesson. He has concluded that in order to keep a decent image, he has no choice other than to go with them – to go with Aharon Barak, with Edna Arbel and Rubenstein, and even with the media, which is stronger than he is. And so, not only does he continue the same policy of concessions (giving away Hebron etc.) which he engaged in before the episode, but he goes further, as seen in his support for the evacuation of the house in Yizhar. For there are only two choices. Either an all out war against the media and judiciary, or absolute subservience to them. There is no other way. And he chooses the second way, because he is a coward!

The Traitor is Betrayed

The wild chaos racking this coalition is something we have not yet seen. One can only stand in amazement and say: Have people gone mad?

Even the attacks by the media are attaining brand new heights by the day. They do not stop for even a solitary moment from pounding Netanyahu – with”objectivity” of course.

Strangely enough, it is easy for one’s heart to go out to Netanyahu. During days like this, one may easily tend to stand by the side of the man who betrayed his ideology and his voters, and that is only because the left and the media abuse him in unprecedented fashion.

But logic asks: Why should one stand by his side? Because of sentiment? How can we stand by the side of someone who so crudely gave our land away to ourenemies, clinging to policy (“he was forced into”) which guarantee tragedy for our people, G-d forbid.

Apparently, we are witnesses to a measure for measure punishment by the Almighty. Netanyahu and HaNegbi thought they can buy the hearts of the left and the media by total betrayal and adoption of the leftist platform – but they found themselves, much to their amazement, under relentless attack by them, with everyday a new “expose”. This has caused a situation where they find themselves betrayed in all directions by those inside the coalition itself. The traitor is betrayed. And they can’t blame anyone other than themselves.

If only the confusion would prepare our hearts to understand that there is no other alternative except for the Jewish way, as was presented explicitly and unapoligetically by Rav Kahane, H’YD. Only this can save the Jewish nation from the black clouds which appear on the horizon, which only a blindman cannot see.

Yigal Amir

As the trial of Yigal Amir grinds on, one can observe the obsessive hate and hysteria of the Israeli media. Unable to even feign the slightest bit of responsible objective journalism, the Israeli newspaper reporters cannot hold themselves back from viciously cursing and abusing Amir. Words like “scum” and “vermin” are some of the more commonly used terms used to describe him.

Such lanugage is usually not used when dealing with political assassins. In a normal society, words like “scum” are generally reserved for rapists or child beaters, and not for political criminals. If this uncontrolled hate was caused by an overwhelming love and sense of loss for Yitzchak Rabin, then perhaps their attacks on Amir would be understandable. But we must understand that there is something much deeper going on here.

Yigal Amir in their eyes is a symbol of all religious Jews. He is educated, and idealistic, and represents to them the Judaism that they so despise. Since it would be difficult still to defame all the religious Jews and rabbis without compunction, they find Yigal Amir an easy target for them to unleash their venom in their filthy tabloids.

Unfortunately, many religous Jews don’t grasp this. Instead, they try to find favor in the eyes of the left by coming up with even “jucier” adjectives to describe Amir. In their pathetic hope not to be viewed as”extremists” and to create “unity”, they attempt to outdo the left in their condemnations. Alas, it is a pity that none of this will help. Because the hellenist left in Israel looks upon these Jews as “scum” as well. For them, anyone who feels that the “halacha” is the ultimate authority, and places it over their hallowed democracy is a criminal.

Therefore, let us not try and gloss over the fact that we are in the heat of a cultural war with the Hellensits, and the gap between them and us is unbridgable.

An Interview From Ma’asiyahu Prison

Question: Why did they put you in jail?
Answer: There are two different charges here. One is the planning and carrying out of a “pogrom” (!) in an Arab village. The other, which is much more serious, is sedition.

Question: What does that mean, “sedition”?
Answer: Without getting into the details of the case, it must be known that the leadership in Israel fears us not because of one action or another, but rather because of the words which we speak. They are well aware of how the hearts of the people are receptive to our message, which only we say. But since they are not capable of dealing with us on an intellectual basis, they have tried over the years to silence us in every way possible. Now they have tried to use a piece of legislation from the old British rule which is called “sedition”, which in essence gives freedom of action against anyone they don’t like. This is how I “merited” to be the first Jew in the history of Israel who has been convicted of this charge.

Question: I understand that your father, HY”D, was also charged with sedition.
Answer: And it never even got to court. That was in the 70’s, and the government knew that continuing on such a course could boomerang against them.

Question: But against you they didn’t change their minds?
Answer: On the contrary! Despite the fact that I was acquitted at the beginning, the state insisted on appealing the decision, and they finally got the conviction they wanted. The thing is this: There is no doubt that in recent years, (way before the left rose), the trend has been to silence those belonging to what they term the “extreme right”. The political establishment reached the conclusion that the real threat does not come from the Arabs, but rather from the Jews who cling to Jewish and Zionist ideology.

Question: What do you think one must do in such a situation?
Answer: To continue to circulate the Jewish idea non-stop. I believe this is our most urgent mission. The weapon of words, no one can take from us! This is what the government fears.

Question: Is it worth the price?
Answer: That can’t even be a question. Saying the truth is a very part of us. And if the price is prison, then so be it!

Question: Doesn’t the changing of governments have any influence in this area?
Answer: You have to understand that there is a Hellenist control over the two major functionaries in this country – the judiciary and the media. And they have a clear goal: Hellenism! Only a strong and decisive government who has a clear and definite direction can change this. The present governmentis just like the last Likud government – it is weak and confused, and so it is irrelevant. The real government today in Israel is the leftist and dictatorial judiciary with its media backing, which is leading the Hellenist war against Jews and Judaism.

Question: Do you have any more trials?
Answer: Yes. The truth is that the real trial will take place very soon – onRosh Hashana. I want to tell you that exactly a year ago, four days before Rosh Hashana, they were supposed to sentence us. I prepared a little”speech”. I wanted to say to the judge that in four more days we will allstand before a real High Court, and I hope THAT THERE, we, the ones “on trial”, will be able to give an answer to the question regarding what did we do to prevent the situation where Jews are blown up on buses in their owncountry. In short, I said one sentence, and the judge cut me off saying, “I won’t let you turn the court into a media stage”, despite the fact that at the time there was not one journalist in the entire room..but the judge simply was not capable of hearing such words.

Question: How is life and how are the conditions in prison?
Answer: Look, prison can be a beneficial period in a man’s life if he takes advantage of it. In essence, you are given what you need, and you can’t leave the place. In short, the conditions are ideal for learning, for thinking, for introspection, and for strengthening oneself for the future. For one who can take advantage of the time and not waste it, jail can be a prize instead of a punishment. Not that it isn’t difficult. But who said it was easy to be a Jew?

Question: How long will this harassment keep up?
Answer: Let me tell you a personal thought that came into my head when I entered the prison. I remembered that exactly 17 years ago, my father, HY”D entered prison Ma’asiyahu, where I am now. The memory remains clear, because exactly then I was celebrating my Bar-Mitzvah, and the army commander in Judea and Samaria then was “Fuad” Ben Eliezer, who had the authority at the time to make all kinds of decisions. He gave my father a real hard time about letting him out for my Bar Mitzvah. At the time, “Fuad”proposed to my father that he would cancel his prison sentence on the condition that he would stop making “problems”. Obviously, my father rejected this “proposal”. What I want to say is that one can get depressed when after so many years nothing seems to change. But the truth is that at least from the point of view of the idea that has been penetrated amongst the Israeli public, a great deal has changed. We are getting very close to finally deciding in the struggle between Judaism and Hellenism. We are much closer than we think.

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