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Shabbat and Bar Ilan Street

The Chinuch continues: “We must enforce our religion through fear of the masses of our police and army; and by getting them used to going on the proper path out offear, they will learn to make it part of their nature to do what is righteous…” Continue reading

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Bar On Affair

At first glance, this affair is totally baffling. Most puzzling of all is the question: What is so special about this particular episode, that it has rocked the entire country and almost brought down the government? Is it not par … Continue reading

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An Interview From Ma’asiyahu Prison

Question: Why did they put you in jail? Answer: There are two different charges here. One is the planning and carrying out of a “pogrom” (!) in an Arab village. The other, which is much more serious, is sedition. Question: … Continue reading

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Judges or Shills?

Question: In light of the strong opposition to the authority of the Supreme Court in Israel, the religious parties are demanding as a solution to increase the number of religious judges in the system. Does this offer some sort of … Continue reading

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The Cultural War (from Baruch HaGever)

“…And so we see that the battle front of the cultural war is in the court-room. The latest decisions by the Supreme Court, forcing the Chief Rabbinate to act contrary to “halacha” in various areas such as kosher food and … Continue reading

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