Shabbat and Bar Ilan Street

The Chinuch continues: “We must enforce our religion through fear of the masses of our police and army; and by getting them used to going on the proper path out offear, they will learn to make it part of their nature to do what is righteous…”

After several months, the Israeli Supreme Court decided that Bar Ilan Street will remain open to traffic on Shabbat. I want to take this opportunity to explain how a true Jewish leadership should deal with theissue of Shabbat observance in the public and private sectors, in the present situation we are in today where so many Jews in the Jewish State do not observe Shabbat.

Without a doubt, Shabbat is one of the essential mitzvot that can offer Jewish character to the Jewish State. Not for nothing has Shabbat been the focal point of the struggle all these years between religious Jews and the haters of Judaism. This is because the observance or desecration of Shabbatis something clear-cut that cannot be blurred over. For this reason, thereis no doubt that a true Jewish leadership which would uproot all theanti-Jewish power bases in the media and court system, would also see it asan obligation to give the State of Israel Jewish character by way of Shabbatobservance in the public sphere. To be specific, concerning the seriousproblem of transportation on the Shabbat, there is no doubt that not onlywould the streets in the religious neighborhoods be closed, but it would beforbidden to travel on Shabbat in the entire country, excluding instances of”pekuach nefesh”. Judaism does not belong to one particular sector of thepopulation, and religious Jews should not be worrying only about theirpersonal “Oneg Shabbat” or the spiritual well-being of their children only.G-d forbid! We Jews are all guarantors for one another. Such blatant and massive “Hillul Shabbat” in the Jewish State is a “Hillul Hashem”!

All this is concerning the public sector. Concerning the private sector and what happens inside a person’s home, there is no power at this stage for a Jewish government to get involved. In truth, according to the halacha, there is a responsibility on the Jewish government to punish the transgressor,even if his sin is between him and himself. This is certainly one of the major functions of a Jewish government. The Sefer Chinuch explains the mitzvah “Judges and policemen shall be in all your gates”: “One must appoint judges and police to force him to do mitzvot and Torah, and to return the strays back on the path of truth against their will, and they will comman dthem to do the proper things, and prevent detestable things…” The Chinuch continues: “We must enforce our religion through fear of the masses of our police and army; and by getting them used to going on the proper path out offear, they will learn to make it part of their nature to do what is righteous…”

My father and teacher who thought long and hard on this subject and tried to take hold of the reigns of leadership of this country (a process he started and which we, with G-d’s help, will complete), knew that it was an absoluteobligation to give Jewish character to the public sphere of the country. He knew that a solution had to be given to a public that is at it’s lowest spiritual level, and sees Shabbat as a day for having fun and desecration. This is why he put in his platform a five day work week, where there would be Sunday off as well. This would give the public a chance to “party” on Sunday, but would also give it a true day of rest on Shabbat, and in such a fashion, the people would learn what Shabbat is all about and would be brought closer to Judaism by revealing the true aura of Shabbat.

Friends, it is forbidden to be afraid of the haters of Judaism. For sure, such a program will have them jumping out of their skin. Bur they are such asmall minority. And so I return to the Supreme Court decision on Bar Ilan Street. We have a cultural war going on here. With a government which is supposed to be more nationalistic and Jewish, but is really weak, helpless and hopeless, the hellenists mustered up the courage and gall to raise above all the banner of democracy and hellenism, thus deciding that they are wiser than the public at large, which identifies with Jewish values. Afterwards, they speak of religious coercion, when the truth is that they impose hellenist coercion on the Nation of G-d. We must not remain quiet.

Bar On Affair

At first glance, this affair is totally baffling. Most puzzling of all is the question: What is so special about this particular episode, that it has rocked the entire country and almost brought down the government? Is it not par for the course for politicians to make shady deals and “agreements” amongst themselves. Surely, the examples are many, as has been pointed out in the last few months by those who oppose the investigation. The obvious answer is that the left locked onto the episode in order to bring the government down. But this answer, while it has some truth to it, does not answer the question why they latched onto this PARTICULAR episode, and not another. For sure they could have found a more interesting episode than this one to make a scandal out of. Despite all the media hype and buildup, the affair remains rather boring and lackluster. The answer to this question is critical, and that is why we choose to address this matter, which at first glance is simply one corrupt mafia versus another less corrupt mafia.

The answer is: The Hellenists understand that they cannot rely on getting a majority of the Israeli vote in the elections in order to take control of the country. Therefore, over the past few years, they have fortified their position in the judiciary – the Supreme Court, the Attorney General, etc. With this power, they are able to overturn any decision which they don’t like, by claiming it is “illegal”, or undemocratic, which is a synonym for their hellenist aspirations. Siding with them and at their immediate disposal is the leftist mass media, which gives them complete backing. And so, these two power bases in cahoots, have control of the country. The attempt to make Bar On Attorney General was in essence an attempt by Netanyahu to show who is “boss”. And indeed, Netanyahu is far from being a formidable opponent to battle the Hellenists. On the contrary, he and his friends, the most prominent being Zachy HaNegbi, tried to penetrate the judiciary and find favor in their eyes. But he was rejected, so he thought he can use the position of Attorney General to diminish the totalitarian control of the left. And then the explosion occurred. The entire left mobilized, and so did the court system, including the President, Aharon Barak, for a full scale war.

And so it must he understood: The goal is not to bring down the government. They don’t need it. Only the die-hard politicians were hoping for that. But the major rulers of the country wanted only to bring home a message. Know your place! Know who rules here, and don’t ever dare try to touch our sacred justice system again! This is the “parush” of this entire episode. Netanyahu understands this well. Netanyahu, more than ever, is a crippled politician. He knows he has no real authority, and he won’t ever try again to flex his muscles against them.

Though it is tempting to side with Netanyahu after the hypocritical attacks that are launched against him, one must not join demonstrations of support for him, as many settlement leaders are doing. It must not be forgotten that “Zu Nivayla, and Zu Traifa”. If Netanyahu would learn the lesson of this episode, and courageously engage in a showdown against this clique of the media and judiciary as any wise leader would do, there may be a reason to support him. But as we stated earlier, he learned the opposite lesson. He has concluded that in order to keep a decent image, he has no choice other than to go with them – to go with Aharon Barak, with Edna Arbel and Rubenstein, and even with the media, which is stronger than he is. And so, not only does he continue the same policy of concessions (giving away Hebron etc.) which he engaged in before the episode, but he goes further, as seen in his support for the evacuation of the house in Yizhar. For there are only two choices. Either an all out war against the media and judiciary, or absolute subservience to them. There is no other way. And he chooses the second way, because he is a coward!

An Interview From Ma’asiyahu Prison

Question: Why did they put you in jail?
Answer: There are two different charges here. One is the planning and carrying out of a “pogrom” (!) in an Arab village. The other, which is much more serious, is sedition.

Question: What does that mean, “sedition”?
Answer: Without getting into the details of the case, it must be known that the leadership in Israel fears us not because of one action or another, but rather because of the words which we speak. They are well aware of how the hearts of the people are receptive to our message, which only we say. But since they are not capable of dealing with us on an intellectual basis, they have tried over the years to silence us in every way possible. Now they have tried to use a piece of legislation from the old British rule which is called “sedition”, which in essence gives freedom of action against anyone they don’t like. This is how I “merited” to be the first Jew in the history of Israel who has been convicted of this charge.

Question: I understand that your father, HY”D, was also charged with sedition.
Answer: And it never even got to court. That was in the 70’s, and the government knew that continuing on such a course could boomerang against them.

Question: But against you they didn’t change their minds?
Answer: On the contrary! Despite the fact that I was acquitted at the beginning, the state insisted on appealing the decision, and they finally got the conviction they wanted. The thing is this: There is no doubt that in recent years, (way before the left rose), the trend has been to silence those belonging to what they term the “extreme right”. The political establishment reached the conclusion that the real threat does not come from the Arabs, but rather from the Jews who cling to Jewish and Zionist ideology.

Question: What do you think one must do in such a situation?
Answer: To continue to circulate the Jewish idea non-stop. I believe this is our most urgent mission. The weapon of words, no one can take from us! This is what the government fears.

Question: Is it worth the price?
Answer: That can’t even be a question. Saying the truth is a very part of us. And if the price is prison, then so be it!

Question: Doesn’t the changing of governments have any influence in this area?
Answer: You have to understand that there is a Hellenist control over the two major functionaries in this country – the judiciary and the media. And they have a clear goal: Hellenism! Only a strong and decisive government who has a clear and definite direction can change this. The present governmentis just like the last Likud government – it is weak and confused, and so it is irrelevant. The real government today in Israel is the leftist and dictatorial judiciary with its media backing, which is leading the Hellenist war against Jews and Judaism.

Question: Do you have any more trials?
Answer: Yes. The truth is that the real trial will take place very soon – onRosh Hashana. I want to tell you that exactly a year ago, four days before Rosh Hashana, they were supposed to sentence us. I prepared a little”speech”. I wanted to say to the judge that in four more days we will allstand before a real High Court, and I hope THAT THERE, we, the ones “on trial”, will be able to give an answer to the question regarding what did we do to prevent the situation where Jews are blown up on buses in their owncountry. In short, I said one sentence, and the judge cut me off saying, “I won’t let you turn the court into a media stage”, despite the fact that at the time there was not one journalist in the entire room..but the judge simply was not capable of hearing such words.

Question: How is life and how are the conditions in prison?
Answer: Look, prison can be a beneficial period in a man’s life if he takes advantage of it. In essence, you are given what you need, and you can’t leave the place. In short, the conditions are ideal for learning, for thinking, for introspection, and for strengthening oneself for the future. For one who can take advantage of the time and not waste it, jail can be a prize instead of a punishment. Not that it isn’t difficult. But who said it was easy to be a Jew?

Question: How long will this harassment keep up?
Answer: Let me tell you a personal thought that came into my head when I entered the prison. I remembered that exactly 17 years ago, my father, HY”D entered prison Ma’asiyahu, where I am now. The memory remains clear, because exactly then I was celebrating my Bar-Mitzvah, and the army commander in Judea and Samaria then was “Fuad” Ben Eliezer, who had the authority at the time to make all kinds of decisions. He gave my father a real hard time about letting him out for my Bar Mitzvah. At the time, “Fuad”proposed to my father that he would cancel his prison sentence on the condition that he would stop making “problems”. Obviously, my father rejected this “proposal”. What I want to say is that one can get depressed when after so many years nothing seems to change. But the truth is that at least from the point of view of the idea that has been penetrated amongst the Israeli public, a great deal has changed. We are getting very close to finally deciding in the struggle between Judaism and Hellenism. We are much closer than we think.

Judges or Shills?

Question: In light of the strong opposition to the authority of the Supreme Court in Israel, the religious parties are demanding as a solution to increase the number of religious judges in the system. Does this offer some sort of a solution to the problem?

Answer: The root of the disease is the Supreme Court of Israel. This institution is spearheading an all-out war of Hellenism vs. Judaism and Jews. The basic “torah” of this institution is to eliminate the existence of Jewishness in the Jewish state, as it step by step transforms Israel into a gentilized western democracy. Let us remember the decisions by it’s “President”, Aharon Barak which set precedents which determined that when there is a contradiction between a Jewish state and a democratic one, democracy always comes first. More than that, he ruled that the meaning of the concept “Jewish state” and “Jewish values” is ONLY VALID IF IT SITS WELL WITH WESTERN DEMOCRATIC VALUES! Anything else is banned as being “racist” or “primitive”.

Therefore, the mere increasing of the number of religious judges into the system won’t change in the slightest the root of the problem. Rather, it would only add to the Hillul Hashem, since these judges will have to remove from themselves the yoke of heaven, and receive upon themselves the yoke ofthe gentile laws. Indeed, if one looks at the past deeds of the religious judges in this country, he will reveal, unsurprisingly, that they have nevermade any decisions based on halacha! They were simply “tokens” (in Hebrew,the slang, “token” is from the same root as “judge” – editors note) for the gentile system of laws, sometimes being forced into it, and sometimes doing it out of their own free will, and in order to cover their nakedness, they quoted some Jewish source, perverting it out of its context.

A classic example of a religious judge who played the token is Menachem Alon, the famous “religious” ex-Supreme Court judge, whose primary role wasto put a “Kosher” sign on every impurity, and to bring “sources” to back it up. And in so doing, he distorted Torah and desecrated G-d’s Name case after case, as he in his own words gave advice to the Israeli judiciary – “to connect it to our historical past, and to decide what to take from the Hebrew system of laws and what not to take.”

The Cultural War (from Baruch HaGever)

“…And so we see that the battle front of the cultural war is in the court-room. The latest decisions by the Supreme Court, forcing the Chief Rabbinate to act contrary to “halacha” in various areas such as kosher food and the registration of gentiles as Jews, are intended to incapacitate their “rivals” – the rabbinical courts; to show them, over and over again, who is in control; and to prove that the State of Israel, in its totality, is run according to the values of democracy, not of Judaism.

No. What is happening in the courts today is hardly an accident. It is no coincidence that the Supreme Court has become the main artery of the Hellenist camp. It is not because leftists “just happened” to infiltrate the judiciary. It is something much more basic. It is because the gentile justice system is fundamentally opposed to, and must per force wage war against Divine Justice; hence, the judiciary, by its very nature, attracts to itself those who hate G-d.

Not for nothing does the “halacha” rule that a Jew who litigates in a gentile court commits a terrible Hillul Hashem. This is because it is the justice system which is the embodiment of a society, its values and philosophy – and by preferring gentile laws we are betraying G-d, saying to Him, so to speak, that human justice invented by a few gentiles is more dependable than His justice. As Rabeinu Bechaye put it, “idolatry thus becomes cherished”.

And indeed, the Supreme Court, faithful to it’s worship of democracy, has taken off its kid gloves, on the assumption that Israeli society is sufficiently “mature” to shake off “primitive beliefs”. All the legislation legitimizing homosexuality, coercion in one form or another against the Chief Rabbinate to certify the “treif” as kosher, decisions that the democratic nature of the state is more important than its Jewish nature – this legislation is intended to bring their day of victory closer.

From the perspective of the Supreme Court, the cultural war is at its height. They understand that now the time is ripe, and if they don’t take advantage of it, they will have lost a golden opportunity.

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