Supporting a Nivayla

Here is a story: A Jew died. Because he was so despicable (“naval” – which isalso Hebrew for an impure animal) and hated, no one in the city was willing to bury or eulogize him. Finally, as in all stories, someone finally agreed to do so. He got up and said: It is hard to find something positive to say about him, but in any case, there is one thing I can say: His father was a bigger “naval” than he was.

This is the parable which Saul Yahalom of the NRP gave when explaining whyhe supports the present government. After all, the alternative would be evenworse.

Yahalom has finally grasped, albeit a bit late, what Rabbi Kahane said 20 years ago: “The Labor and Likud – Zu Nivayla Vi Zu Traifa” (they both stink).But for some reason, Yahalom prefers supporting a “Nivayla”, instead of opting for an authentic Jewish alternative.

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