This blog is meant to be an accessible, and all-encompassing resource for Rabbi Kahane writings, beliefs, speeches, and videos. We are students and followers of the Rav, and wish to permanently store his legacy. The Internet is the obvious place to put it.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. great to find this here… i have a question… really a statement… do u have all of rabbi kahane’s knesset speeches…? could u put them up here… translated into english.. or put it into book form… it would go a long way to our understanding of the power he was just beginning to have and thus the real threat he presented to the powers-that-be… also so we will know the approach of things we should still be pursuing by way of picking up his fallen mantle and continuing the struggle and the fight for our cause… thanks…

  2. Hey, are you still looking for this guy, Mashiach ben David?
    He can be reached at the attached E- mail address.
    (see 1 Kings 8:41-43)
    See ya soon!

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