Darka Shel Torah: The Power Of Truth

In this world, the truth is scarce. While there is an abundance of falsehood, there is only one “Torat Emet”. This is how G-d created the world. In every aspect, He chose only a handful. And so, He chose the Jews, who are the “fewest of all people” (Dvarim 7). And only to this few did he give the truth, so that they will cling to it, and distance themselves from the gentiles and their false concepts.

And now we have come to a generation in which not only is the entire world immersed in falsehood, but even the Chosen Nation itself which was given the Torah truth, does not recognize the truth! The truth is even absent amongst observant Jews, as the exile and it’s foreign concepts have penetrated the Yeshiva halls. In addition, the “fear of the goy factor”,which has become the ultimate halachic authority, has castrated the Torah almost entirely on a national level. The Torah dons sackcloth and ashes, as entire halachot and concepts of Torah have disappeared.

But most outrageous are the developments over the last few years: that one who insists on clinging to the vanishing truth and spreading the law which everyone else ignores – finds himself “banned” and sometimes jailed. The “halacha” has become a criminal offense in the hands of the hellenists. Basic Torah concepts are now “racism” or “sedition”, despite the fact (and because of the fact) that these halachot offer the only solution to the crucial problems of today. The non-believing Israeli governments who have no solutions are scared to death of this, and so they fight against the truth!

There was one man who stood alone his entire life spreading the truth amongst the masses. Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY”D, stood in the city squares, and screamed the truth despite all the harassment he suffered, warning the people up to the very last minute of his life, as he was shot to death while talking to Jews after a lecture.

Our destiny is to continue in his way. Without “cheshbonot”. Without”excuses”. And most importantly, without fear. In the name of democracy they can deprive the truth of it’s most basic rights – but they can never stop us from expressing it, because we are not afraid of them.

This is “Darka Shel Torah”. For years, people would tell Rabbi Kahane and afterwards continued to tell us: “Be realistic. Change a little. Hide part of the message. You won’t get anywhere this way”. But we knew that without the absolute, uncompromising truth, we will be just like all the rest – and then who needs us around in the first place! Today, as we standwitness to the cold and brutal treason of the “Great Hope”, who everyone had”built upon” over the last four years, it finally becomes clear that it is precisely the unadulterated truth without political maneuvering which represents the only light at the end of the dark tunnel we are in today. And so, perhaps out of the bitter can come the sweet. But it depends on us.

And so, we decided that this Shabbat should be “Shabbat Darka Shel Torah”, where you, too, can take part in the circulation of Torah truth. After all, we are nothing more than your messengers. We say what you think. And so we turn to all our readers and supporters this Shabbat with two requests:

  1. Take part in the circulation of this sheet in places where it doesn’t get to.
  2. Donate generously to the circulation of the Torah truth.

We are not allowed to express ourselves in the media. We also do not have the fat budgets which the government allocates to other parties to finance all the parsha sheets you see around you in your shul. But we have – You! We receive our vitality from Am Yisrael – and they get their vitality from us. Sort of like an “Issacar and Zevulun” agreement.

On Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations

The murder of Yizchak Rabin has left so many Jews confused. I am not talking about the self-righteous Israeli media, who, ad nauseam, toil to create a nationwide atmosphere that doesn’t exist.

Anyone who lives amongst his people knows that such a thing was brewing in the guts of so many people, as more and more Jews without any link to one another saw it as perhaps the last and only chance to do “something”. No one is happy about it, but when a people are driven to desperation by seeing this evil regime remove the ground from beneath them, establishing fact after fact without a willingness to heed any logic and remain totally oblivious to public opinion – all this pointed to the fact that such a thing was more and more likely to occur.

I do not think that now is time to discuss how one should relate to such an event. I also won’t play into the hands of the evil and corrupt Israeli authorities whose leader has left this world, and who, like wild animals, hunt down prey with an uninhibited lust for vengeance which knows no bounds. In this discussion I will only raise a few points for all those confused Jews who do not know how to deal with this new situation.

Yizchak Rabin was a man who brought the Jewish People to the verge of national tragedy which we have not yet seen in our history. Yizchak Rabin and his policies brought death to many, many Jewish homes, and the slogan “Rabin the murderer” is a correct one, no matter how much the left protests and screams. For sure, love of Jews is a lofty concept, and the hope that Rabin would do “Tshuva” is fine. But when a leader holds an entire country hostage, is it the time to throw around slogans, or is it the time to act more forcefully?

What caused Yigal Amir, a third year law student, Yeshiva scholar and outstanding Golani soldier to give all that up and take upon himself such a mission? What caused him to stand with such incredible cool-headedness across from the Prime Minister of Israel and shoot him? Was it some momentary hysteria? And what caused so many people, and I dare say thousands, to bring up the idea in so many discussions? Does not such a widespread gut feeling tell us something? Did Yigal Amir take upon himself the definition, “The zealots strike him”?

And finally, according to the non-Jewish calendar, (which perhaps has no signifance for us anyway), Yizchak Rabin was killed exactly five years after my father. How ironic. Do you remember the reaction of the left when my father was murdered? These self-righteous hypocrites danced on his blood. The Israeli Government officially ignored it. It was pleased to see the troublemaker go.

My father’s murder was also two years after the same Likud-Labor government, out of fear that he would cop seats from them, banned my father from running for Knesset. Such an act disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Jews, negating from them their basic democratic right to vote. It closed the door in the face of the most excitable and enthusiastic sector of the population, and it left them little choice. Did it not enter their bolshevik minds that one out of all these people MIGHT do something out of desperation when no other alternative was left to?

In one of his books, my father writes about the first murder attempt against him. The year was 1976, and the Shin Bet warned him to stop his actions, andif not, they would “take care of him”. My father did not stop, and on the17th of Tamuz, 1976, there was an attempt to assassinate him. Only a miracle saved him. Who was Prime Minister then? You got it. Yizchak Rabin.

Many say that such is an appropriate ending for a traitor. Is this true? Is this the way? I leave the question open and as food for thought after putting before you some of my own thoughts. There is much more that must be said, and with G-d’s help we will continue at another time. Firmly and carefully. We will not play into the hands of the authorities who are looking for easy prey.

Two Funerals: Rabin and Kahane

The fact that the Yohrzeit dates for Yitchak Rabin and Rabbi Kahane are so close (the non-Hebrew date is the same) is no coincidence. The sages also compare two funerals, one of a righteous leader, and one of a wicked leader. The following was written by Binyamin Zev Kahane for the third Yohrzeit of Rabbi Kahane:

“and they shall look towards me, regarding those whom the nations have thrust through. And they shall mourn for him (that is slain) as one mourns for an only son, and shall be in bitterness over him, as one that is in bitterness for a firstborn. ON THAT DAY THERE SHALL BE A GREAT MOURNING IN JERUSALEM, LIKE THE MOURNING OF HADADRIMMON IN THE VALLEY OF MEDGIDON.(Zechariah, 12)

Rashi: “Our rabbis interpreted this to be on Meshiach Ben Yosef who was killed”

Targum Yonatan: “At that period of time the mourning over the loss of Jerusalem will match the mourning over the murders of the King of Israel Ahab son of Omri who was killed by Adarimon the son of Tavrimon, and the King of Judah Yoshiya son of Amon who was killed by Pharoh in the valley of Megidon.”

The funeral of Rabbi Kahane, HY”D, left a deep impression on its participants. According to estimates, between 100,000 – 200,000 people walked from the Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood to the cemetery Har HaMinuchot. (This does not include the 30,000 – 50,000 people who escorted the coffin in the US before it was flown to Israel). It is also important to point out the heterogeneous mix of the participants, from all levels and circles of Israeli society: religious (all kinds), secular, Sephardi and Ashkenazy. Everyone escorted the coffin, crying over the great leader who fell – the leader who the people didn’t merit to give the power or support to so that he be able to save them.

Many prestigious rabbis, including the great “Mikubal” Rabbi Getz (RavHaKotel), ZT”L, called Rabbi Kahane Meshiach Ben Yosef who was killed, bringing the above-mentioned verse from Zacharia as proof, which according to chazal speaks of the great funeral of Meshiach Ben Yosef.

And behold, a year ago exactly, (according to the non-Jewish calendar), five years after the death of Rabbi Kahane, the Prime Minister Rabin was murdered. The media fanned the flames in creating a nationwide atmosphere ofmourning, presenting it as the funeral of funerals. Indeed, more realistic estimates spoke about 30,000 to 40,000 who passed his coffin (or tried to). In any case, more important than the numbers was the impression that these funerals left people with. This is what reminded many of the above “Targum Yonatan”, comparing the funeral of Meshiach Ben Yosef to two of the biggest funerals of the past – the funeral of the righteous King Yoshiya who created a Torah society for his kingdom, and the funeral of the wicked King Ahab who caused the Jewish people to sin.

It is as if the verse hints to two huge funerals that will occur close to the time of redemption – one of a righteous person who symbolizes Meshiach Ben Yosef, and one of a wicked person who symbolizes the opposite – that is, someone who fights against the cause of Meshiach Ben Yosef.

The struggle between “the students of Yoshiya” and the “students of Ahab” is in full swing. And most of the people, despite the constant incitement and brainwashing, are still on the side of Yoshiya, as witnessed by their massive spontaneous participation six years ago to honor the memory of a leader who really felt the pain of the people, and went out to his brothers to see their suffering – and tried to save them. May his memory and actions protect us, Amen.

His Final Speech

“…Indeed, my life has been one of ideas which were eventually taken up bythe people and became acceptable…I’ve already won.” These words are taken from Rabbi Kahane’s final speech at the Marriot Hotel in the heart of Manhattan. About twenty minutes later, he was shot to death by an Arab and his soul was returned to its Creator after 58 stormy years in this world.

His final speech was given at a ZEERO conference, a movement he organized to urge Americans to make emergency Aliyah to avoid the Holocaust that would eventually befall them. As he spoke these words, he unwittingly eulogized himself, as if he knew of the tragedy which would follow.

It may be that this last speech best expresses the greatness of Rabbi Kahane. He fought for and raised issues that seemed futile, and ignored the fact that people would be shocked and angry by his words, for he believed that someone had to say the truth.

Here was the American Jew, fat and content to be sitting in the fleshpots, while he, the watchman of our times sees the ground trembling beneath them. But they don’t understand, or simply do not want to, and during the time he is patiently answering their questions, while he is wrapped up in the people he so loves, as he is connecting to them and trying to move and influence and touch their souls – during these very moments his soul is taken.

The murder occurred at 9:00 PM New York time. It immediately made the major headlines both in Israel and abroad. Everyone, including those who hated and banned him were stunned. They, too, knew that a Jewish leader had fallen. But what they knew in their hearts they could not show outwardly.

In their filthy and slanderous newspaper articles and broadcasts, theycontinued their asinine and savage attacks, as if to abuse the corpse thathad shouted the truth to them for so many years.

And the funeral. Such a funeral Jerusalem had never seen. Street afterstreet were filled with people from all walks of life numbering over 150,000 gathered around the Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea. Everyone loved him. All those whom he could not awaken from their apathy in his life, were now awakened through his death, and they came to escort the prince that understood their problems and pain. The funeral lasted hours upon hours, as the masses of people escorted him to the gravesite. And Rabbi Meir Kahane was buried in the holy ground of Jerusalem. His blood cries for vengeance!!

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