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Rebuttal to NRP Parsha Sheet

No Place for a Resident Stranger In the weekly parsha sheet of the NRP, “Shabbat, BiShabbato”, Parshat BiChukotay, Rav Rosen brought down in his column a nice list of how the struggle for Jerusalem has been abandoned. He ended this … Continue reading

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Har Homa

Binyamin Netanyhau said that he doesn’t want to build now on Har Homa, because “concerning Jerusalem, one should do, and not talk!”… Did you get that? Neither did we. The only question remaining is: Did half the nation voted for … Continue reading

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A Mezuza

   There is no mezuza on the Old City of Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate (Shaar Sh’chem). And it is important that every Jew understand why other major entrances to the Old City, such as Jaffa Gate, DO have mezuzot while this … Continue reading

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