Botched Assassination Attempt in Jordan

The attempt to liquidate Khaled Mishal (Y”mach Sh’mo) in Jordan epitomizes the entire Netanyahu administration. Every once in a while, Netanyahu decides to do something grand. But each time, Netanyahu gets cold feet and botches things up.

This time as well, after making the important decision to knock off the Sultan snake who was taking cover in the calm and tranquillity of Hussein’s domain, Netanyahu proceeded to trip over his own feet as only he knows how.

The problem is not the blunder that occurred during the mission itself, as the media tries to force down our throats. Because the simple fact which the media works so hard to make us forget, is that the operation itself was a success, executed exactly according to plan! True, those performing themission were caught. But that is always liable to occur. Certainly it is not THE problem.

The real problem is that after the plan succeeded, and they poisoned the Sultan snake (as Netanyahu coined him), Netanyahu rushed to send medicine to revive the dying snake, all because of the insolent threats of Hussein, who provides the Hamas with comfortable lodging and snug accommodations in his country. Not only that, but he releases Yassin, Y’mach shmo, and tens of terrorists along with him!

This is not a one time thing. It absolutely characterizes Netanyahu’s “fear of goy” policy. Over and over again, he starts out on the right track, but when the going gets tough and the condemnations from outside and (especially) inside begin, he feels his world collapsing, and hurries to wipe out any achievement, or to pay off the Arabs for his action. Such was the case at the Kotel tunnel, where the payoff was Hebron. So it was in Har Homa, where the payoff was the first phase withdrawl. So it was in Raas El Amud, where the payoff was obscene promises which led to a renewing of the talks.

Conclusion: Even if Netanyahu wants to do the right thing, he hasn’t the courage to stand up for what he believes in, but rather puts his tail between his legs and backs out.

He’s All Mouth

Following the mass condemnation of Israel in the UN, Netanyahu said that the UN is back to being a “SHMU-N”, as David Ben-Gurion used to call them. But Ben-Gurion at least held his ground at certain times, and so when he said”UN – ShmU – N”, at least he backed it up occasionally. But Netanyahu’s words are meaningless, for even as he speaks, he plans to do everything in his power to placate the UN-ShmU-N!

It is not the catchy media phrases which are important, but rather the actions which come forth out of such words. If we continue to tremble and grovel before the UN, exercising all the diplomatic means within the UN including the readiness to make concessions in order that the UN smile at us, then Netanyahu can say a million times UN-Shmu-N – his words are hot air with no substance, just like most of the other words he speaks. While there are certain people who feel one way in their hearts, but speak a different way with their mouths, Netanyahu is in a category by himself: ALL HE IS IS A MOUTH.

The Traitor is Betrayed

The wild chaos racking this coalition is something we have not yet seen. One can only stand in amazement and say: Have people gone mad?

Even the attacks by the media are attaining brand new heights by the day. They do not stop for even a solitary moment from pounding Netanyahu – with”objectivity” of course.

Strangely enough, it is easy for one’s heart to go out to Netanyahu. During days like this, one may easily tend to stand by the side of the man who betrayed his ideology and his voters, and that is only because the left and the media abuse him in unprecedented fashion.

But logic asks: Why should one stand by his side? Because of sentiment? How can we stand by the side of someone who so crudely gave our land away to ourenemies, clinging to policy (“he was forced into”) which guarantee tragedy for our people, G-d forbid.

Apparently, we are witnesses to a measure for measure punishment by the Almighty. Netanyahu and HaNegbi thought they can buy the hearts of the left and the media by total betrayal and adoption of the leftist platform – but they found themselves, much to their amazement, under relentless attack by them, with everyday a new “expose”. This has caused a situation where they find themselves betrayed in all directions by those inside the coalition itself. The traitor is betrayed. And they can’t blame anyone other than themselves.

If only the confusion would prepare our hearts to understand that there is no other alternative except for the Jewish way, as was presented explicitly and unapoligetically by Rav Kahane, H’YD. Only this can save the Jewish nation from the black clouds which appear on the horizon, which only a blindman cannot see.

Har Homa

Binyamin Netanyhau said that he doesn’t want to build now on Har Homa, because “concerning Jerusalem, one should do, and not talk!”… Did you get that? Neither did we. The only question remaining is: Did half the nation voted for a valium pill, a clown, or just a plain liar?

But we can calm down. They tell us that for Jerusalem, there is a”consensus”. What a bad joke! What does that mean, a “consensus”? That there is a consensus to shout slogans like, “Jerusalem is ours forever and ever…?” After all, let’s say everyone is really for that. So what? How far are they willing to go for it? Are they still ready to cling to Jerusalem, even if it means there will be battles similar, or much worse than those that erupted when the Kotel tunnel was opened? Is Jerusalem important enough for them to jeopordize the “peace process”?

Netanyahu has already given the answer. NO. There is no one in this “nationalist right-wing” coalition who is even willing to make Jerualem thered line, if the price is war with Arafat, Yimachshmo. And so, it is guaranteed that Jerusalem, too, like a fruit from a tree, will fall into Arafat’s hands. Because the ARABS are willing to fight for it!!! And when only one side is willing to fight for something, that side wins.

We have had enough of the politicians. They have no faith. They have no plan. They have no ideology. And in the end, as Shimeon Peres says: They have no alternative!

Is there really no alternative? Only he who lacks faith fears the Jewish and normal alternative which is so obvious. And so, without fear, we will continue to warn the people about these “nationalist” losers and defeatists, and we will offer the Jewish alternative. FAITH IN G-D WITHOUT FEAR OF THE GENTILE – THIS IS THE GAME PLAN FOR THE SURIVIAL OF THE JEWISH STATE!!

Left Up to Old Tricks

A day does not pass where PM Netanyahu is not attacked by the left for being a right-wing warmonger. It is simply mind boggling. It doesn’t seem to matter what Mr. Netanyahu does — he can warmly shake the hand of Arafat; he can speak to him as an old friend; he can agree to give up Hebron; he can throw out hints to Syria about making concessions; he can continue to harass the “extreme” right and allow the leftist media to remain in control – all this is just a partial list of Netanyahu’s vain attempts to satisfy the left. Yet nothing seems to help. They continue to defame him as a stubborn, militant, extremist, etc., etc.

Yosi Bellin out did everyone when he suggested that the Prime Minister be boycotted during the Knesset meetings! That is, to leave the Knesset whenever Netanyahu speaks! Not to cooperate with him!

There is a precedent to all this. When Rabbi Kahane was in the Knesset, they boycotted him. The left and right would exit the Knesset hall whenever the Rav made his speeches (though most made sure to listen to his words from outside the hall…). And behold, now the Prime Minister (!) Netanyahu, is experiencing the same hatred. None of his groveling efforts to appease the left can help him. The sheer hatred towards anyone who even APPEARS IN THEIR EYES to represent something Jewish or nationalistic is so vicious.

And so Binyamin Netanyahu – perhaps at this critical hour you will understand that it is better to change your ways, and to be courageous enough to return to what so many people thought you were supposed to be.

Netanyahu Illusion Melts Away

In our first edition of “The Breira” (The Choice), eight months ago before the Knesset elections, our message was: “There is no one to vote for”. We knew then that this would not be a popular stand in the right-wing camp, and we say this as an understatement. But we were not looking to be “accepted”. Our goal is to say the truth when few want to hear it.

We definitely understood the feelings of the people. But we knew that in any event, there had to be someone who would warn them. True, we ourselves never dreamed that Netanyahu would betray what he stood for in such a short time and in such a blatant manner. But it is better this way. It is better that there be AS FEW ILLUSIONS AS POSSIBLE, and that the matter be cleared up assoon as possible!

Because without a clear path and political map before them — the people will not be able to make the proper choice. As long as there exists an illusion that the people think they can rely on; as long as they put their trust in another spineless politician who eventually capitulates when faced with the slightest bit of pressure — then there is no hope.

There are only two paths that lie ahead. Two REALISTIC CHOICES – KAHANE OR ARAFAT, and from these two we must make the proper choice.

BZK: Bibi At Washington Summit

And so, nothing can be expected from Netanyahu. If the shooting by the Palestinian police on our soldiers cannot influence him to change direction and opt for the Jewish path, nothing will. Without faith in G-d, it is impossible to opt for such a path. For without faith in G-d, one needs Clinton, the U.N. and “world support”.

This article was written in 1996 by R. Binyamin Zeev Kahane. Just as Bibi went to Washington to beg for a peace process, so today he does the same thing. How ironic. How sad.

Without a doubt, many are confused in how to assess Binyamin Netanyahu’s performance at the recent Washington summit. Did he withstand the pressure or did he succumb to the pressures in Washington? Should he be applauded or should Jews take to the streets to demonstrate against him? This is the question we will relate to.

Two paths lie before Israel today, and there is no third path. The first way is one of concessions and capitualtion, which is basically the path of the recent Israeli governments. The end result of this path is clear: The complete falling apart of Israel, since the Arabs will never be satisfied with what they are given and will always want more, and why should they not?After all, they can always demand more, and world support will be there for them, just as we see today.

The other path is the Jewish path. Not giving in, but rather sanctificationof G-d’s name and obeying the commandments of G-d. It is a path not of giving away territories of Israel, but rather expulsion of the hostile Arabs in our midst as the Torah and logic dictates. The recent riots by the Arabs were expected. Our enemies received over the last few years territory, sovereignty and recognition as a nation in the land of Israel as a preliminary step to the establishment Palestine. Their self-confidence rises as the process continues, and when they see that Israel deviates from the path of surrender and concessions, they immediately rise up against us with the weapons we gave them. After all, the weapons were given to them in order to realize their national aspirations, and that is exactly what they used them for when they fired at our sodiers.

Indeed, the pressure forced Mr. Netanyuahu into a meeting with his new friend. And the PM says he feels a warm connection to Mr. Arafat. The question now is: What was agreed between them? I have no way of knowing, but one thing is for sure: Netanyahu is not abandoning the path of capitulation. It must be understood that the problem is not the Oslo Accords. The problem is the very essence of the fact that Israel is willing to surrender territory. Once this axiom is established, it really does not matter if it is called “Camp David”, “Oslo”, “Madrid”, or anything else. Therefore, I have absolutely no expectations from Netanyahu, for I have no expectations that he will have the courage to go in the path of Jewishness. And thus, he is locked into the path of tragedy and suicide.

In the end, it is impossible to play both sides of the fiddle, and Netanyahu can’t adopt for himself just a portion of the “peace process”, for it is all or nothing. Either one goes all the way like Rabin and Peres did and Netanyahu is starting to do, or one does not go down this path at all. It is impossible to go half-way with the Arabs, for the minute one tries to draw the line, the Arabs will put on the pressure in their familiar fashion. Simultaneoulsy, there will be immense world pressure, and if Israel tries to stand up to the pressure, the pressure will intensify. They will say that Israel is destroying the peace process and is inciting the entire region. Then, Israel will make more concessions. The pressure will return over and over again, and Israel will always state that they can’t go ahead and ruin the peace process now, after having already surrendered so much. And then we will see the bitter result, G-d forbid.

Therefore, all this talk about Netanyahu’s “tough” stand in Washington, and his “victory”, so to speak, is utter nonsense, because he has no other way other than the path of surrender which he has obligated himself to. And so, what does it matter if he flexes an occasional muscle here or there? The Arabs could always rise up and the world can always pressure and Netanyahu will capitulate. And the reason is simple: HE HAS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE. This is the point. If he has no alternative, then indeed there is no choice other than to go the path of Oslo, and to take that path RIGHT TO THE END. But he who believes that there IS an alternative – a Jewish alternative of faith in G-d which is measured by one’s willingness to expel the Arab enemy from within us – only such a person can save us from nightmare of the first path.

And so, nothing can be expected from Netanyahu. If the shooting by the Palestinian police on our soldiers cannot influence him to change direction and opt for the Jewish path, nothing will. Without faith in G-d, it is impossible to opt for such a path. For without faith in G-d, one needs Clinton, the U.N. and “world support”.

Thus, the salvation can only come from those true believers in the Almighty, believers who cling to G-d’s path. The mission is theirs.

An Open Letter to the Designate Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Netanyahu,

It is no secret that I was not one of those who placed a lot of stock in the elections in which you were elected as Prime Minister. It is no secret that we see in Likud an “equal partner” in the horrid deterioration of the State of Israel in all areas over these last two decades. Indeed, for this reason, many thought that Likud’s fall four years ago and the coming to power of the evil left as a result of Likud’s bumbling policy would cause Likud to disappear from the political map. So many thought that the choice the next time around which would stand before the nation would be a clear one – the choice between an extremely un-Jewish state or a Jewish one.

But behold, in spite of it all, God decided to give you and your way the chance to fix the damage you caused. Such being the case, I can only say to you: Binyamin Netanyahu, you have been given a golden opportunity. Go forward and take advantage of it – and save the Jewish people from tragedy! Because your coming to power in itself does not solve anything. In these last two decades, the state of Israel has been like a chariot of horses-racing towards the precipice, and such a situation does not make distinctions between Labor and Likud governments. On the contrary, Likud leaders set some pretty awful precedents to exasperate the situation.

In order to halt Israel’s calamitous decline, it will not be enough simply discontinuing past policies. You will have to act boldly and assertively to immediately steer the chariot 180 degrees in a different direction.

There is no doubt that the first issue which must grab your immediate attention is the same issue that only by a miracle did not prevent you from becoming Prime Minister in the first place. Obviously, I am referring to the Arab vote. I don’t have to tell you how close you were to having your dreams shattered in these elections. It was a matter of an infinitesimal percentage point. You know full well how the Arabs swarmed to the polls against you, in order to help the left. You were too close to losing to possibly ignore this critical matter, Mr. Netanyahu. Surely it was not a coincidence that precisely this subject almost prevented you from becoming Prime Minister. This was a hint to you and your government that you can not possibly continue the defeatist policies of past administrations in refusing to deal with the Arab demographic time bomb which endangers the very existence of the nation. These elections, Mr. Netanyahu, proved that the Arab citizen within the green line is infinitely more dangerous to the existence of Israel than the Arab in the territories.

Mr. Netanyahu, I hope you do not think that we can rely on miracles over and over again, allowing the fate of the Jewish People to hang in the balance, dependent on the Arab vote, all out of some phony “humanism” or fear of “what will the gentile say”. Even if the destiny of the nation doesn’t worry you, your personal destiny and that of your party should at least awaken you from your slumber.

You have many difficult tests ahead of you. They include the disposing of the leftist media , halting the insanity of the Supreme Court, releasing Jewish political prisoners, and canceling the administrative detention arrests against lovers of the Jewish Nation. But without a doubt, your handling of the Arab problem will symbolize in which direction you are headed – towards saving Israel as a Jewish state, or towards it’s annihilation; towards saving Jews from terrorist bombing (which did not start with the left, and will not disappear with their departure, but rather with the departure of the Arabs amongst us!) or to a continuation and even an exasperation of terror if you indeed insist on carrying on like your predecessors in the Likud in ignoring the problem.

Remember, Mr. Netanyahu, when my father, Rabbi Meir Kahane, (may God Avengehis Blood) raised the issue, your party ignored it. Not only did they ignore it, but due to political fear, even took the lead in the banning of his party. You, in fact, were not involved in that, and I say that to your credit, despite the fact that you, too, have not passed up the opportunity in recent years to condemn and defame us. Obviously, we are willing to let by gones be by gones. But the historical errors your party has made must be corrected. And let us not even mention the cancellation of the obscene decision to declare “Kach” and “Kahane Chai” as terrorist organizations.This, too, will be one of your tests.

Remember! Many good Jews supported you, only because they wanted to see the fall of the wicked leftist government. The normal, healthy part of the nation pleaded and prayed for your victory, and you owe them a great deal.You owe them that they won’t blow up in buses. You owe them hope – hope for a true and secure Jewish state even if it means you must act brazenly and with great courage, something which you often claim to possess.

It is an understatement to say that I have great doubts you will be up tothe task, since he who brings on the malady usually cannot cure it. Nevertheless, me and my friends are willing to forget about everything and give you full credit. And so we call out to you: Do not fear! Fear not the gentile, and fear not the leftists!

In closing, designate Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, you worked arduously to reach power, and you attained your goal. If it be your wish that your victory will not be some passing euphoria, then free yourself from the root of all the problems that have plagued every Israeli government – the need to find favor in the eyes of the world. If you go along the straight and true path with courage, and devote yourself to making this country no longer dependent on the gentile or internal enemy, then your administration will be firmly established.

But if you prefer proving that your campaign slogans are indeed your true policy – you will quickly fall, and we will be the first ones to stand in your way. Just like we did not fear the harassments of the last administration, or the Likud government before it, we will not fear your reaction either, even though I know that it is liable to be harsher than what we have gone through until now.

Go with courage on a clear path of Judaism, and God will be with you!

With Love of Israel, Binyamin Zev Kahane

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