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What Has Changed in Hevron?

Hebron is an example for all of Eretz Yisrael. What happened to 85% of the territory of Hebron 30 years after it was conquered, will happen G-d forbid to Yehuda and Shomron if we do not wake up and realize that the mitzvah of “yishuv HaAretz” includes conquering it from it’s inhabitants,and one cannot separate one from the other because it seems less nice or ethical. Continue reading

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Flag Burning

Only the Symbol is Sacred? The wise men of Chelm came up with the idea of the century to solve the problem of the conversion law: Instead of writing on the person’s identification card that he is a Jew (“Yehudi”), … Continue reading

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Media and Micronesia

While 170 countries voted to condemn Israel for their building on Har Homa, two stood against them: the United States and … Micronesia. The Israeli media got strange kicks out of all this, treating this country Mikronesia with utter mockery. … Continue reading

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Insanity and Heroism

In these days of madness and confusion, we have been witness to there defining of some basic concepts. Once upon a time, a hero was one who fought against the enemy and was willing to sacrifice himself for this goal. … Continue reading

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Conversion Law

First, a little background. The Law of Return gives Israeli citizenship to a Jew (racism!). Twenty years ago, they tried to define in law what is the definition of “Jew”, and they determined: “He who is born from a Jewish … Continue reading

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Zachi HaNegbi and the Bankruptcy of Secular Zionism

If there was not a Zachi HaNegbi, we would have had to invent him. What better example is there to illustrate the bankruptcy of secular nationalism. Who can better teach us how even the most fervent of them has no … Continue reading

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The Traitor is Betrayed

The wild chaos racking this coalition is something we have not yet seen. One can only stand in amazement and say: Have people gone mad? Even the attacks by the media are attaining brand new heights by the day. They … Continue reading

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And Yehuda, Too, Will Fight Against Jerusalem

The prophet Zacharia (chapter 14) prophesizes on the gentile nations who will gather together in the end of days to come against Jerusalem. And then he says a frightening verse: “And Yehuda shall also fight against Jerusalem”. While most commentators … Continue reading

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Left Up to Old Tricks

A day does not pass where PM Netanyahu is not attacked by the left for being a right-wing warmonger. It is simply mind boggling. It doesn’t seem to matter what Mr. Netanyahu does — he can warmly shake the hand … Continue reading

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Shulamit Aloni

Shulamit Aloni’s abrupt departure from politics gladdened the hearts of many religious Jews. And indeed, at first glance, such joy is justified as the sages tell us in the mishnah in Masechet Sanhedrin, (8:5): “The dispersion of the wicked is … Continue reading

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