What Has Changed in Hevron?

Hebron is an example for all of Eretz Yisrael. What happened to 85% of the territory of Hebron 30 years after it was conquered, will happen G-d forbid to Yehuda and Shomron if we do not wake up and realize that the mitzvah of “yishuv HaAretz” includes conquering it from it’s inhabitants,and one cannot separate one from the other because it seems less nice or ethical.

An honest look at the new reality which has been created in Hebron would reveal that not much has really changed. What is that, you say? Does not the handing over of the city to the Arabs constitute a change? If we want to be truthful to ourselves, we have to admit that even before the “redeployment”, Hebron was not really in our hands, and if it was in our hands, then it was strictly on borrowed time. The moment the decision was made after the Six-Day War to leave the Arabs in Hebron or in any part of the Land of Israel for that matter – from that day onward, the countdown for the relinquishment of those territories began. He who refuses to disinherit the goyim (that is, to expel the Arabs as Rashi explains in Numbers 33, that “disinherit” is to expel) from Hebron and from the Land of Israel at large, is essentially refusing to inherit the land. There is no inheriting without disinheriting, for one is dependent on another, and this subject we have discussed over and over again. The great mistake of the right, including the settlers (especially the settlers), was that they always preferred to deal in the relatively comfortable aspect of the mitzvah “Yishuv HaAretz”(settling the land). That is, the building of settlements. But they scornfully neglected and rejected the second aspect – that “not nice” part of the mitzvah, which is the expulsion of the goyim.

Through the example of Hebron, we can see most concretely the deluded andout of touch policy of the settler movement. Here is the small Jewish “yishuv” placed amongst a sea of Jew-hating Arabs in Hebron, in which there exists the highest concentration of “Hamas” and “Jihad” activists (not that there is any difference between them and the PLO, except for the fact thePLO is cleverer), and they think that can live together in peace and harmony. Nonsense! Anyone who holds such illusions has no one to blame other than himself when the bubble bursts. What is even sadder is that it has been the settlers themselves who have most fervently pushed the bogus notion of co-existence all these years! They simply did not have the courage to objectively see the realities and bring the proper message to the people. And so, in the end, they are essentially to blame for the official handing over of Hebron to the Arabs. The Almighty gave us a 30 year period to do”Tsheuva” and to the expel the murderous Arabs from Hebron, and only when we refused to obey G-d’s commandment and normal logic, it was handed over officially to the Arabs. What did we expect? Could it have been any other way? Were the Arabs supposed to leave by themselves, or suddenly transform into Israel loving “resident strangers”?

Let us see the reality of the situation with objective eyes: Before the”redeployment”, were there not parts of Hebron where the IDF never dared to enter? We all know that it was the Arabs who truly ruled most of Hebron. And if the IDF did patrol areas, what did it accomplish? Were not these patrols merely an attempt to regain lost honor for a humiliated IDF who had to do something in order “to show who’s boss”. You say that the Jews have less security now? What about before the “redeployment?” What kind of security did Jews have then? Were Jews not stabbed and attacked in Hebron on a permanent basis? Was there not then, too, worry about a potential slaughter? So today the danger is even more real. Wow, what a difference!..

Let me make myself clear. Of course the situation is worse now. Certainly I am sad to see the Arabs officially taking over the military building in Hebron. Certainly the fact that the Arabs have unprecedented confidence and weapons to harm Jews is a horrible thing, and there is no doubt that when given the orders, they can harm a lot more soldiers who are stationed at the local Jewish ghetto. I am not coming to say that the government policies are not criminal, and I certainly justify the fury of the people towards this government. All I am saying is that all this is only a continuation of a process, and no dramatic change of what already was.

Jews! Hebron is an example for all of Eretz Yisrael. What happened to 85% of the territory of Hebron 30 years after it was conquered, will happen G-d forbid to Yehuda and Shomron if we do not wake up and realize that the mitzvah of “yishuv HaAretz” includes conquering it from it’s inhabitants,and one cannot separate one from the other because it seems less nice or ethical.

What is quite worrisome is that many of the Yesha leaders, realizing the bankruptcy of their policies, are starting to go down the already paved path of “recognizing realities”. They are hinting about “finding a common dialogue” with the PA. Will the the settlers be the latest ones to adopt the leftist policies because of “forced realities”, just as Netanyahu claims he did?

Or perhaps we will understand what we have not understood for the last 30 years. Perhaps, at least now, those faithful to Israel, Hashem and His commandments will understand that the left and right are worthless. Perhaps now they will awaken and openly adopt the Jewish solution – the entire Mitzvah of Yishuv HaAretz, including the demand to disinherit goyim?

No. Do not think that this is far-fetched. There is no doubt that the momenta large enough group dares to arise and offer the Jewish solution, G-d will be with them, the masses will follow, and the salvation to Israel will begin.

Flag Burning

Only the Symbol is Sacred?

The wise men of Chelm came up with the idea of the century to solve the problem of the conversion law: Instead of writing on the person’s identification card that he is a Jew (“Yehudi”), they will simply write the letter “yud”. Ingenious!

And now for today’s riddle: What is worse – To destroy and show contempt for something that is sacred and holy, or to destroy and show contempt for just the symbol of that same thing?

In Israel, the modern-day Chelm, if one destroys something holy, he is applauded, but if G-d forbid he disgraces just the symbol of that samething, the wise men of Chelm are ready to hang him in the central square.

We are referring to the burning of the flag on Lag B’Omer, which brought all of the hypocritical termites out of the woodwork.

It is hard to comprehend how the same people who scornfully rebuff the renewed connection between the People of Israel and the Land of Israel, and are ready to throw away the heart of Israel – Hebron, Shchem, Jericho, even Jerusalem – and give it to the Arabs; but absolutely go berzerk when they see a kid burning a flag which is only intended as a symbol for the very same thing!

For sure if someone would burn the National Anthem of Israel, they would lynch him on the spot – but when a respectable member of Knesset makes amotion to remove the words, “a Jewish soul yearns” from the anthem, it becomes a legitimate subject for debate in the Knesset.

What is happening here? While we reject the views of “Neturei Karta”, we can at least appreciate the fact they are true to their ideology. But what can one say about the hypocrites who attack them, whose values undergo change every day! You can be sure that these people who yesterday cast off Torah and today cast off Eretz Yisrael – tomorrow they, themselves will not react with such zeal when the flag is burned, in the name of “sacred democracy”.

Media and Micronesia

While 170 countries voted to condemn Israel for their building on Har Homa, two stood against them: the United States and … Micronesia. The Israeli media got strange kicks out of all this, treating this country Mikronesia with utter mockery. After all, one is able to understand the United States. They must be “evenhanded”, retaining their status as a “fair mediator” in order to maintain their influence over Israel. But what about this Micronesia, who no one ever even heard of. Why does it dare vote for us? Are they ultra-nationalists, fascists, fundamentalists, cannibals and imperialist types? Perhaps Israel, out of it’s special sensitivity for human rights, should impose economic embargos on Micronesia for supporting such a fascist state?..

These words indeed are expressed in a sarcastic tone. But it is really true that the media in Israel is not capable of understanding how there could exist a country in the world that supports Israel! It is clear to them that if THEY had stood in the place of Micronesia, they would have joined the world condemnations against Israel. And this is the entire tragedy in a nutshell.

Let us at this juncture again mention Tatiana Susskina, a young Russian immigrant who is accused by the authorities as an “enemy of the state”, and has been sentenced to jail without bail and without a trial. Tatiana came to Israel as a proud Jew, but found out that here, Mohammed is considered holier than the G-d of Israel. She found out that he who throws a lone stone at an Arab car is more dangerous than those who throw thousands of molatov cocktails on the Jews of Hebron. She found out that the Mufti who incites to kill Jews daily (and is even invited to the chief Rabbinate so we could beg for forgiveness), is given freedom of expression, while Jews are forbidden to express their opinion on Mohammed.

In a place where there are no people with courage, we will be those who will not sit quietly against this terrible injustice!!

Insanity and Heroism

In these days of madness and confusion, we have been witness to there defining of some basic concepts. Once upon a time, a hero was one who fought against the enemy and was willing to sacrifice himself for this goal. But now we have a new type of hero – “Captain Avi”, as he has been coined bythe Israeli media, who has become the new darling and hero of the media and the politicians for “taking control” of Noam Friedman while he was shooting in the Hebron market (what a complicated and dangerous task!) and preventing a “slaughter”. He is interviewed everywhere, and such accolades for a hero we had not seen the likes of since the days of “Entebbe”. And indeed, since”Entebbe” which was almost 20 years ago, one can not recall someone or something which has given Israelis national pride – and how long can one expect a nation to go without a hero? So one must start searching.

At first they found Aviv Geffen, and called him the “Cultural Hero”. Not bad, but apparently the “primitive” instinct in the people demanded a military hero. And the leftists found one – Captain Avi. He didn’t hurt the enemy, and he prevented the enemy from being hurt. Beautiful! The perfect hero, so fitting to the spirit of these days of peace! But Noam Friedman is a disgrace, an atrocity, a criminal. And he sits in jail. For us. An upsidedown world we live in.

Conversion Law

First, a little background. The Law of Return gives Israeli citizenship to a Jew (racism!). Twenty years ago, they tried to define in law what is the definition of “Jew”, and they determined: “He who is born from a Jewish mother, or converted”. The only problem is, they forgot to define what ismeant by “converted”. Since then, the religious parties, and rightly so, fought to have the definition changed to “converted according to Jewish law”. After all, the loophole that exists threatens a tragedy to the Jewish People, where, especially overseas, gentiles pass reform or conservative conversions and can then marry in Israel. And so for many years, the religious parties fought for the “Who is a Jew” legislation in the Knesset, but they failed to pass it, partly because they did not deem it important enough to cause a crisis in the coalition or to bring down the government because of it. (In this most recent government, it is Kahalani and his “Third Way” party that votes against it, preventing it from passing.)

Lately, they stopped even trying to pass the law “Who is a Jew”, and started pushing for what is called the “Conversion Law”, which only applies to conversions in ISRAEL, barring reform and conservative conversions. But it does not determine that such false conversions ABROAD are invalid. And so, the major point has been missed, since it is the conversions abroad which constitute the major problem. Worse than this, by settling for the”Conversion Law”, and abandoning the struggle for “Who is a Jew”, in itself scores a victory for reform Jewry. It gives them encouragement, because it means that in a practical sense, the State of Israel recognizes their false conversions in the U.S.. Obviously, none of this is enough for the leftists or the reform and conservative self-haters. They don’t even accept this limited and wimpy “Conversion Law”, as they unleash their “heavy artillery”in the media and judiciary to freeze it!

Such a “compromise” by the religious parties legitimizes the reform and conservative movements, and tells the young Jew it’s not so bad. If they had held strong and stubborn, it could have gotten a message through to the young Jew that if the rabbis are SO against it, maybe it’s something one shouldn’t do. Now they have given it the approval, that such conversions inthe US are “kosher”.

Too bad the religious Jews are not able to understand that the struggle here is for the ENTIRE BALLGAME, and they should never give up on the “Who is a Jew?” law, which is so basic. By doing so, they lend a hand to the huge assimilation and elimination of Judaism in the US. This is the result when instead of going for all the marbles, they try to at least “save something”. It is this attitude that has been destroying Israel on every level. While the leftists go for it all, (for by blurring over what “Jew” is, they accomplish their task of assimilation), the religious are always trying to”save what is left”, and in the end this strategy always backfires…

Zachi HaNegbi and the Bankruptcy of Secular Zionism

If there was not a Zachi HaNegbi, we would have had to invent him. What better example is there to illustrate the bankruptcy of secular nationalism. Who can better teach us how even the most fervent of them has no real true stance, because only faith in G-d is the ingredient which enables the Jewish leader to with stand the difficult pressures which one may be faced with. One who does not possess the objective and absolute values of Judaism cannot with stand the pressure. Some may require mild pressure to fold, while others may require more, but in the end, there is nothing real to hold him. And so he proceeds to convince himself that it isn’t so terrible, and it’s better to concede a little than to lose a lot, and all the other “cheshbonot” which there is no end to.

It is important to note how Zachi HaNegbi himself explains how he underwent his change: “As a result of my learning law, I began to understand that without democracy, there is no life on the “monument” (in his younger days, HaNegbi barricaded himself on the top of a monument in Yamit in an effort to prevent the “legal” government decision to evacuate Yamit). It is democracy which enables the people to fight for what it believes in, without having a hair on it’s head being harmed.” Afterwards, he proceeds to pour praise on the judge Aharon Barak.

On the other hand, someone who embraces absolute values according to the”halacha”, knows that the “halacha” is “stubborn” and can’t be toyed around with. What we have here is two entirely different and contradictory points of view which will eventually come to a head, as exemplified by the halachic ruling forbidding soldiers to fulfill orders negating the Jewish halacha. What is frightening, however, is how far some Jews, who started out with good intentions, can actually go.

By the way, last month Hanegbi as Justice Minister demanded that the rabbis cancel their “psak Halacha” which forbids soldiers to carry out orders which negate the Jewish law. Our faithful readers know how much we have stressed over the past few years the cultural war taking place in Israel between the Jews and Hellensits. And now, the Justice Minister’s call to the rabbis sounds like a returning nightmare which we thought had gone away and wouldn’t come back. After all, such behavior we had grown accustomed to in recent years from past Justice Ministers such as David Libai, or from the likes of former ministers Yosi and Shuli from the Meretz party who openly fought against Torah and Jewish halacha. And now, we are getting the same treatment from one of “our own” Justice Ministers, who, by the way, recently replaced someone who was spit out by the system because he was religious! Yes, one of “our own” is now demanding that the rabbis – the same rabbi swhom he boldly stood by in the struggle for “Eretz Yisrael”, take back their halachic ruling!

Well, let Zachi HaNegbi know: Just like your predecessors in all generations did not succeed in forcing Jews to cancel halachic rulings which are G-d’sword, so too will you fail to cancel even one halacha! You, who once barricaded yourself on the Yamit monument to prevent the withdrawal from the Sinai, and who now has become a supporter of the Hebron withdrawal and an eager servant to the ambitions of Netanyahu and your own quest for power; You, who with such utter ease went from being a bitter enemy of the left to a defender of the leftist-oriented legal system which today you warmly embrace – Know: Relief and deliverance will arise to the Jews from elsewhere, and you, despite your past “record”, will be tossed into the trash can of history in but a short while…

The Traitor is Betrayed

The wild chaos racking this coalition is something we have not yet seen. One can only stand in amazement and say: Have people gone mad?

Even the attacks by the media are attaining brand new heights by the day. They do not stop for even a solitary moment from pounding Netanyahu – with”objectivity” of course.

Strangely enough, it is easy for one’s heart to go out to Netanyahu. During days like this, one may easily tend to stand by the side of the man who betrayed his ideology and his voters, and that is only because the left and the media abuse him in unprecedented fashion.

But logic asks: Why should one stand by his side? Because of sentiment? How can we stand by the side of someone who so crudely gave our land away to ourenemies, clinging to policy (“he was forced into”) which guarantee tragedy for our people, G-d forbid.

Apparently, we are witnesses to a measure for measure punishment by the Almighty. Netanyahu and HaNegbi thought they can buy the hearts of the left and the media by total betrayal and adoption of the leftist platform – but they found themselves, much to their amazement, under relentless attack by them, with everyday a new “expose”. This has caused a situation where they find themselves betrayed in all directions by those inside the coalition itself. The traitor is betrayed. And they can’t blame anyone other than themselves.

If only the confusion would prepare our hearts to understand that there is no other alternative except for the Jewish way, as was presented explicitly and unapoligetically by Rav Kahane, H’YD. Only this can save the Jewish nation from the black clouds which appear on the horizon, which only a blindman cannot see.

And Yehuda, Too, Will Fight Against Jerusalem

The prophet Zacharia (chapter 14) prophesizes on the gentile nations who will gather together in the end of days to come against Jerusalem. And then he says a frightening verse: “And Yehuda shall also fight against Jerusalem”. While most commentators say that the gentiles will force Jews to join them, the commentator Rabbi David Kimchi (“Radak”) interprets the verse in its simple understanding – that part of the Jewish People will join the gentile and fight against the Jewish Nation. Unfortunately, we are starting to understand this verse well. Through recent events we have seen overt cooperation between decadent portions of the nation and the enemies of Israel:

  1. The most blatant: The leftists, led by the Labor Party, joining the propaganda attacks of the Arabs and the world against Israel at a time when battles were taking place in the territories following the opening of the Kotel tunnel. This set a new height, because we cannot recall open cooperation with an enemy in time of war.
  2. Two weeks after the government was put together, a writer for “HaAretz”wrote: “155 American rabbis (at least they were reform and conservative) wrote a letter to Clinton calling for American aid to Israel to be contingent upon the freezing of the settlements.”
  3. For the first time since its inception, the organization “B’Tselem” (in the Image) has called to organizations throughout the WORLD to take action in order to put on trial ex-Shabak head Ehud Yatom for fulfilling the mitzvah of smashing the head of two Amalikites who kidnapped the bus no. 300 ten years ago, and was pardoned for “something which doesn’t occur in the most primitive republics”. Again, what we have here is the informing or handing over to the gentile in a matter directly relating to war between us and our enemies. The group “B’Tselem” even gives the gentiles advice: “..You can arrest him abroad for the charge of executing someone without a trial, which is against international law”. It is pointed out in the article that this was the first time that the organization turned to gentiles in an effort to arrest someone from the Israeli Security forces.
  4. The filth who calls himself Jonathan Gefen, who left Israel for New York (as the Torah states that the land vomits out its garbage) writes in the newspaper “Maariv” that he is looking forward to the Clinton victory and he fantasizes how Clinton, after the elections, “sits Netanyahu down” like a master to a slave, and says to him: “Mr Netanyahu, you have been playing foolish games and leading us on for too long…etc.” It is no wonder that the low life who fathered Aviv Gefen, is a lot worse, as it is written, “For out of the serpents root shall come forth a basilisk” -that is, evil can only produce evil (Isiah, 14:29) He informs us that he is not Jew, but an Israeli. He says that the land is not his, and calls for the youth to leave the country. With his putrid mouth he compares Yigal Amir to Hitler.

Left Up to Old Tricks

A day does not pass where PM Netanyahu is not attacked by the left for being a right-wing warmonger. It is simply mind boggling. It doesn’t seem to matter what Mr. Netanyahu does — he can warmly shake the hand of Arafat; he can speak to him as an old friend; he can agree to give up Hebron; he can throw out hints to Syria about making concessions; he can continue to harass the “extreme” right and allow the leftist media to remain in control – all this is just a partial list of Netanyahu’s vain attempts to satisfy the left. Yet nothing seems to help. They continue to defame him as a stubborn, militant, extremist, etc., etc.

Yosi Bellin out did everyone when he suggested that the Prime Minister be boycotted during the Knesset meetings! That is, to leave the Knesset whenever Netanyahu speaks! Not to cooperate with him!

There is a precedent to all this. When Rabbi Kahane was in the Knesset, they boycotted him. The left and right would exit the Knesset hall whenever the Rav made his speeches (though most made sure to listen to his words from outside the hall…). And behold, now the Prime Minister (!) Netanyahu, is experiencing the same hatred. None of his groveling efforts to appease the left can help him. The sheer hatred towards anyone who even APPEARS IN THEIR EYES to represent something Jewish or nationalistic is so vicious.

And so Binyamin Netanyahu – perhaps at this critical hour you will understand that it is better to change your ways, and to be courageous enough to return to what so many people thought you were supposed to be.

Shulamit Aloni

Shulamit Aloni’s abrupt departure from politics gladdened the hearts of many religious Jews. And indeed, at first glance, such joy is justified as the sages tell us in the mishnah in Masechet Sanhedrin, (8:5): “The dispersion of the wicked is good for them and good for the world”.

But one must probe beyond the spontaneous reaction and examine the situation in-depth. Out of all the extreme-leftist-Hellenists, what made Aloni so “special”? What made her the front-runner and the symbol in the war against Judaism that takes place today in Israel? It is precisely from her resignation where we can know the answer to this question. She said that the reason she quit was because her fellow Knesset party members were too pragmatic, and constantly muffled her huge mouth (for the good of the “peace process”), but she, so consumed with hatred for Judaism, could not restrain herself…

As surprising as it may sound, the brusque and insolent Shulamit Aloni is infinitely preferred to the smooth-talking Yossi Sarid. Why? Because what the Jewish People need is a clear choice between the two contradicting world outlooks that permeate Israeli society today; to decide between two conflicting life philosophies which are dissimilar in every way – Judaisms. Hellenism. Both world views must be presented clearly before the people and decided upon once and for all before it is too late.

In order for the people to decide and to finally put the matter at rest, two prerequisite conditions must be met. Firstly, the Jewish truth must be presented clearly and without distortion, because if we water it down for all kinds of practical reasons, how will the people be able to choose? The second condition is for the people to know exactly what the other side thinks – and that is what made the outspoken and uninhibited Aloni so “valuable” to the cause. For if the choice is presented clearly, we believe that the majority of Jews in Israel are still “gut ” Jews – that is, they are still healthy enough in spirit to choose “life”, (Judaism) over “death”(Hellenism).

In one of her first interviews following her withdrawal, Aloni, free-tongued as never before, savagely lashed into the “Hesder” yeshiva soldiers: “People say they are highly motivated. For sure. But Yigal Amir was also highly motivated. The question is : Where are they drawing their motivation from? “How keen! How razor-sharp she states the Hellenist case! Here are the leaders of the national religious camp constantly trying to justify and
legitimize themselves by saying that the “Hesder” boys are full of motivation, and do not realize that it is precisely this motivation that bothers their counterparts. For the leftist, religious motivation combined with militarism and nationalism is a deadly duo – dangerous fanaticism!

Our task is to sharpen and clarify both positions, for it is the only way to save the Jewish masses from the Hellenists. The blurring over of issues and the ambiguity only serves the goals of the left, since the people get caught up and bogged down with all kinds of slogans about “unity” and “peace” without grasping the crux of the issue, and simply get sucked along for the ride. In the long run, a well-defined clarification of both positions will
save this country from bloody civil war. We must not ignore the simple fact that two camps with totally opposite ideologies are on a massive collision course. 2,500 years ago we witnessed the same confrontation(Hanukah).

That is why we are around. So that someone in the Jewish camp will present the complete Jewish point of view without fear and apologies, and in so doing, offer a genuine alternative to the extreme left.

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