Har Homa

Binyamin Netanyhau said that he doesn’t want to build now on Har Homa, because “concerning Jerusalem, one should do, and not talk!”… Did you get that? Neither did we. The only question remaining is: Did half the nation voted for a valium pill, a clown, or just a plain liar?

But we can calm down. They tell us that for Jerusalem, there is a”consensus”. What a bad joke! What does that mean, a “consensus”? That there is a consensus to shout slogans like, “Jerusalem is ours forever and ever…?” After all, let’s say everyone is really for that. So what? How far are they willing to go for it? Are they still ready to cling to Jerusalem, even if it means there will be battles similar, or much worse than those that erupted when the Kotel tunnel was opened? Is Jerusalem important enough for them to jeopordize the “peace process”?

Netanyahu has already given the answer. NO. There is no one in this “nationalist right-wing” coalition who is even willing to make Jerualem thered line, if the price is war with Arafat, Yimachshmo. And so, it is guaranteed that Jerusalem, too, like a fruit from a tree, will fall into Arafat’s hands. Because the ARABS are willing to fight for it!!! And when only one side is willing to fight for something, that side wins.

We have had enough of the politicians. They have no faith. They have no plan. They have no ideology. And in the end, as Shimeon Peres says: They have no alternative!

Is there really no alternative? Only he who lacks faith fears the Jewish and normal alternative which is so obvious. And so, without fear, we will continue to warn the people about these “nationalist” losers and defeatists, and we will offer the Jewish alternative. FAITH IN G-D WITHOUT FEAR OF THE GENTILE – THIS IS THE GAME PLAN FOR THE SURIVIAL OF THE JEWISH STATE!!

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