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Arabs Threatening Arabs Who Sell Land to Jews: Nazi Law?

“Nazi Law” or War over the Land of Israel? The Advisor to the Prime Minister, David Bar Ilan, claims that the prohibition declared by the Palestinian Authority to sell land to Jews is “Nazi law”. Many from the right were … Continue reading

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Yom Yerushalaim: On Hussein

Here is our Jerusalem Day riddle. Who made the following quote?: “kill the Jews wherever you reach them. Kill them with your arms, kill them with your hands, with you finger nails, with your teeth.” Arafat? Nasser? No. It was … Continue reading

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On Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations

The murder of Yizchak Rabin has left so many Jews confused. I am not talking about the self-righteous Israeli media, who, ad nauseam, toil to create a nationwide atmosphere that doesn’t exist. Anyone who lives amongst his people knows that … Continue reading

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Two Funerals: Rabin and Kahane

The fact that the Yohrzeit dates for Yitchak Rabin and Rabbi Kahane are so close (the non-Hebrew date is the same) is no coincidence. The sages also compare two funerals, one of a righteous leader, and one of a wicked … Continue reading

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Emor: What Is a Jewish Leader?

Democracy has twisted the concept of leaders from people who are supposed to lead the people into people who chase after the herd and who are lead by the people and their consensus. Democratic leaders seek to be loved by … Continue reading

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