On Timings and Kotel Tunnel

The attacks by the left for the opening of the “tunnel of the Kotel” are known to all. More interesting, though, is what the so-called right had to say about it. The minister Moshe Katzav for example, a man of myopic proportions, publicly stated that it was a mistake. But what is more interesting was the reaction of those who are considered to be more ideologically motivated. Following the riots, we were not surprised to see a general support for the act. But that’s only generally speaking, because everyone spoke about the bad “timing” of the act. Thus wrote the “hawk” Yoske Shapira: “And in any case, one must say the truth in the open, that any sensitive subject needs the proper timing – and all the more so when dealing with a state which is in need of every drop of good will it can get (from the goy). They don’t understand a thing. He who speaks of “timing” in this generation does not grasp the essence of the struggle taking place. The whole struggle in this generation is one of sanctifying G-d’s Name, and the main thing G-d demands of us is to participate in the sanctification of His Name, and notto desecrate It. Sanctification of His Name can only be IN THE OPEN, infront of the television cameras, like in the exodus of Egypt which was “inthe self-same day” and not in the fog of the night like Pharo wanted. ForMoshe knew to tell him: “Like thieves we are going to leave at night? Wewill only leave in the light of day before the eyes of all of Egypt!” That’sright. Not like thieves in the night! You don’t open the tunnel in the nighthoping that the Arabs won’t pay attention. You don’t look for the propertiming “from an international point of view”. On the contrary. You invitethe world media and you open up the tunnel before their eyes, and informthem that it is our country and our Jerusalem, and it’s too bad. Yes, Yoske Shapira, Kiddush Hashem! Much of the tragedy that is befalling us has been caused by the “national camp” since the days of Begin, and it is because of this perverted conceptof “the right timing.” And between me and you – has there ever been in the last hundred years one “appropriate” time? But we are here. Sanctify G-d’s Name. Kiddush Hashem. This is the secret of our generation. This is the key to a true Jewish state.

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