Update on Political Prisoners

Benyamin Ze’ev Kahane wrote this article in 5756 (1996), fifteen years ago. What has changed? Have the authorities stopped arresting Jews for the crime of teaching Torah that opposes the government and its policies? Tell that to Rabbi Ginsburg, who 15 years after this article was written, has been imprisoned again for writing a well researched and sourced halacha book “Torat HaMelech”, and Rav Dov Lior who was also imprisoned for writing a hakdama (recommendation) for the said sefer. Maybe we should also mention Haim Pearlman, who was sent to prison and possibly tortured for showing the whole nation what a joke Shaba”k really is (the joke’s on them — he was released, and they are still losers). Today there are still many Jews languishing in Israeli prisons for various crimes such as self-defense, ‘sedition’, and incitiment. Think about how you could help these proud and strong Jews in their difficult struggles, today.

There is no more appropriate time than Passover, which is the Holiday of Freedom (“Chag Hacharut”), to mention the 30 political prisoners who languish in Israeli prison AND ARE NOT FREE MEN – because they wanted to see their people free men.

And now, the newest crime at the top of the agenda of the Israeli authorities is the speaking of truth. Binyamin Kahane was sentenced to four months for “rebellion”, and most recently Baruch Merzel was sentenced to three months imprisonment for the uttering of a single word, calling Faisel Husseini (“Ya mach shmo”) a “murderer” in a court room!

And Rabbi Yitzchak Ginzberg Shlita joins the list of rabbis who have been tossed into jail. He joins Rabbi Moshe Levinger Shlita who was sentenced to prison for 7 months for performing a mitzvah, and he also joins Rabbi Ido Elba Shlita who has already sat a year and half in prison for a Torah essay he wrote.

The edicts which the authorities have set down against Torah have become harsher and harsher. For they know that the real danger to their power is the Torah truth which these rabbis are willing to express. But on this Passover Holiday, we come to teach the tyrants a lesson: While you may be able to imprison our bodies, you cannot break our spirit! You will not subdue the truth – you will only sharpen it through your falsehood. For it is the speaking of the Jewish truth which is the front-burner issue in the struggle for redemption today.

One thought on “Update on Political Prisoners”

  1. B”H – Perhaps it’s time to move on and compose a new jigsaw-puzzle from the signs in front of our very eyes: Is Israel a Jewish State or has the Jewish narrative been hijacked – since the beginnings of its establishment and turned into a historic bluff, precisely to disfranchise the Jewish people? Or: Is it in any way feasible to sustain that the UN can be behind the creation of a Jewish State?

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