The Right of the Public to Know

The media’s general lack of coverage of the trial of “Zu Artzeinu” which had been going on for the last two years and concluded with the conviction of Shmuell Sackett and Moshe Feiglin to public service, is astonishing. After all, “Zu Artzeinu” received wide coverage for blocking the roads, etc., something the media could not possibly ignore. And now, when they are brought to trial for these very actions, how could they be totally ignored?

For the sake of comparison, let us assume that the trial was for the leaders of “There is a Limit” (Yesh Gvul) for their actions against the war in Lebanon. Without a doubt, the media would not miss a hearing, and it would receive massive coverage (and of course they would not stop attacking the lack of freedom of expression which the very essence of the trial expresses, but that is another story). Certainly the sentencing would dominate the headlines, and the accused would be lauded as heroes (at least similar to the fashion that Feiglin and Sackett were portrayed in Arutz 7)

In my opinion, we can no longer suffice with answers that it is a “hostile media” (which is true in its own right), but rather we should also realize the answer lies in the fact that it is a “detached media”. The media is madeup of a specific type of person, who lives a certain lifestyle and is partof a certain culture. They simply do not live or feel the trial of “Zu Artzeinu”, precisely in the way they do not understand the “language” of the settlers or religious Jews as a whole. The activities of the Egyptian ambassador Muhmad Basyoni, for example, appear as a regular item in their daily gossip column, because those are the circles that they hang out in.

In other words, two different nations have sprouted, with the media people, judiciary types, and the rest of the “elite” at the helm of one group, while on the other side is that part of the Jewish People who still feel connected in their gut to Judaism – the religious, the traditional, and the nationalist Jews. The media folk live in the political, jet-set, Bohemian world, and report the news accordingly. But the “other side of the nation” they simply are not familiar with, and their news coverage reflects it.

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