Ban the Media

In the western world, the mass media possesses awesome power andinfluence. It is they who determine the national agenda, and at times, even the international agenda. War can even break out due to a subject which the media decided was important enough to put on the top of it’sagenda.

Now what happens in a situation like Israel’s, when the media, with all it’s influence, is so bias in issues so critical, to the extent that it is termed by a huge percentage of the people as the “hostile media”? What happens when the media incites against anything Jewish or nationalist; breaks the morale of the nation; instills foreign and dangerous values into Israeli society? Certainly, this is a most dangerous situation!

And behold, in such a situation, a nationalist person working in the public sphere is at the mercy of this very media. He is dependent on it, in need of it’s exposure. In such a situation, he must “update” and “adjust” his views, adopting large chunks of the media’s mind set, for the media already decided that he who does not do so is on the “outside”, or “banned”. And thus we witness the watered down stances of the nationalist campleaders, who constantly feel on the defensive.

Our teacher, Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY”D, was quite unique in this sense, never allowing the media to dictate to him the tone, and even fought back against them. As expected, they banned him and did not cover his activities.

In order to deal with this problem, there has been an attempt over the last decade to establish alternate media channels. But to a certain extent, this is running away from the problem. Because IT IS NOT ENOUGH. It is true, that “Do good” (“Ase Tov”) is important, but without the second part of the verse, “Remove Evil” (“Sur Me Rah”), it just won’t work. Those faithful to Torah and Am Yisroel must, in a consolidated effort, cut off this dependency on the media! If not, the media will continue to determine the agenda, and everyone will continue dancing to the tune of their fiddle.

The command of the hour is an all out fight against the media! He who does not want to see the victory of the secular ideological left, and the elimination of the religious “status-quo”, has got to understand this. A blacking out of the hostile media by the “settlers” and “nationalist” camp will get a message through to the people that we don’t accept their dictums.

For sure, there is a problem in all this. Who will be willing to engage in face to face war against the media, when he is at their mercy on a daily basis?

But if all the good people would get together and initiate a blackout against the media, then this, and only this, would bring honor to the alternative channels. Only in such a way will they succeed in determining the national agenda, and not just play second fiddle (at best).

This is a difficult challenge, but it is for the good of Am Yisrael. Thisis REAL LOVE OF JEWS! Let us be strong and courageous.

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