Blood Suckers

Don’t blame the journalists. What do you want from them? Don’t youunderstand that the very essence of their profession forces them to dealwith unpleasant matters? Don’t get down on them. Don’t you see that theyhave to look for juicy gossip and blood curdling stories. After all, whowould buy their product if they didn’t? They must fabricate facts andenhance their stories. If not, how could they make a living? Don’t blame thecameramen, who desecrate the holy with their flashbulbs and turn any seriousmatter into a sensationalist spectacle. If it wasn’t for them, how would beable to view all those abominable pictures and humiliating poses? Don’tblame them. Don’t you see, they have to put food on the table…

It was nothing out of the ordinary when a whole gang stood over dying peoplein that tunnel in France, and engaged in their “work”. First aid? Not forthem! “Journalism is holy work”. There was nothing strange about it. It’snormal. They are not ashamed of it either. When the Arabs wanted to lynch aJew in the center of Ramallah, many photographers gathered around and diligentlyfilmed it. The work paid off. It’s not every day one can supply his employerwith close-up footage of a man begging for his life while his skull is smashedand one eye is out of it’s socket. This is what is called in the profession,a “good picture.” But don’t blame them. It’s their job. Garbage men are notashamed of the work they do.

In France they want to put the photographers on trial. But in the State ofIsrael, you would never have such a thing. “Freedom of the media” standsabove all! The judiciary will not limit the freedom of the media. After all,the two are in cahoots – one hand washes the other.

So don’t get too upset with them. They’re just doing their job – spilling our blood.

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