What is Respected and What is Observed

Before the elections, billboards all over the country carried the following ad: A youth with a yarmulke arm in arm with a youth without a yarmulke, and the following written: “Observe (keep) the democracy, respect the tradition”. This was supposed to tell us that there is no contradiction between democracy and tradition, and there can be co-existence between them. The Jew behind the ad campaign is Zalman Bernstein, who later invested 60 million dollars to send postcards with the above slogan to every household in Israel.

But through a closer look at the slogan itself, it becomes clear that even Zalman himself has doubts about the two concepts coexisting. Fact: According to him, democracy is the ultimate value, and one must “observe” or “keep” it. The religion, which is secondary, must be “respected”.

In any case, if all parties agree, we suggest as a compromise the following change: “Observe the tradition, respect the democracy”…

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