Don’t Learn Don’t Burn

In our last column we reported on the cancellation of the Bible tests as a prerequisite to a High School diploma. We said that the way Bible is taught in the Israeli schools (it is like a lesson in heresy), it is preferable that they don’t learn Bible at all. And behold, it was reported in the Israeli media something which is unfortunately nothing new – a student burned a Bible after being tested on it.

Indeed, the Bible must not be considered “material” that has to be learned for examinations. It must be something lofty and convey holiness for one who just looks at it. The Bible is not “beautiful literature” or a book of history that requires “updates” and a balance of “counter sources”. And so for the state educational institutions which turned the Bible into something ancient, boring and hated, it’s better off they don’t learn it, and don’t burn it.

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