Excerpts from Shiur

I’m opening up with what is written in Judges, Chapter 3: “Now these are the nations which the Lord left to put Yisrael to the test by them…” It’s a strange verse – that G-d left the nations amongst us to “test us”. But that’s it: the biggest test was always the existence of the goyim in Eretz Yisrael. This was always the key issue which determined whether we would accept the yoke of Heaven and expel them, or not. Each time, for one reason or another, it was the crucial test, and the criterion for true belief. Of course, in this generation, one can see how this is the issue that tests us. How few people are willing to self-sacrifice on this issue. Everyone is getting themselves organized for their private struggle. Hebron is worrying about Hebron, Gush Ezion knows it is in trouble and they are gearing themselves for battle over Gush Ezion. The same thing with the Jordan Valley settlements. The same thing with the Temple Mount. Everybody on their own personal battle, but no one tackles this issue, even though it is the only thing that can really save us. But it isn’t nice, you get labeled racist for it.

Let’s face it. To struggle every day to get 30 boys to learn in Shchem is not the battle. Shchem is already lost – what are you doing? Is this where the efforts of our best people should lie? To build five more houses in Hebron? OK – let some people worry about it. But everyone! All of the finest and dedicated Jews around have to put their efforts into this. The government doesn’t really care about five more houses. They can deal with it – it doesn’t really hinder them – it’s only a little thorn in their sides. Why make this the grand goal? Does it matter anymore if we get to enter the Temple Mount in groups of fives instead of twos? And maybe one day they’ll even let us have a minyan in some corner where nobody sees! All the good Jews who fight for this are doing a great mitzvah – but can’t some of these good Jews fight on the larger front – The battle of Judaism vs. Hellenism which is so accentuated by the Arab problem. What’s the worse that can happen – they will be called a racist? At least if you win, you save the entire picture. But if your entire goal is to add five more houses in Hebron, than you end up sucumbing to the hellenists in order to find favor in their eyes – that is, to denounce “extremist” Jews, to compromise on ideology – after all, you set your goal as five more houses, and so this is what you have to do to get it. The problem is, people don’t want a bad stigma. But the fact is, the leftist hates the settlers in Hebron exactly like they hate the Kahanists.

Our job is to speak the truth and fight the major battle. We don’t care if we are called racists. There is this new slogan, “words can kill”. Words can also “make one live”. Our goal is to spread words of truth among the people. Only this can bring the change…

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