Prisoner Exchange

The return of the bodies of the soldiers Yosef Fink and Rachamim Elshich, May G-d Avenge their Blood, after the mental torture that their families endured – was looked upon as a great “achievement” for us. Experts were quick to talk about “breakthroughs” in relations with the Hizbollah. And so the main point was forgotten: The two soldiers were murdered in cold blood by their captors!! And not one of us is shocked in the least. We take this lowly behavior of the Arab as something for granted. Where is the justice that the State of Israel should be demanding for the blood of her children and soldiers that has been spilled in such a cheap way.

But we have grown used to it all. Arabs act like vulgar wild animals, and we play the gentlemen, obeying the international law to the T.

And we recently saw another example of this sickness. Parallel to the scandalous decision of Weizman and Netanyahu to grant pardons for”Palestinian” terrorist murderers, it was decided that the sentences of some of the Jewish prisoners should be lightened. And the truth was, that just hearing such news warmed the heart for a moment, despite the fact that it was done to legitimize the atrocity of releasing Arab murderers. But the joy was premature. To counter the release of Arab terrorists, it turned out that the following decisions were made: Dani Eizman received 17.5 years, Nir Efroni got 22 years, Alan Goodman 24 years, and Nachshon Walls 15 years. What “balance”! How even handed! And let’s not forget that Yehoram Shkolnick, who was given a life sentence for killing a terrorist, was not even mentioned. This is pure evil! Oy to the nation that pardons its enemies and abandons its lovers!

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