Bombing of the King David Hotel

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the blowing up of the King David Hotel by the Irgun. We often discuss the history of the Lehi and Irgun in order to remind and educate ourselves of the self-sacrifice that is necessary in order to bring change and to swiften the redemption.

In these days of materialism and unraveling of the social fiber, along with the total breakdown of national morale, the awesome spirit of self-sacrifice has become a thing of the past. But we must pay attention to the fact that there are a few Jews today who have followed the footsteps of past heroes, and have undertaken deeds of “msirut nefesh”. Many are sitting in jails today, as prisoners of Zion inside Zion. In certain respects, their sacrifice is even greater than their predecessors of the Jewish undergrounds of the Irgun and Lehi, because today’s incitement against any national sentiment, along with the self-hate and emphasis on materialism is so much stronger than it ever was in past times.

We must remember that while the action of the blowing up of the King David Hotel is considered heroic today, it certainly was not considered as such atthe time it was done. Then, it was condemned as “terrorism”, “insanity”, and”violent”. Let this comfort us and teach us that the condemned of today are the heroes of tomorrow, and today, as well, let us not get upset by those who attack the right and the righteous, for their light will surely shine tomorrow.

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