Judges or Shills?

Question: In light of the strong opposition to the authority of the Supreme Court in Israel, the religious parties are demanding as a solution to increase the number of religious judges in the system. Does this offer some sort of a solution to the problem?

Answer: The root of the disease is the Supreme Court of Israel. This institution is spearheading an all-out war of Hellenism vs. Judaism and Jews. The basic “torah” of this institution is to eliminate the existence of Jewishness in the Jewish state, as it step by step transforms Israel into a gentilized western democracy. Let us remember the decisions by it’s “President”, Aharon Barak which set precedents which determined that when there is a contradiction between a Jewish state and a democratic one, democracy always comes first. More than that, he ruled that the meaning of the concept “Jewish state” and “Jewish values” is ONLY VALID IF IT SITS WELL WITH WESTERN DEMOCRATIC VALUES! Anything else is banned as being “racist” or “primitive”.

Therefore, the mere increasing of the number of religious judges into the system won’t change in the slightest the root of the problem. Rather, it would only add to the Hillul Hashem, since these judges will have to remove from themselves the yoke of heaven, and receive upon themselves the yoke ofthe gentile laws. Indeed, if one looks at the past deeds of the religious judges in this country, he will reveal, unsurprisingly, that they have nevermade any decisions based on halacha! They were simply “tokens” (in Hebrew,the slang, “token” is from the same root as “judge” – editors note) for the gentile system of laws, sometimes being forced into it, and sometimes doing it out of their own free will, and in order to cover their nakedness, they quoted some Jewish source, perverting it out of its context.

A classic example of a religious judge who played the token is Menachem Alon, the famous “religious” ex-Supreme Court judge, whose primary role wasto put a “Kosher” sign on every impurity, and to bring “sources” to back it up. And in so doing, he distorted Torah and desecrated G-d’s Name case after case, as he in his own words gave advice to the Israeli judiciary – “to connect it to our historical past, and to decide what to take from the Hebrew system of laws and what not to take.”

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