Uzi Landau

Uzi Landau, who has always been one of the last true ideologues remaining in the Likud and through the years has succeeded, relatively speaking, not to sell out his personal ideals, has finally bit the dust like the rest of them.

In an interview with “Mabat” (before the elections), Landau proclaimed proudly in almost prophetic fashion that, “To Gaza and Shchem we will not return!” If he had made such a statement less enthusiastically and just to please Bibi, we might understand. But having said it with such fervor, we now understand that the politician in him has finally got the best of him.

Not only has the famous Betar cry, “Two sides to the Jordan, they are both ours” become a mockery, but now even the side of the Jordan which is left -“To Gaza and Shchem we will not return!” Perhaps the time has arrived that we understood that the nationalistic cry, “Two sides of the Jordan” without faith in God and a connection to the Jewish sources never had a chance in the first place.

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