Botched Assassination Attempt in Jordan

The attempt to liquidate Khaled Mishal (Y”mach Sh’mo) in Jordan epitomizes the entire Netanyahu administration. Every once in a while, Netanyahu decides to do something grand. But each time, Netanyahu gets cold feet and botches things up.

This time as well, after making the important decision to knock off the Sultan snake who was taking cover in the calm and tranquillity of Hussein’s domain, Netanyahu proceeded to trip over his own feet as only he knows how.

The problem is not the blunder that occurred during the mission itself, as the media tries to force down our throats. Because the simple fact which the media works so hard to make us forget, is that the operation itself was a success, executed exactly according to plan! True, those performing themission were caught. But that is always liable to occur. Certainly it is not THE problem.

The real problem is that after the plan succeeded, and they poisoned the Sultan snake (as Netanyahu coined him), Netanyahu rushed to send medicine to revive the dying snake, all because of the insolent threats of Hussein, who provides the Hamas with comfortable lodging and snug accommodations in his country. Not only that, but he releases Yassin, Y’mach shmo, and tens of terrorists along with him!

This is not a one time thing. It absolutely characterizes Netanyahu’s “fear of goy” policy. Over and over again, he starts out on the right track, but when the going gets tough and the condemnations from outside and (especially) inside begin, he feels his world collapsing, and hurries to wipe out any achievement, or to pay off the Arabs for his action. Such was the case at the Kotel tunnel, where the payoff was Hebron. So it was in Har Homa, where the payoff was the first phase withdrawl. So it was in Raas El Amud, where the payoff was obscene promises which led to a renewing of the talks.

Conclusion: Even if Netanyahu wants to do the right thing, he hasn’t the courage to stand up for what he believes in, but rather puts his tail between his legs and backs out.

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