Who Respects Women?

The cultural war taking in place in Israel, which is one of the subjects wehave stressed for a long time now, has reached new heights. This time we aretalking about the event in Yatir Forest which was initiated by the army-preparatory schools. The moment the rabbis of the religious preparatory schools announced that they cannot participate in the event if women singers will be performing, the media geared themselves for attack.

This time they directed their vicious arrows at the “trampling of women’s honor” by the rabbis. Does the honor of women really concern them? Is there any connection at all between the prohibition in Jewish law of hearing awoman sing and the hurting of her honor? Obviously the very opposite is true. The prohibition stems from the idea to protect the honor and dignity of women, as the sages say: “So that the daughters of Israel won’t be’hefker'” (up for grabs).

But the sad part of this story is that the hellenists succeeded in portraying themselves as the protectors of the honor of women. They who fill the streets of the cities of Israel with pictures of abominations, whose very essence is the cheapening and degradation of women – they are the one stalking about honoring women? They, who over the last few years have cheapened and degraded the integrity of the daughters of Israel to such an extent that Jewish history knows no precedent? They speak of honoring women?

We have no qualms about speaking so harshly about the differences betweenthese two cultures. For we know that what is really taking place is not an argument between “religious” and “secular”, but rather a war between a handful of hellenists obsessed with western culture versus the heritage of our fathers which the gentiles never succeeded to destroy, and which Jews won’t succeed either.

Because of this, it was sad to hear one side speak so bluntly, while the religious side spoke out of the sides of their mouths. My G-d! What are you apologizing about! Nothing will convince the public more than a sticking to one’s principles and the halacha, without trying to sound “nice”. One does not have to be “religious” to oppose the drugs, violence, and pornography which plague Israeli society today. A strong and proud stance will not alienate the masses, who still seek values for their children, and know instinctively that hellenism is not the way.

Illogical compromises do not give honor to Torah, especially when the hellenists are not interested in compromises, but rather in a total crushing of Torat Yisrael.

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Ban the Media

In the western world, the mass media possesses awesome power andinfluence. It is they who determine the national agenda, and at times, even the international agenda. War can even break out due to a subject which the media decided was important enough to put on the top of it’sagenda.

Now what happens in a situation like Israel’s, when the media, with all it’s influence, is so bias in issues so critical, to the extent that it is termed by a huge percentage of the people as the “hostile media”? What happens when the media incites against anything Jewish or nationalist; breaks the morale of the nation; instills foreign and dangerous values into Israeli society? Certainly, this is a most dangerous situation!

And behold, in such a situation, a nationalist person working in the public sphere is at the mercy of this very media. He is dependent on it, in need of it’s exposure. In such a situation, he must “update” and “adjust” his views, adopting large chunks of the media’s mind set, for the media already decided that he who does not do so is on the “outside”, or “banned”. And thus we witness the watered down stances of the nationalist campleaders, who constantly feel on the defensive.

Our teacher, Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY”D, was quite unique in this sense, never allowing the media to dictate to him the tone, and even fought back against them. As expected, they banned him and did not cover his activities.

In order to deal with this problem, there has been an attempt over the last decade to establish alternate media channels. But to a certain extent, this is running away from the problem. Because IT IS NOT ENOUGH. It is true, that “Do good” (“Ase Tov”) is important, but without the second part of the verse, “Remove Evil” (“Sur Me Rah”), it just won’t work. Those faithful to Torah and Am Yisroel must, in a consolidated effort, cut off this dependency on the media! If not, the media will continue to determine the agenda, and everyone will continue dancing to the tune of their fiddle.

The command of the hour is an all out fight against the media! He who does not want to see the victory of the secular ideological left, and the elimination of the religious “status-quo”, has got to understand this. A blacking out of the hostile media by the “settlers” and “nationalist” camp will get a message through to the people that we don’t accept their dictums.

For sure, there is a problem in all this. Who will be willing to engage in face to face war against the media, when he is at their mercy on a daily basis?

But if all the good people would get together and initiate a blackout against the media, then this, and only this, would bring honor to the alternative channels. Only in such a way will they succeed in determining the national agenda, and not just play second fiddle (at best).

This is a difficult challenge, but it is for the good of Am Yisrael. Thisis REAL LOVE OF JEWS! Let us be strong and courageous.

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The Right of the Public to Know

The media’s general lack of coverage of the trial of “Zu Artzeinu” which had been going on for the last two years and concluded with the conviction of Shmuell Sackett and Moshe Feiglin to public service, is astonishing. After all, “Zu Artzeinu” received wide coverage for blocking the roads, etc., something the media could not possibly ignore. And now, when they are brought to trial for these very actions, how could they be totally ignored?

For the sake of comparison, let us assume that the trial was for the leaders of “There is a Limit” (Yesh Gvul) for their actions against the war in Lebanon. Without a doubt, the media would not miss a hearing, and it would receive massive coverage (and of course they would not stop attacking the lack of freedom of expression which the very essence of the trial expresses, but that is another story). Certainly the sentencing would dominate the headlines, and the accused would be lauded as heroes (at least similar to the fashion that Feiglin and Sackett were portrayed in Arutz 7)

In my opinion, we can no longer suffice with answers that it is a “hostile media” (which is true in its own right), but rather we should also realize the answer lies in the fact that it is a “detached media”. The media is madeup of a specific type of person, who lives a certain lifestyle and is partof a certain culture. They simply do not live or feel the trial of “Zu Artzeinu”, precisely in the way they do not understand the “language” of the settlers or religious Jews as a whole. The activities of the Egyptian ambassador Muhmad Basyoni, for example, appear as a regular item in their daily gossip column, because those are the circles that they hang out in.

In other words, two different nations have sprouted, with the media people, judiciary types, and the rest of the “elite” at the helm of one group, while on the other side is that part of the Jewish People who still feel connected in their gut to Judaism – the religious, the traditional, and the nationalist Jews. The media folk live in the political, jet-set, Bohemian world, and report the news accordingly. But the “other side of the nation” they simply are not familiar with, and their news coverage reflects it.

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Blood Suckers

Don’t blame the journalists. What do you want from them? Don’t youunderstand that the very essence of their profession forces them to dealwith unpleasant matters? Don’t get down on them. Don’t you see that theyhave to look for juicy gossip and blood curdling stories. After all, whowould buy their product if they didn’t? They must fabricate facts andenhance their stories. If not, how could they make a living? Don’t blame thecameramen, who desecrate the holy with their flashbulbs and turn any seriousmatter into a sensationalist spectacle. If it wasn’t for them, how would beable to view all those abominable pictures and humiliating poses? Don’tblame them. Don’t you see, they have to put food on the table…

It was nothing out of the ordinary when a whole gang stood over dying peoplein that tunnel in France, and engaged in their “work”. First aid? Not forthem! “Journalism is holy work”. There was nothing strange about it. It’snormal. They are not ashamed of it either. When the Arabs wanted to lynch aJew in the center of Ramallah, many photographers gathered around and diligentlyfilmed it. The work paid off. It’s not every day one can supply his employerwith close-up footage of a man begging for his life while his skull is smashedand one eye is out of it’s socket. This is what is called in the profession,a “good picture.” But don’t blame them. It’s their job. Garbage men are notashamed of the work they do.

In France they want to put the photographers on trial. But in the State ofIsrael, you would never have such a thing. “Freedom of the media” standsabove all! The judiciary will not limit the freedom of the media. After all,the two are in cahoots – one hand washes the other.

So don’t get too upset with them. They’re just doing their job – spilling our blood.

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Media and Micronesia

While 170 countries voted to condemn Israel for their building on Har Homa, two stood against them: the United States and … Micronesia. The Israeli media got strange kicks out of all this, treating this country Mikronesia with utter mockery. After all, one is able to understand the United States. They must be “evenhanded”, retaining their status as a “fair mediator” in order to maintain their influence over Israel. But what about this Micronesia, who no one ever even heard of. Why does it dare vote for us? Are they ultra-nationalists, fascists, fundamentalists, cannibals and imperialist types? Perhaps Israel, out of it’s special sensitivity for human rights, should impose economic embargos on Micronesia for supporting such a fascist state?..

These words indeed are expressed in a sarcastic tone. But it is really true that the media in Israel is not capable of understanding how there could exist a country in the world that supports Israel! It is clear to them that if THEY had stood in the place of Micronesia, they would have joined the world condemnations against Israel. And this is the entire tragedy in a nutshell.

Let us at this juncture again mention Tatiana Susskina, a young Russian immigrant who is accused by the authorities as an “enemy of the state”, and has been sentenced to jail without bail and without a trial. Tatiana came to Israel as a proud Jew, but found out that here, Mohammed is considered holier than the G-d of Israel. She found out that he who throws a lone stone at an Arab car is more dangerous than those who throw thousands of molatov cocktails on the Jews of Hebron. She found out that the Mufti who incites to kill Jews daily (and is even invited to the chief Rabbinate so we could beg for forgiveness), is given freedom of expression, while Jews are forbidden to express their opinion on Mohammed.

In a place where there are no people with courage, we will be those who will not sit quietly against this terrible injustice!!

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Freedom of Speech

We called the new religious radio station, “Kol Chai”, which was set up to soothe the religious Jews demands for equal time in mass media, and told them that we want to advertise on their station for the “Haggadah of the Jewish Idea”. Upon hearing the name of the Haggadah, and that it has Binyamin Kahane’s commentary, they said that they must check with the”Rishut HaShniya” if they can advertise it. That is to say, this new radiostation, which is supposed to be independent, is actually subservient to the same Israeli broadcasting network. They called us back and said that they want to see a small sample of the Haggadah. We had to decide what to fax them. Hmm. The first page should be safe enough – it has “Kiddush”, etc.But there was a problem. In the Kiddush, when it says “And You chose us fromall the nations”, there was a bit of a “racist” comment which we brought from Rav Kook. No good. Let’s try the next page. Much better. Real parve.”Ha Lachma…” Nothing too inflammatory. So we faxed them…

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Shabbat and Bar Ilan Street

After several months, the Israeli Supreme Court decided that Bar Ilan Street will remain open to traffic on Shabbat. I want to take this opportunity to explain how a true Jewish leadership should deal with theissue of Shabbat observance in the public and private sectors, in the present situation we are in today where so many Jews in the Jewish State do not observe Shabbat.

Without a doubt, Shabbat is one of the essential mitzvot that can offer Jewish character to the Jewish State. Not for nothing has Shabbat been the focal point of the struggle all these years between religious Jews and the haters of Judaism. This is because the observance or desecration of Shabbatis something clear-cut that cannot be blurred over. For this reason, thereis no doubt that a true Jewish leadership which would uproot all theanti-Jewish power bases in the media and court system, would also see it asan obligation to give the State of Israel Jewish character by way of Shabbatobservance in the public sphere. To be specific, concerning the seriousproblem of transportation on the Shabbat, there is no doubt that not onlywould the streets in the religious neighborhoods be closed, but it would beforbidden to travel on Shabbat in the entire country, excluding instances of”pekuach nefesh”. Judaism does not belong to one particular sector of thepopulation, and religious Jews should not be worrying only about theirpersonal “Oneg Shabbat” or the spiritual well-being of their children only.G-d forbid! We Jews are all guarantors for one another. Such blatant and massive “Hillul Shabbat” in the Jewish State is a “Hillul Hashem”!

All this is concerning the public sector. Concerning the private sector and what happens inside a person’s home, there is no power at this stage for a Jewish government to get involved. In truth, according to the halacha, there is a responsibility on the Jewish government to punish the transgressor,even if his sin is between him and himself. This is certainly one of the major functions of a Jewish government. The Sefer Chinuch explains the mitzvah “Judges and policemen shall be in all your gates”: “One must appoint judges and police to force him to do mitzvot and Torah, and to return the strays back on the path of truth against their will, and they will comman dthem to do the proper things, and prevent detestable things…” The Chinuch continues: “We must enforce our religion through fear of the masses of our police and army; and by getting them used to going on the proper path out offear, they will learn to make it part of their nature to do what is righteous…”

My father and teacher who thought long and hard on this subject and tried to take hold of the reigns of leadership of this country (a process he started and which we, with G-d’s help, will complete), knew that it was an absoluteobligation to give Jewish character to the public sphere of the country. He knew that a solution had to be given to a public that is at it’s lowest spiritual level, and sees Shabbat as a day for having fun and desecration. This is why he put in his platform a five day work week, where there would be Sunday off as well. This would give the public a chance to “party” on Sunday, but would also give it a true day of rest on Shabbat, and in such a fashion, the people would learn what Shabbat is all about and would be brought closer to Judaism by revealing the true aura of Shabbat.

Friends, it is forbidden to be afraid of the haters of Judaism. For sure, such a program will have them jumping out of their skin. Bur they are such asmall minority. And so I return to the Supreme Court decision on Bar Ilan Street. We have a cultural war going on here. With a government which is supposed to be more nationalistic and Jewish, but is really weak, helpless and hopeless, the hellenists mustered up the courage and gall to raise above all the banner of democracy and hellenism, thus deciding that they are wiser than the public at large, which identifies with Jewish values. Afterwards, they speak of religious coercion, when the truth is that they impose hellenist coercion on the Nation of G-d. We must not remain quiet.

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Insanity and Heroism

In these days of madness and confusion, we have been witness to there defining of some basic concepts. Once upon a time, a hero was one who fought against the enemy and was willing to sacrifice himself for this goal. But now we have a new type of hero – “Captain Avi”, as he has been coined bythe Israeli media, who has become the new darling and hero of the media and the politicians for “taking control” of Noam Friedman while he was shooting in the Hebron market (what a complicated and dangerous task!) and preventing a “slaughter”. He is interviewed everywhere, and such accolades for a hero we had not seen the likes of since the days of “Entebbe”. And indeed, since”Entebbe” which was almost 20 years ago, one can not recall someone or something which has given Israelis national pride – and how long can one expect a nation to go without a hero? So one must start searching.

At first they found Aviv Geffen, and called him the “Cultural Hero”. Not bad, but apparently the “primitive” instinct in the people demanded a military hero. And the leftists found one – Captain Avi. He didn’t hurt the enemy, and he prevented the enemy from being hurt. Beautiful! The perfect hero, so fitting to the spirit of these days of peace! But Noam Friedman is a disgrace, an atrocity, a criminal. And he sits in jail. For us. An upsidedown world we live in.

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Arabs Threatening Arabs Who Sell Land to Jews: Nazi Law?

“Nazi Law” or War over the Land of Israel?

The Advisor to the Prime Minister, David Bar Ilan, claims that the prohibition declared by the Palestinian Authority to sell land to Jews is “Nazi law”. Many from the right were quick to agree with him.

But for the sake of truth, this is all demagoguery. For if the Palestinians, indeed, have national rights to the Land of Israel (as the Government ofIsrael says they do!), it should be expected that they would prohibit the selling of what they see as their land to Jews! Even in Jewish law, there is a similar concept where if one who gives over land to foreign hands, he is considered a traitor who is punished by death.

And let’s not even point out the words of the Rambam who prohibits the selling of the land of Israel to gentiles. (Hilchot Avoda Zara, Chapter 10) The fact is, over a year ago the rabbis of Tzfat gave this “psak halacha”,and the Hellenists accused them of “racism”. But amongst the Arabs there are no hellenists…

Even the Jewish National Fund prohibits selling land to Arabs. Are they also Nazis?

And so, three Arabs who sold land to Jews have been killed so far. The time has arrived that we stopped crying about “Nazi Law”, and realize that we are in a war over the Land of Israel. This Arab law is just part and parcel to that war. In the end, it will go only to one side. The Arabs understand this. When will we?

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Land Day

“But if you will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass that those whom you allow to remain shall be as thorns in your eyes, and stings in your sides, and shall distress you in the land where you dwell”. A verse in Parshat Masay. A verse in parshat “Land Day”. A verse in parshat Har Homa. A verse we refuse to listen to.

Twenty-one years ago (editor note: actually, in 1976), a day was determined as “Land Day” in the State of Israel. This important day was set down by the Arabs of the territories and the Arabs within the state of Israel – the “loyal” ones. They are so loyal, that they determined on “Land Day” that the land of Israel belongs to them. To them and not to us. But we learned nothing, and continued emphasizing how the Israeli Arabs are loyal to us. We forcibly covered our eyes. “Who is blind as my servant”, the prophet Isaiah already told us. We want to be blind. The Arabs say that the land they dwell in belongs to them, and it doesn’t interest us. What does land mean to us? After a 2,000 year exile andbeing cut off from our land, we don’t begin to grasp what land means to the Arab. We have lost our national instincts, even when we are talking about the only land we have.

This past week, Moshe Katzav, who is certainly one of the more worthless ministers in the Israeli government, got up and declared that the Arabs of Israel have lived with us for 49 years, and they will continue to live with us for hundreds of years. What does Katzav, who is considered a religious man, really think? Does he believe in the coming of the Messiah, for example? If so, does he think that the Messiah is some Mafdalnick who will leave the Jew-hating Arabs amongst us? Does he think that in the final war with Gog and Magog, when vengeance will be exacted against all those gentiles who distressed the Jewish People – does he think that the Arabs, who are the major enemy in this generation, will be let off scot-free for the “chesed” they have shown us? But such concepts are too deep for a shallow politician like Katzav, who is mainly concerned with his political standing.

This insanity is not a joke, but rather expresses the overall approach of the Israeli leadership. The time has come where we stopped kidding ourselves, and realize that the Arabs of Israel represent the most concrete danger facing the State of Israel. Each one sees himself as a Palestinian. Can we not understand that the use of the expressions “Land Day” and “We are Palestinians” signify that they believe all the land is theirs? And even if today they realize they don’t have the ability to actualize their dream and therefore adopt pragmatic political means, in the end they believe that the day will come where the State of Israel will be a passing episode. More importantly, the Arab understands that since Israel is a democracy, he can simply rely on his natural growth rate to eventually bring him to his destination. He need not be a majority. It is sufficient for them to be a third of the Knesset, so that they may team up with the treasonous left and cancel the Jewish State. And all this through “peace”, with the support of huge chunks of the Likud and other right-wing parties.

Obviously, we can go on and on. But we’ve said enough. For all this was said by my father, HY”D, twenty-five years ago, and they are obvious to any sane person. And he who doesn’t understand it, simply does not want to understand it, and any further discussion of the issue is a waste of time.

The real war is an internal one. It is between those who are willing to accept upon themselves the concept of “Havdala” between Israel and the nations, and those who are not willing to adopt this concept. It is interesting that in the past, when one spoke on transfer or expulsion, it was opposed by use of practical arguments. (“It isn’t realistic”, “We won’t get money from America”) But today the struggle centers around “racism”. That is, they are saying that even if you are right, it is forbidden since it is “racism”. This is where the war between the Jews and hellenists lies. Between those who believe in the gods of democracy and western culture, and those who believe in the G-d of Israel who gave us Torah and separated between us and the nations. As we come down to the wire, each one of us will have to decide where he is holding. We will no longer be able to straddle both sides of the fence.

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