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Israel has occupied Lebanon for 18 years… but is “occupy” really the correct word when we talk about land inside Eretz Israel? Binyamin Ze’ev Kahane talks about how Israel should deal with Lebanon terroritory, Hezbollah, and the friendly South Lebanon Army.

A Time For Soul Searching

Let thousands of Lebanese citizens be killed, as long as the hair on the head of an Israeli soldier does not fall! Continue reading

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In the aftermath of the tragic helicopter crash, journalists and politicianshave written about and discussed the subject of Lebanon non-stop. Two major points of view are being presented and debated:The first point of view says to leave Lebanon entirely. Chayim … Continue reading

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Helicopter Crash

It is impossible to ignore the tragedy that struck Israel last week, when two helicopter collided and 73 soldiers were killed. In the days thatfollowed, I heard many people speak about the reasons for the tragedy. And despite all the … Continue reading

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