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In 1967, King Hussein told his soldiers “Keep going until you drive them into the sea.” He never took back those words, nor apologized, yet today he is seen as a peacekeeper, our relationship with Jordan as a model for peace, and Yitzhak Rabin as a hero for arranging the said relationship. Binyamin Ze’ev Kahane delves into the details of our relationship with Jordan, showing that our trips to Petra do not constitute real international friendship and cooperation.

His Majesty Arrived

And most importantly – after unprecedented world condemnation and attacks in the U.N., they love us again. After all, the gentiles always love the Jews when they are in the form of corpses. And the Jews, as well, always loved the image of being beat up and made to feel sorry for, for it serves their purpose of being loved by the gentile, at least temporarily. All of this, of course, coming into direct conflict with what my father always said, “I would rather have a strong Israel that is hated by the whole world than an Aushwitz that is loved by it”. Continue reading

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Weapons for Sand

Headline in “Yideot” (20th of Av): “Israel Will Suggest to Jordan The Purchase of  Weapons in Exchange for Sand(!), Cement, and Textile Materials ” The article continues to inform us that Jordan has already acquired a great deal of security-related … Continue reading

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Yom Yerushalaim: On Hussein

Here is our Jerusalem Day riddle. Who made the following quote?: “kill the Jews wherever you reach them. Kill them with your arms, kill them with your hands, with you finger nails, with your teeth.” Arafat? Nasser? No. It was … Continue reading

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