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Ever since Menachem Begin betrayed Yamit, giving over important strategic land to Israel’s arch enemy, such behavior has become the arch-type of the land-for-peace deals the left tries to shove on us. But was real peace with Egypt achieved? Is Egypt a true friend, because they haven’t attacked us recently, or is it just a hudna, a temporary cease-fire so that they can only attack us when they are strong enough to try to defeat us.

Peace Treaty

Those who claim that the recent declarations by Egypt against Israel constitute a breach in the peace treaty are mistaken. According to a recent survey which was recently published, it has become apparent that Egypt has kept the treaty for … Continue reading

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The Bizareness of Shalom

Even before Mubarak practically declared war on Israel after the elections,the Israel bashing and straight-out Jew-hatred in Egypt had been going on for years. On May 5, for example, “Yideot” quoted a veteran “New York Times” journalist and Mid-East expert … Continue reading

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