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Rabbi Benyamin Ze’ev Kahane talks about his Darka Shel Torah, its importance, its opposition to the fraudulent Torah that is so prevalent today, and its perseverences against our enemies schemes.

Darka Shel Torah: Politics Or Halacha?

Question: From time to time, the people who distribute our hard copies of”Darka Shel Torah” in shuls run into problems when certain shuls give them a hard time giving the parsha sheets out. This is nothing new, and the real … Continue reading

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Darka Shel Torah: The Power Of Truth

In this world, the truth is scarce. While there is an abundance of falsehood, there is only one “Torat Emet”. This is how G-d created the world. In every aspect, He chose only a handful. And so, He chose the … Continue reading

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