Media and Micronesia

While 170 countries voted to condemn Israel for their building on Har Homa, two stood against them: the United States and … Micronesia. The Israeli media got strange kicks out of all this, treating this country Mikronesia with utter mockery. After all, one is able to understand the United States. They must be “evenhanded”, retaining their status as a “fair mediator” in order to maintain their influence over Israel. But what about this Micronesia, who no one ever even heard of. Why does it dare vote for us? Are they ultra-nationalists, fascists, fundamentalists, cannibals and imperialist types? Perhaps Israel, out of it’s special sensitivity for human rights, should impose economic embargos on Micronesia for supporting such a fascist state?..

These words indeed are expressed in a sarcastic tone. But it is really true that the media in Israel is not capable of understanding how there could exist a country in the world that supports Israel! It is clear to them that if THEY had stood in the place of Micronesia, they would have joined the world condemnations against Israel. And this is the entire tragedy in a nutshell.

Let us at this juncture again mention Tatiana Susskina, a young Russian immigrant who is accused by the authorities as an “enemy of the state”, and has been sentenced to jail without bail and without a trial. Tatiana came to Israel as a proud Jew, but found out that here, Mohammed is considered holier than the G-d of Israel. She found out that he who throws a lone stone at an Arab car is more dangerous than those who throw thousands of molatov cocktails on the Jews of Hebron. She found out that the Mufti who incites to kill Jews daily (and is even invited to the chief Rabbinate so we could beg for forgiveness), is given freedom of expression, while Jews are forbidden to express their opinion on Mohammed.

In a place where there are no people with courage, we will be those who will not sit quietly against this terrible injustice!!

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