Insanity and Heroism

In these days of madness and confusion, we have been witness to there defining of some basic concepts. Once upon a time, a hero was one who fought against the enemy and was willing to sacrifice himself for this goal. But now we have a new type of hero – “Captain Avi”, as he has been coined bythe Israeli media, who has become the new darling and hero of the media and the politicians for “taking control” of Noam Friedman while he was shooting in the Hebron market (what a complicated and dangerous task!) and preventing a “slaughter”. He is interviewed everywhere, and such accolades for a hero we had not seen the likes of since the days of “Entebbe”. And indeed, since”Entebbe” which was almost 20 years ago, one can not recall someone or something which has given Israelis national pride – and how long can one expect a nation to go without a hero? So one must start searching.

At first they found Aviv Geffen, and called him the “Cultural Hero”. Not bad, but apparently the “primitive” instinct in the people demanded a military hero. And the leftists found one – Captain Avi. He didn’t hurt the enemy, and he prevented the enemy from being hurt. Beautiful! The perfect hero, so fitting to the spirit of these days of peace! But Noam Friedman is a disgrace, an atrocity, a criminal. And he sits in jail. For us. An upsidedown world we live in.

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