Freedom of Speech

We called the new religious radio station, “Kol Chai”, which was set up to soothe the religious Jews demands for equal time in mass media, and told them that we want to advertise on their station for the “Haggadah of the Jewish Idea”. Upon hearing the name of the Haggadah, and that it has Binyamin Kahane’s commentary, they said that they must check with the”Rishut HaShniya” if they can advertise it. That is to say, this new radiostation, which is supposed to be independent, is actually subservient to the same Israeli broadcasting network. They called us back and said that they want to see a small sample of the Haggadah. We had to decide what to fax them. Hmm. The first page should be safe enough – it has “Kiddush”, etc.But there was a problem. In the Kiddush, when it says “And You chose us fromall the nations”, there was a bit of a “racist” comment which we brought from Rav Kook. No good. Let’s try the next page. Much better. Real parve.”Ha Lachma…” Nothing too inflammatory. So we faxed them…

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