Flag Burning

Only the Symbol is Sacred?

The wise men of Chelm came up with the idea of the century to solve the problem of the conversion law: Instead of writing on the person’s identification card that he is a Jew (“Yehudi”), they will simply write the letter “yud”. Ingenious!

And now for today’s riddle: What is worse – To destroy and show contempt for something that is sacred and holy, or to destroy and show contempt for just the symbol of that same thing?

In Israel, the modern-day Chelm, if one destroys something holy, he is applauded, but if G-d forbid he disgraces just the symbol of that samething, the wise men of Chelm are ready to hang him in the central square.

We are referring to the burning of the flag on Lag B’Omer, which brought all of the hypocritical termites out of the woodwork.

It is hard to comprehend how the same people who scornfully rebuff the renewed connection between the People of Israel and the Land of Israel, and are ready to throw away the heart of Israel – Hebron, Shchem, Jericho, even Jerusalem – and give it to the Arabs; but absolutely go berzerk when they see a kid burning a flag which is only intended as a symbol for the very same thing!

For sure if someone would burn the National Anthem of Israel, they would lynch him on the spot – but when a respectable member of Knesset makes amotion to remove the words, “a Jewish soul yearns” from the anthem, it becomes a legitimate subject for debate in the Knesset.

What is happening here? While we reject the views of “Neturei Karta”, we can at least appreciate the fact they are true to their ideology. But what can one say about the hypocrites who attack them, whose values undergo change every day! You can be sure that these people who yesterday cast off Torah and today cast off Eretz Yisrael – tomorrow they, themselves will not react with such zeal when the flag is burned, in the name of “sacred democracy”.

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