Arabs Threatening Arabs Who Sell Land to Jews: Nazi Law?

“Nazi Law” or War over the Land of Israel?

The Advisor to the Prime Minister, David Bar Ilan, claims that the prohibition declared by the Palestinian Authority to sell land to Jews is “Nazi law”. Many from the right were quick to agree with him.

But for the sake of truth, this is all demagoguery. For if the Palestinians, indeed, have national rights to the Land of Israel (as the Government ofIsrael says they do!), it should be expected that they would prohibit the selling of what they see as their land to Jews! Even in Jewish law, there is a similar concept where if one who gives over land to foreign hands, he is considered a traitor who is punished by death.

And let’s not even point out the words of the Rambam who prohibits the selling of the land of Israel to gentiles. (Hilchot Avoda Zara, Chapter 10) The fact is, over a year ago the rabbis of Tzfat gave this “psak halacha”,and the Hellenists accused them of “racism”. But amongst the Arabs there are no hellenists…

Even the Jewish National Fund prohibits selling land to Arabs. Are they also Nazis?

And so, three Arabs who sold land to Jews have been killed so far. The time has arrived that we stopped crying about “Nazi Law”, and realize that we are in a war over the Land of Israel. This Arab law is just part and parcel to that war. In the end, it will go only to one side. The Arabs understand this. When will we?

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