The Difference Between Fraud and Falsehood

The Likud, which was once termed the “nationalist movement”, is crumbling. It was expected. The process may take a little more time, but is something that is inevitable.

At this point, let us preface our words by saying that what we are discussing here is NOT politics. We don’t deal with “politics”. We deal with issues that relate to the very existence of the Jewish Nation. The disintegration and demise of the ruling party in Israel is not only a significant happening but something which effects the future of the Jewish people throughout the world. This is why it is imperative that we begin make an in depth analysis of the reason for the collapse and infighting within the Likud party.

There is a difference between FRAUD and FALSEHOOD. Labor is falsehood. Likud is fraud. Falsehood lasts longer than fraud does, though, it, too, eventually falls, since it has no real legs to stand on.

The Labor Party never saw value in the concept of a greater Israel, and from the very beginning, Labor was rooted in the separation of the Jew from his tradition. For this reason, it is FALSEHOOD. Because any attempt to create a Jewish state which lacks Jewish character obviously stands in sharp contrast to Torah truth.

In contrast, the Likud was rooted in the concept of “two sides to the Jordan, this side is ours and so is the other side” and it warmly embraced the tradition. Herut’s leaders once believed that any territorial compromise in Eretz Israel is the highest form of national treason. Today, it is all a FRAUD. They are no longer even ashamed of their outright hypocrisy.

Fraud collapses quicker than falsehood does. Falsehood has foundations that at least appear to be solid, and it can carry on for some time, until it finally crumbles with a thunderous roar (like Russia). The Likud, on the other hand, from the very outset was a “shlomozol”. Even when in power, it never knew where it was going. It never succeeded in actually taking power and ruling, and succumbed to the elite powers. And now it goes bankrupt, led by it’s insipid (pardon us) leader. It’s descent is swift, it’s noise rather feeble.

My friends, the answer is: TRUTH. Without changes, without manipulations. We have gone through it all already. Truth’s turn has arrived!

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