In the aftermath of the tragic helicopter crash, journalists and politicianshave written about and discussed the subject of Lebanon non-stop. Two major points of view are being presented and debated:The first point of view says to leave Lebanon entirely. Chayim Rimon (Labor) and Yehuda Harel (The Third Way) are two of the most prominent spokesman for this position. One of their claims is that the blood of Israeli soldiers isno less red than the blood of Israeli citizens in the northern settlements. Most of the “Bitchonistim” like Yizchak Mordechai insist we must remain in Lebanon, since the moment the IDF withdraws, the Hizbollah will continue sending Katusya rockets to the northern settlements. Then there is the Minister of Internal Security, Avigdor Kahalani, who says something normal: Either go in and fight the Hizbollah, or leave entirely, but don’t continue the policy of being sitting ducks for the Hizbollah. In this week-end’s Israeli newspapers, many generals testified to the fact that there is no real policy in Lebanon, there is no order or goal to liquidate the Hizbollah, and all initiatives taken are after the fact, in reaction to whatthe Hizbollah does. Again, what we have here are the babblings of politicians without solutions. Those who want to pull out completely out of Lebanon, know full well that the Katyushas will once again explode in Kiryat Shmona, but are relying on the fact that people will forget. Just as in the aftermath of a bus explosion, when they put a closure on in the territories to calm down the public rage and to show they are doing something, and then they eventually remove it when the Arabs get angry and the public fury passes with time, so too, in Lebanon, they try the same methods. Politicians like Yehuda HarEl are blatanly motivated by political considerations only. After all, the entire reason for HarEl’s political being is the issue of the Golan Heights. Thus, he leads the lobby to withdraw from Lebanon, because he knows that this will improve relations with Syria, and thus increase the chances of reaching an agreement with the Syrians that does not jeapordize the Golan Heights. Not only is that where he lives, but his political career depends on it. Those who are in favor of staying in Lebanon also act out of political motives. After all, the number of citizens who would be killed or injured by Katyusha missiles in the northern settlement would never be a miniscule fraction of the number of soldiers who have been killed in Lebanon. But the politicians realize that the Israeli public can more easily accept the death of IDF soldiers than the death of a small girl in Kiryat Shmona – and so they keep the soldiers there as human cannon fodder. Why don’t they just bomb the hell out of the Lebanese villages that harbor the Hizbollah, and drive the entire population northbound? (As they did so easily in Operation Din ViHeshbon): You got it. They have one fear: What will the goy say? And so our soldiers continue to be sitting ducks. Eventually, (it might take a month, it might take a year), Israel will pullout completely. The only thing preventing them from doing so is that they don’t want to give the Hizbollah the pleasure of knowing they they won.

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