His Majesty Arrived

King Hussein’s condolence visit certainly had this country excited. Indeed, it was an unusual move by his majesty. And what fools we are, for only aweek before he had defamed and degraded the Prime Minister of Israel. And a few days afterwards, when one of his soldiers murders seven Jewish girls, we grovel at his feet for the great favor he has shown us in granting us a visit.

One who listened to the Israeli media and politicians could even sense an aura of satisfaction in the air after the slaughter. After all, a lot of political benefits came out of it. First of all, the slaughter took the sting off Arafat’s international conference in Gaza. Secondly, it put Hussein in an embarrassing situation where he was forced to forget about his nasty and humiliating letter to Netanyahu, and then make an unprecedented visit to Jerusalem. And most importantly – after unprecedented world condemnation and attacks in the U.N., they love us again. After all, the gentiles always love the Jews when they are in the form of corpses. And the Jews, as well, always loved the image of being beat up and made to feel sorry for, for it serves their purpose of being loved by the gentile, at least temporarily. All of this, of course, coming into direct conflict with what my father always said, “I would rather have a strong Israel that is hated by the whole world than an Aushwitz that is loved by it”.

They said that it was a crazy Jordanian soldier who did it. And it is so easy to sell the Israeli public such goods, especially when the mass media works overtime to do some massive brainwashing. Over and over again, the media reported that immediately after the soldier began shooting, his friends ran over to restrain him. Hmm. When we were forced to hear the testimony of witnesses at the scene, they said the exact opposite – that not only didn’t the soldiers do anything in preventing their friend from emptying two magazines on the girls, but they also pushed one of the teachers who wanted to do something. For forty minutes, the Jordanians prevented our forces from entering the area and offer first aid, and they did not allow the wounded to board the bus to arrive quickly at the hospital. Rather, they snatched them and took them to Jordan, under the pretense that wanted to take care of them. Suddenly they turned into merciful nurses. In a normal situation and country, these are the facts which would have caught the major headlines in the newspapers. Instead, they were pushed deep into the corner, reported about in dry, sterile fashion, so that the public would not get too angry.

But if one listens to the man on the street, one might take solace that not everyone has been swept away in this flood of lies. There is a hard nucleus of normal people out there, immuned to the massive doses of brainwashing. And when the house of falsehood that these wicked leaders have built starts to collapse, there will be those who will establish the state that we hoped for. Without cow-towing to the goy, but rather a proud Jewish policy built upon faith in the G-d of Israel.

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