Benny Begin

Words cannot describe the sheer pomposity of the most recent Likud convention. It was blatant for all to see. In contrast, Benny Begin’s behavior was especially interesting. He launched an unprecedented attack against Netanyahu, and called for his immediate replacement. “Whom should he be replaced with?”, asked the television reporters. “With Dan Meridor?” “That would be fine”, answered Begin. “With Roni Milo?” “That would be fine”, answered Begin.

This is rather interesting. After all, Benny Begin puts on airs that he is a big idealist. He views the Oslo Accords as a tragedy and even left the government because of this. He relentlessly attacks Netanyahu for any subtle hints which Netanyahu makes in his speeches about mass retreat from the Golan or the territories. But this is not what is motivating Begin now to attack the PM. What is causing Begin to come out so strong against Netanyahuis the Prime Minister’s tyrannical fashion of leadership and the lack of loyalty he radiates. Begin explicitly said that this is what makes Netanyahu insufferable. And so, when it comes to replacing Netanyahu, he is able to accept someone like Dan Meridor and Roni Milo, two REAL leftists, with the latter recently identifing himself more and more with the platform ofMeretz! How can we understand all this? Because as far as Benny Begin is concerned – and this is important to know – it is meticulous democracy which takes precedence over government policy, even when that policy will lead to tragedy. For him, national tragedy takes a back seat to a lack of democracy.

This is nothing new. Begin was always this way. It is just that recent events have accentuated this point once more. This is why one should not “build” upon Benny Begin, who is a democrat before he is a nationalist.

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