Ariel Sharon

When Ariel Sharon met with Arafat’s aid Abu Mazen, many were shocked and disappointed that yet another “giant” in the fight for Eretz Yisrael had bitten the dust. But on such a matter we have no complaints against Sharon, but rather on all those who criticize him. Such people never wanted to know the true philosophy of Sharon, who was never a man for Eretz Yisrael in the same sense that we are. Already for some time, Sharon has been involved in the new Israeli national sport of “sketching maps”, and everyone knows that his proposal for the final status arrangement is far from being one of “Not One Inch”!

Should this come as a surprise? The answer is no. Every time Sharon was given a prime position in the government (such as Defense Minister), he suddenly “toned himself down”, as if he wanted to combat his image as an extremist. Everyone remembers how it was Sharon, who as Defense Minister, led the dismantlement of Yamit. NOT EVERYONE REMEMBERS that it was Sharon as Defense Minister, who suddenly gave the Arabs extraordinary leniencies in the territories.

When Sharon was part of the Israeli negotiating team in the autonomy talks back in 1980, Shmuel Tamir, who was then part of the same team, said the following to one of the settlement leaders: “I know that you think I am part-traitor, but I am telling you that I am preventing catastrophe daily inregard with what Sharon wants to do with the Palestinian authorities.”

Without a doubt, Sharon is a military hero, who has brought great salvation to Israel. But like most military men, he has no obligation to any ideology whatsoever.

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