And Now on Iraq, Jewishly

Following the announcement that Iraq kicked out the American overseers, the rest of the UN overseers announced that they, too, are leaving. While at first glance this move by the UN overseers is something that should have been taken for granted, apparently it is not so simple.

It had become evident that only after long negotiations did the UN come to their decision, getting in exchange a forced promise by the US to Russia and France that they will ease up in their policies against Iran. That is, a package deal was made – you go with us against Iraq, and we will go with you for Iran.

All this must be paid attention to. Before the Gulf War, Rabbi Kahane said that Israel will yet have to pay a price for the world coalition that stood against Iraq. In the end the Arabs and other nations who allied themselves with the U.S. will now say to the U.S.: “We helped you fight against our brothers, now you be with us against the oppressor Israel!” We can now see flashes of this taking place. The readiness of the U.S., AGAINST HER WILL, to ease her opposition against Iran, is damaging to Israel (and in this case, damaging to America as well); but what is more important, is that this is the first step towards the next “package deal”, when the same Russia and France, whose hostilities towards Israel have grown of late, will demand an uncompromising world coalition to pressure Israel into making concessions,and if not…

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