A Time For Soul Searching

Let thousands of Lebanese citizens be killed, as long as the hair on the head of an Israeli soldier does not fall!

The falling of our soldiers in Lebanon has once again awakened the “argument” between Israeli politicians. One argument says we must remove the IDF from Lebanon immediately, and concerning the fate of the northern settlements when the Hizbollah parks itself on the border – what will be will be. The other argument states that we have no choice other than to stay in Lebanon, and concerning the soldiers who are in constant danger from the Hizbollah guerrillas – what will be will be, as their hands are tied from returning fire to the enemy.

In essence, there is no basic difference between these two arguments. Both lead to more killing and to a dead end. A much deeper probe into the matter will reveal that the tragedy of Lebanon is the fact that there is a “consensus” between all the politicians on the following: 1. It is forbidden to harm citizens even if it means our soldiers die. 2. It is forbidden to take actions which will anger the world 3. Lebanon is not ours, and our ultimate goal is to leave it for our arch-enemies. By rejecting these bogus premises, we will see how the problem of Lebanon can be solved in a flash!

There are four points which change our entire approach to the subject of Lebanon:

  1. If we remove from our minds the insanity that says it is better to endanger our own soldiers than to hurt civilians, we can hit targets which we work so hard at trying to hit, and all without endangering one soldier’s life. Everyone knows the ability of our air force (when given achance to act). Do we remember operation Din and Heshbon, where we cleaned out the area sending the Lebanese citizens northward?
  2. If we can remove from our minds the insanity that it is preferable to endanger vital interests of the country, as long as the world and UN do not condemn us, we will reveal that the handcuffs we have put on our soldiers will fall off in an instant! How this would make it easier to fight the Hizbollah, which even the word “army” is far from the proper term to describe them. It is not that they are sophisticated, as the media claims, but rather we are stupid.
  3. We are imprisoned by the mindset that if we tell our enemies morning and evening that Lebanon is not our land, they will calm down. Quite the contrary! Such declarations only encourage them that they are defeating the invincible IDF. If we would declare after attacks on us that we are annexing that part of Lebanon in order to protect our citizens, the rules of the game would change.
  4. Most important: If we realized that the Lebanese front is not a separate problem, and is exactly like the problem in Judea and Samaria, we would understand everything. For on each part of the land of Israel (and Lebanon is a holy part of Israel, more than the Golan), there is the mitzvah, “and you shall disinherit the inhabitants of the land”. This is the Torah answer, and it is also logic. The hate of the Hizbollah towards us is just like all the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians: It has nothing to do with withdrawal from a certain area, but rather with our physical extermination.

So the solution in Lebanon is not found with the right or the left, but rather with the Torah. It is the same solution as that of Judea and Samaria -annexation of the territory and expulsion of the Arab. Many will say that such a solution is not realistic. And we say, what is realistic? That our soldiers fall non-stop in Lebanon, as if it is some cruel decree from heaven? Is it realistic to blow up in buses? In the horrible situation we are in, we better start checking out these “unrealistic” solutions. Afterall, the entire existence of the Jewish People and it’s rise after 2,000 years is also “unrealistic”.

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