The Traitor is Betrayed

The wild chaos racking this coalition is something we have not yet seen. One can only stand in amazement and say: Have people gone mad?

Even the attacks by the media are attaining brand new heights by the day. They do not stop for even a solitary moment from pounding Netanyahu – with”objectivity” of course.

Strangely enough, it is easy for one’s heart to go out to Netanyahu. During days like this, one may easily tend to stand by the side of the man who betrayed his ideology and his voters, and that is only because the left and the media abuse him in unprecedented fashion.

But logic asks: Why should one stand by his side? Because of sentiment? How can we stand by the side of someone who so crudely gave our land away to ourenemies, clinging to policy (“he was forced into”) which guarantee tragedy for our people, G-d forbid.

Apparently, we are witnesses to a measure for measure punishment by the Almighty. Netanyahu and HaNegbi thought they can buy the hearts of the left and the media by total betrayal and adoption of the leftist platform – but they found themselves, much to their amazement, under relentless attack by them, with everyday a new “expose”. This has caused a situation where they find themselves betrayed in all directions by those inside the coalition itself. The traitor is betrayed. And they can’t blame anyone other than themselves.

If only the confusion would prepare our hearts to understand that there is no other alternative except for the Jewish way, as was presented explicitly and unapoligetically by Rav Kahane, H’YD. Only this can save the Jewish nation from the black clouds which appear on the horizon, which only a blindman cannot see.

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