He’s All Mouth

Following the mass condemnation of Israel in the UN, Netanyahu said that the UN is back to being a “SHMU-N”, as David Ben-Gurion used to call them. But Ben-Gurion at least held his ground at certain times, and so when he said”UN – ShmU – N”, at least he backed it up occasionally. But Netanyahu’s words are meaningless, for even as he speaks, he plans to do everything in his power to placate the UN-ShmU-N!

It is not the catchy media phrases which are important, but rather the actions which come forth out of such words. If we continue to tremble and grovel before the UN, exercising all the diplomatic means within the UN including the readiness to make concessions in order that the UN smile at us, then Netanyahu can say a million times UN-Shmu-N – his words are hot air with no substance, just like most of the other words he speaks. While there are certain people who feel one way in their hearts, but speak a different way with their mouths, Netanyahu is in a category by himself: ALL HE IS IS A MOUTH.

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