Chayim Herzog

We would never have considered relating to the death of Chayim Herzog, if not for some religious Jews who exceeded all bounds in their eulogies of him. We would not consider discussing Herzog if we did not hear the eulogies from religious Jews and even rabbis, who spoke of him as one who was a “Gadol” of the generation, and the newspaper “HaZofe” carried anadvertisement about “R (as in rabbi) Chayim Herzog” (No kidding!) And so, at such a point it is forbidden to remain silent.

Many will say to us: Let the thing be. Lay off. Why even get involved in it?After all, he is already dead! But we think that it is forbidden to succumb to this world of falsehood. And as the falsehood intensifies, the more it must be fought, and the way to fight falsehood is by exposing it. Chayim Herzog is not “Rabbi Chayim Herzog”, nor is he a “Torah scholar”, as many chose to coin him in their eulogies, but rather learned and distorted the sources, which the gemorah tell us is the most severe of all sins. What a horrible Hillul Hashem when a Rav in Israel stands on his grave and says things about him which should be reserved for those faithful to G-d and HisTorah. Why is it a Hillul Hashem? Because the Torah becomes a frivolous joke in the eyes of the public, who hear such things about a man who was so far from this, not only practically, but also ideologically.

We are speaking about someone who put the war against “Kahanism” on the very top of his agenda, and vehemently opposed the religious Zionist movement. In typical groveling fashion, the “Zofe” (a newspaper of the religious Zionists) eulogizes him. Who asked you? Why not just shut-up. As we said, if they would shut-up, we would shut-up. But being that they felt obligated to praise someone who was not worthy of such praise (and this is an understatement), we are obligated to respond. The truth is not bashful, nor is it cowardly.

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